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Where to get the Spirit Calling Bell and Summon Spirits

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll be able to summon Spirits to aid you in the challenging battles you’ll encounter. This page will detail where you can find the Spirit Calling Bell that will allow you to call them.

You'll find Renna once you've obtained Torrent, the Spectral Steed.

How to find Renna at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave

In order to track down the Spirit Calling Bell, you’ll need to meet with the mysterious Renna. Before you can even begin this however, you’ll need to first ensure you’ve had your first meeting with Melina and obtain the Spectral Steed, Torrent. This is done by resting at three Sites of Graces that are out on the field, this will usually mean you’ll have your first meeting at the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace.

With Torrent now at your side, head to the Church of Elleh at night (use a Site of Grace to manipulate the time) and you’ll find her sitting on the ruins. Upon speaking to her, she’ll ask if you’ve gained the knowledge to summon the Spectral Seed. Inform her that you have and she’ll hand over the Spirit Calling Bell along with the Lone Wolf Ashes, a useful Spirit to use with your new bell.

How to use the Spirit Calling Bell at Rebirth Monuments

To summon a Spirit, you’ll first have to equip the Ash (such as the Lone Wolf Ashes you just received) and head to an area where they can be summoned. As a rule, they can be summoned for boss battles, and tougher enemies where there is a Rebirth Monument. You’ll know when you’re at one by the monument icon that appears in the bottom left of your screen.

Once you’re in one such area, use the Ashes as you would a regular item and you’ll call the Spirit to your side. These Spirits will have their own HP gauge and will stick around until they’re defeated or you move out of range of a Rebirth Monument.

(1 of 2) When fighting bosses, you can use FP to summon a Spirit

When fighting bosses, you can use FP to summon a Spirit (left), these have useful functions, from attacking an enemy to distracting them. (right)


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