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How to Find and Complete Caria Manor in Liurnia

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for Caria Manor in Elden Ring, including details about how to defeat Royal Knight Loretta, how to find Pidia, Carian Servant, how to reach the Three Sisters region and how to obtain the Ash of War: Carian Grandeur, the Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash, the Carian Piercer sorcery, a Cracked Pot, the Crystal Dart sorcery, the Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (6), a Golden Seed, the Ice Crest Shield, the Loretta’s Greatbow sorcery, a Stonesword Key, the Sword of Night and Flame and the Urumi.

How to Find Caria Manor in Liurnia of the Lakes, Elden Ring

Caria Manor can be found along the northwestern end of Liurnia. To reach it, you’ll need to head through the large “lake” in the middle of Liurnia until you reach Raya Lucaria Academy, then head west to reach the shore. Follow a road north past the Foot of the Four Belfries Site of Grace and the Northern Lucaria Lake Shore Site of Grace to reach the Kingsrealm Ruins.

These ruins are filled with teleporting Aristocrat enemies and the odd Wolf, the former of which will pester you as you make your way through the ruins. Attack an illusory wall along the northeastern edge of the ruins to get through or use Torrent to double jump around the cliffs and beyond the Kingsrealm Ruins you’ll find the Road to the Manor Site of Grace, along with War Counselor Iji - an NPC who will upgrade equipment for you.

Keep following the road northeast and dodge the lightning bolts that’ll strike the road leading to Caria Manor. Reach the front gate and activate the Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Grace, your staging point for exploring Caria Manor.

Best Loot in Caria Manor

Item Location
Ash of War: Carian Grandeur From the gate leading to the Royal Moongazing Grounds, head southwest through a doorway obscured by trees and drop down some wooden platforms to reach a cliffside cemetery guarded by warrior jars. Drop down to the lowest level of this cemetery, then head northwest to find an interior wall of Caria Manor below you. Drop down onto it and loot a corpse to get this item.
Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash Defeat Royal Knight Loretta.
Carian Piercer Defeat a scarab between a building and the cliffs along the northeastern edge of the courtyard.
Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (6) From the main gain, follow the wall southeast, climb some stairs and enter a building. You’ll find this item on a corpse.
Ice Crest Shield Loot a corpse on some rocks near the cliffs, along the northeastern edge of the courtyard. Just east of the scarab that possesses the Carian Piercer sorcery.
Loretta’s Greatbow Defeat Royal Knight Loretta.
Sword of Night and Flame From the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, exit to the walkways outside, then follow them southeast, northeast and southeast. Drop off the walkway onto a square building to the northeast, then drop down again to the north. Go down a trap door and loot a chest.
Urumi From the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, head southeast along the walkways past the first tower, and when you reach the second turn northeast to find some stairs. Jump southwest off the walkway just in front of the stairs to land on the wall below, then head northwest along the battlements until you find some Spider Hands. Kill them and loot the corpse they were guarding to get this item.

Enemies in Caria Manor

Enemies Runes Drops Notes
Aristocrat RunesEldenRing.png53 Aristocrat Boots, Aristocrat Garb, Aristocrat Headband, Glinstone Staff, Noble’s Slender Sword -
Abductor Virgin RunesEldenRing.png1334 - -
Carian Servant RunesEldenRing.png76 - -
Direwolf RunesEldenRing.png371 Lump of Flesh, Thin Beast Bones -
Lazuli Sorcerer RunesEldenRing.png128 Lazuli Glintstone Sword, Lazuli Robe -
Spider Hands RunesEldenRing.png425 Somber Smithing Stone (2) -
Lesser Spider Hands RunesEldenRing.png27 Somber Smithing Stone (2) -
Page RunesEldenRing.png257 Page Garb, Page Hood, Page Trousers, Perfumer’s Bolt x5, Red Branch Shortbow -
Phantom Raya Lucaria Soldiers RunesEldenRing.png124 Bolt x5, Brass Shield, Cuckoo Glintstone, Cuckoo Surcoat, Heavy Crossbow, Lordsworn’s Greatsword, Lordsworn’s Straight Sword, Raya Lucarian Gauntlets, Raya Lucarian Greaves, Raya Lucarian Helm, Smithing Stone (2) Drops Vary by Enemy Armament
Royal Knight Loretta RunesEldenRing.png10,000 Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash, Loretta’s Greatbow Must be defeated to access the Three Sisters region.
Troll Knight RunesEldenRing.png1342 Troll Knight’s Sword -
Warrior Jar RunesEldenRing.png80-392 Living Jar Shard, Raw Meat Dumpling -

