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How to Beat the Invader Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll fight a large assortment of bosses, including Invaders that act much like Online Invaders. This page will detail where you can find and beat Bloody Finger Nerijus.

Bloody Finger Nerijus Location in Limgrave

Bloody Finger Nerijus is simple enough to locate in Limgrave, if you look north from Lake Agheel, you’ll see a stream leading toward the Murkwater Cave. As you head down toward that path, Bloody Finger Nerijus will invade and the battle will begin. Note that you cannot use Spirits in the battle against Nerijus but you will be aided by an NPC, Yura, who will appear once the battle begins.


Reduvia Blood Blade

This is Bloody Finger Nerijus’ signature attack, he’ll shoot out three slashes of blood from his blade, these will deal large chunks of Stamina damage if you’re blocking while also massively building up the Hemorrhage (bleed) which when full, will deal a percentage of your max HP in damage so be sure to avoid letting it fill. Ideally you’ll want to dodge to the side of these swipes but if you have to block, make sure you dodge out of the way of the third strike.

Three-hit Combo

Bloody Finger Nerijus will stick to using Reduvia Blood Blade for the majority of his attacks, but at times he will close the distance and perform a simple three-hit combo that you can either block through or dodge.


As with all Invader battles, there’s no distinct phases in these battles. To begin with, there will be a large distance between yourself and Nerijus so take the time to prepare and, if you’re not confident in your abilities, pull him around the stream for a while until Yura summons in to aid you. If you want Yura to appear sooner, you can initiate the battle with Nerijus and after a few strikes, Yura will enter.

When fighting Nerijus alone, you’ll want to take the battle slow, don’t get greedy and rush in for an attack, instead, let him initiate Reduvia Blood Blade from around medium range and, once you’ve avoided the third slash, close in for a few attacks. If you’ve blocked a lot of his Blood Blade strikes, be sure to back away and give the gauge some time to lower before you resume your assault. Magic users have an easier time here, Nerijus will always try to close the distance on you so backpedal and use ranged magic to keep up the damage.

(1 of 2) Don't block more than two waves of Reduvia Blood Blade or your Hemorrhage gauge will fill

Don't block more than two waves of Reduvia Blood Blade or your Hemorrhage gauge will fill (left), let Yura attract Nerijus' attention once he shows up. (right)

Once Yura does enter the battle, you can let him do a lot of the work for you. He’ll be able to take a lot more hits from Nerijus than you can, and his strikes will even stagger him at times, this is your cue to rush in and deliver some telling blows. Don’t stay too far away however, when Nerijus gets to low HP, he does have the ability to use a Flask to restore it so you’ll want to make sure you’re close enough to knock him out of the animation if he attempts it. Nerijus can only heal himself once, the second time he attempts it will fail.


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