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Elden Ring

How to Find and Complete the Artist's Shack in Limgrave

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for the Artist’s Shack location in Elden Ring, including details about how to find the Homing Instict Painting, and then how to find the location depicted in the Homing Instinct Painting whereupon you can obtain the Incantation Scarab.

You can find the Artist’s Shack between the Gatefront Ruins to the west and the Third Church of Marika to the east.

How to Find the Artist’s Shack

The Artist’s Shack lies between the Gatefront Ruins to the west, southwest and the Third Church of Marika to the east, northeast. Starting at the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, follow the road southeast, avoiding any enemies on the road (particularly Kaiden Sellswords and the Troll-pulled convoy) until you cross a bridge. Once across, follow the fork north, and when the road bends northeast, veer off onto a trail to the northwest and follow it to reach the Artist’s Shack.

Best Loot in the Artist’s Shack

Item Location
Homing Instinct Painting Search a painting inside the Artist’s Shack.
Incantation Scarab After acquiring the Homing Instinct Painting, seek out a ruined arch southeast of The First Step Site of Grace, southwest of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins on the edge of Lake. When you find the ruined arch, a ghost will appear and leave behind this helmet when he vanishes.

Search a painting in the Artist’s Shack to acquire the Homing Instinct Painting.

How to Find the Homing Instinct Painting

There’s really not a whole lot to see and do in this area. There are no enemies nearby, save for those encountered on the road, and the only item of note is in the ramshackle shack itself, near which you’ll find the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace.

Enter the shack and examine a surprisingly well-preserved painting to acquire the Homing Instinct Painting, which shows a gravestone near a massive stone arch.

While the Artisan’s Shack isn’t the most interesting location by itself, you can find some ruins bridging a ravine to the west, across which you’ll find the Murkwater Coast Site of Grace. North of here you’ll find a crone statue on a rock you can examine to trigger a light guiding you into the ravine, and there just so happens to be some platforms you can jump down to reach the bottom, where you’ll discover the [Murkwater Catacombs] dungeon.

(1 of 2) Make your way southwest of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins,

Make your way southwest of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, (left), and seek out the ruins in the painting to find the Incantation Scarab. (right)

How to Find the Incantation Scarab

On its own, the Homing Instinct Painting is fairly useless, but it does point the way towards another, more interesting treasure. Fast travel to The First Step Site of Grace and head southeast. Your destination is some ruins a short distance southwest of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, so you’ll need to pick your path down the cliffs to reach the edge of Lake Agheel and skirt around it as you make your way southwest. Avoid the Giant Bats lurking about and keep an eye south until you spot a ruined, free-standing arch.

As you approach, a seated, ghostly figure will appear and point out the arch, leaving behind a glowing mote of loot when he vanishes. Pick it up to obtain the Incantation Scarab, a helmet that’ll lower your defenses, but decrease the FP cost of spells while worn.

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