How to Complete Caria Manor

Caria Manor is a large dungeon filled with dangerous enemies and potent (often magical) loot. It consists of three main areas: the courtyard/lower level, the elevated walkway, and the upper level. The dungeon’s boss - Royal Knight Loretta - awaits you at the elevated, northernmost end of the manor. Killing Royal Knight Loretta will allow you to advance to the Three Sisters region beyond Caria Manor.

(1 of 3) Spider Hands infest the courtyard of Caria Manor.

Caria Manor - Courtyard

The Courtyard area is everything beyond the Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Grace, up to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace - the cliffs to the northeast separate the upper level of the manor for the lower level.

The main foe you’ll encounter in the courtyard are Spider Hands enemies, both large and small. They can be found wandering about, clinging to walls (especially the smaller ones) and burrowed in the ground. In the latter case, their fingers protrude from the earth, making them visible if you’re observant. If you get too close while they’re burrowed, they’ll ambush you, but if you sneak around the back (opposite the palm) you can get some free hits in. Statistically, Spider Hands aren’t too powerful, although the larger ones are durable and capable of attacking relentlessly - provoking two larger Spider Hands at the same time can be a real threat.

Fortunately, if you’re wary you can avoid most of these pests.

(1 of 3) Search inside a building to find the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook (6).

From the main gate, turn right and follow the wall to the southeast until you find some stairs. Ascend them and enter a building, inside which you’ll find a Carian Servant. Despite being a prostrate wretch, these miserable foes can make use of glintstone sorceries, so put it out of its misery, then loot a corpse to obtain the Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (6).

Exit the building, head downstairs, then follow the wall northeast, then north, killing any Spider Hands that get in your way. Along a building to the left (west) you should find a scarab, which will yield the Carian Piercer sorcery. Next, climb some rocks to the east and loot a corpse to obtain the Ice Crest Shield.

If you work your way west around the building nearby you’ll find a locked door - it cannot be opened from this side. Still, a potential shortcut that’s worth keeping in mind.

Return to the main gate and follow the wall to the northwest, then north, being wary of Finger Hands - both burrowed and not, large and small - as you go. Eventually you’ll find some stairs leading up to a stone porch - head up there and enter the building, then go up another two flights of stairs to find the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace.

Phantom Raya Lucaria Soldiers will materialize out of thin air as you explore the walkways.

Caria Manor - Lower Level

Activate the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, rest up, then turn northwest and note a balcony at the far end of the church. On this balcony you’ll find Pidia, Carian Servant, an NPC who sells some interesting wares. You can’t reach this NPC until you’re done with Caria Manor, so don’t worry about it too much yet.

Exit via a doorway to the southeast and continue across a walkway to the southeast. Be wary, however, as there are Phantom Raya Lucaria Soldiers who will spawn on these walkways, sometimes only after you pass by them. Despite being incorporeal, these enemies fight exactly like their more substantial counterparts, drop the same loot, and can be defeated in the same ways. There are quite a lot of them on these walkways, although they won’t be apparent as you advance, and in fact this makes it somewhat easy to run past them, although their ability to appear out of thin air and flank you can make thorough exploration (especially backtracking) a hassle. Aside from the phantom soldiers, however, you need to be wary of magical traps hidden around the walkways - they’ll trigger when you step on them, but they take a while to fire, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to dodge.

With those threats in mind, let’s explore the walkways, which will lead both to lucrative side areas and the next Site of Grace.

Make your way southeast until you reach a tower, from which two walkways run, one to the northeast and another continues southeast. If you want to reach the next Site of Grace, continue southeast and fight (or run past) the Phantom Raya Lucaria Soldiers that appear and when you reach the second tower turn northeast, go upstairs and ride up a lift. When it stops you should be in a room with the Manor Upper Level Site of Grace.

(1 of 3) Near the lift, Jump down to a lower tower.

If you’re in the mood to seek out some side treasures, there are two alternative routes to explore. First, northeast of the second tower, just before the stairs that lead to the lift, you can turn southeast and make a running jump to reach the wall below you. Go down some stairs to the southwest and when you reach a broad section of roof you can turn left (southeast) to encounter a quartet of lesser Spider Hands. Kill them and loot a corpse they were guarding to obtain the Urumi.

Continue along the battlements south then northwest until you find a long stretch of walkway at the end of which rests an Abductor Virgin enemy. Something of a mix between a chariot and an iron maiden, and with a bad disposition, this foe is significantly stronger than the other enemies you’ve faced thus far. It’s durable and has a devastating grapple attack (which, of course, it can spam). If you can kill it, however, you can cross a wooden walkway behind it, drop off a ledge, and loot a corpse at the edge of the roof you find yourself on to obtain a Somber Smithing Stone (3). If you do this you’ll have to drop back down to the courtyard, or better yet, just fast travel back to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace and cross the walkways again.

(1 of 2) Jump down to a lower building,

Jump down to a lower building, (left), and loot a chest to obtain the Sword of Night and Flame. (right)

As for the second side route, from the first tower you’ll need to head down the northeastern walkway, and when you reach another tower turn southeast. There are plenty of phantom soldiers around here, but most of them will only spawn if you try to backtrack, so just keep your eyes turned to the northeast as you head down the walkway and you should spot a building below you. Jump down onto it, then jump down onto another roof to the north. Descend a ladder to reach a room inside of which is a chest containing the Sword of Night and Flame. If you go through a door to the southwest you’ll return to the courtyard, so you’re better off just fast traveling back to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace.

(1 of 3) Get past some Direwolves and you can loot a Golden Seed.

Caria Manor - Upper Level

Ride up the lift at the end of the walkways, head northeast through a doorway, then activate and rest at the Manor Upper Level Site of Grace. When you’re ready to continue, go through the doorway to the northwest to reach a garden. Three Direwolves prowl about, and they’re significantly stronger than any hounds you may have encountered in Limgrave, so don’t take them lightly. Fortunately, they’re relatively spread out and if you’re willing to sneak you can get the drop on them and take them out individually. Failing that, they’re also pretty easy to just sneak past. If you kill them, you can loot a Golden Seed from a golden sapling just northwest of the stairs you descended.

When you’re ready to continue, make your way northeast, then northwest up some stairs. This will lead to a doorway, beyond which you’ll spot two large staircases running up to the top of the manor. There’s a rather large complication in the form of a Troll Knight, not to mention the Lazuli Sorcerers and Page enemies accompanying it. This Troll Knight is more dangerous than its less erudite southern kin, being capable of summoning a magical sword it can use as a projectile, using the standard troll shout attack, and of course, employing that massive Troll Knight’s Sword in melee combat. It can’t get through the gate, so you can just cheese the Troll Knight with ranged attacks (he’s rather durable and has his own ranged attacks, so it’s not quite as easy as it may seem), or you can just run past all the enemies and exit through the gate atop the stairs.

Alternatively, however, if you look south of the gate leading up to the Troll Knight-guarded stairs you should spot a ladder. Get a running jump to clear the gap and climb the ladder, then kill two Aristocrats as you go upstairs and turn northeast to find that you’re now flanking the Troll Knight and the Lazuli Sorcerers. If you make a running jump across to a grassy ledge to the northwest you can sneak past the enemies below you, leaving you to only run past the Pages on the stairs ahead.

However you manage it, once you’re atop the stairs you’ve two options - continue through the gate and into the Royal Moongazing Grounds, where you’ll have to defeat Royal Knight Loretta to exit to the Three Sisters region, or you can take another detour and explore a side area inside Caria Manor.

(1 of 3) Warrior Jars, both large and small, rest amid the cliffside cemetery.

Caria Manor - Cemetery Cliffs

From the gate leading to the Royal Moongazing Grounds, turn southwest and you’ll find a doorway beyond some trees. Sneak past the Page near the stairs and walk out onto a wooden ledge and make a running jump to the northwest to reach another ledge a good distance below, then repeat the process by jumping to another wooden ledge to the southeast, then northwest again, and finally northwest a third time. From this last wooden platform, drop down into a cemetery below.

When you land, fend off some Warrior Jars - one large jar and numerous small jars - then make your way west and descend several ledges to reach a lower section of the cliffside cemetery. Kill two more small Warrior Jars and drop down onto lower ledges to the southeast, then east to reach another section of cemetery. Continue southeast and kill another cluster of Warrior Jars (two large, several small), then drop off a cliff to the southwest and head northwest until you find yourself over an interior wall. Drop down onto it and loot a corpse to obtain the Ash of War: Carian Grandeur.

Royal Moongazing Grounds - Royal Knight Loretta

Along the northern end of Caria Manor you’ll find the Royal Moongazing Grounds, which is dominated by a large, shallow reflecting pool surrounded by chairs. Step on this pool and Royal Knight Loretta will appear and attack.

With both ranged attacks, good reach with her melee weapon, and a mount she can use to leap and charge, Royal Knight Loretta can be something of a pain. At least, on paper. Fortunately she doesn’t have a whole lot of health and her damage output is moderate, at best. She also gives plenty of opportunities for both ranged and melee characters to deal damage, especially if you use summons to draw aggro, which makes her much, much easier to put down.

(1 of 2) Defeat Royal Knigth Loretta to obtain Loretta's Greatbow,

Defeat Royal Knigth Loretta to obtain Loretta's Greatbow, (left), and the Ash of War: Loretta's Slash. (right)

All of her spells as well as her Double Swing, Stomp and Charging Swipe attacks have obvious tells, and she’s rarely relentless enough to prevent you from getting away and healing should something go awry. With caution, practice and a few summons, even relatively low level characters shouldn’t have much trouble defeating this boss.

Royal Knight Loretta is receptive to lightning damage, and only trivially resistant to physical damage (all forms). She’s highly resistant to fire and magic, however, something which is compensated for by the fact that it’s fairly easy to land ranged attacks on this boss.

When Royal Knight Loretta is defeated you’ll obtain the Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash and the Loretta’s Greatbow sorcery. More importantly, the Royal Moongazing Grounds Site of Grace will appear in the middle of the pool where you fought, and you’ll be able to pass through the gate to the north and access the Three Sisters region.

How to Find Pidia, Carian Servant

Defeat Royal Knight Loretta and you’ll be able to exit Caria Manor via a gate to the northwest. Once through, turn left and follow the wall southwest and south, and when the wall is no longer there to guide you, follow the cliffs southwest until you spot some ledges leading down to a square stone building.

Drop down the ledges to the top of this building, then turn southwest and drop off the edge of the building into a wooden platform. Repeat the process by dropping down onto another wooden platform to the southeast, then onto a stone battlement below. Drop down southeast again to a lower roof to find an open trapdoor, which you can descend into via a ladder. You’re now in the upper balcony of the room containing the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace.

You’ll find Pidia, Carian Servant scrubbing the floor in the western corner of the room. Talk to him twice and he’ll offer to show you his wares:

Item Cost (Souls) Notes
Budding Horn 1500 -
Old Fang 800 -
Slumbering Egg 600 -
Ritual Pot 1500 -
Celestial Dew 5000 -
Larval Tear 3000 Can be used to respec
Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (7) 2500 -
Ash of War: Carian Retaliation 3000 -
Ripple Blade 3500 -
Black Leather Shield 2500 -
Weathered Map 600 -


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