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Where to Find all Golden Seeds

Matt Chard

This page will show you all the locations of Golden Seeds in Elden Ring. Golden Seeds are used to upgrade your Sacred Flask uses.

All Golden Seed Locations in Elden Ring

When the Elden Ring was shattered, these seeds flew from the Erdtree, scattering across the various lands, as if life itself knew that its end has come

Sacred Flask Upgrades

As you increase the level of your Sacred Flask, the amount of Golden Seeds needed for each upgrade increases with the maximum upgrade needing 4 Seeds.

Sacred Flask Level Golden Seeds
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png1 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png1
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png2 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png1
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png3 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png1
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png4 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png2
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png5 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png2
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png6 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png2
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png7 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png2
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png8 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png2
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png9 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png3
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png10 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png3
SacredFlaskIconEldenRing.png11 GoldenSeedIconEldenRing.png4

Limgrave Golden Seed Locations

Limgrave has a total of 4 Golden Seeds in the region.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

This Golden Seed can be found right at the start of the game in the optional dungeon Fringefolk Heroe’s Grave. To gain access to it early, you’ll need to choose the Stonesword Key as your gift when creating your character although there are other Stonesword Keys in the game. To get the Golden Seed, you’ll need to defeat the boss down there.

You'll need a Stonesword Key to access Fringefolk Heroe's Grave.

In-between Stormhill and Stormhill Shack

When you go past the gates (where the troll is), follow the path until you reach a clearing. To your east, you’ll see a golden minor Erdtree.

(1 of 2) You'll see the Golden minor Erdtree on the east side of the road.

You'll see the Golden minor Erdtree on the east side of the road. (left), This map will show you the exact location. (right)

Fort Haight

As you approach Fort Haight which can be found on the southeast side of Limgrave. You should spot a golden minor Erdtree to the south, right next to the Fort entrance.

(1 of 2) To the south of Fort Haight, there'll be a minor Erdtree that contains the Golden Seed.

To the south of Fort Haight, there'll be a minor Erdtree that contains the Golden Seed. (left), This is its exact map location. (right)

Stormhill Shack

This Golden Seed can only be obtained after completing part of Roderika’s quest. When she has moved on, come back to where you first met her in the run-down shack, and the Seed will be where she once sat.

Stormveil Castle Golden Seed Locations

There are only two Golden Seeds in Storveil Castle.

Secluded Cell

When you get the Secluded Cell Site of Grace, head down the staircase to your left, and just beyond the group of enemies, the Golden Seed will be in front of you. This room is near where you meet Nepheli.


Below the Stormveil Castle courtyard. When you’re at the Liftside Chamber, head towards the courtyard then take a right into the Foggy Depths below. This area is filled with rats. Keep dropping further below into the Chasm where you’ll encounter a boss. The Golden Seed will be your reward from dispatching said boss.

Roundtable Hold Golden Seed Locations

There is just the one seed in Roundtable Hold.


After completing the first part of Roderika’s quest, she’ll appear at Roundtable Hold. Talk to her there to receive a Golden Seed.

Weeping Peninsula Golden Seed Locations

Castle Morne Rampart

At the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, you’ll see a rocky platform on the right of the path towards the castle with enemies firing arrows at you as you appoach it. The Golden Seed will be on the rocky platform.

Caelid Golden Seed Locations

Caelid Highway South

This Seed can be found on the path heading down towards the Redmane Castle across the water. It can be found southeast of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace.

Bestial Sanctum

This Golden Seed is just southeast of Bestial Sanctum. You could be teleported here by opening an unfortunate chest. If not, just take the path up from Limgrave.

Liurnia of the Lakes Golden Seed Locations

Academy Gate Town

To the west of Academy Gate Town, amongst the ruins of the dilapidated buildings around the area, you’ll see a golden minor Erdtree which hosts a Golden Seed.

Academy of Raya Lucaria

After defeating the Radagon boss, you’ll find a courtyard with lost of small creatures roaming about (looks like crabs). To the left side of the courtyard, is a bridge. Below it, you’ll see a golder minor Erdtree with some enemies near it. The Golden Seed will be under the Erdtree.

Main Academy Gate

From the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace, follow the dilapidated path northeast until you reach the minor Erdtree. The seed will be under the tree.

Caria Manor

At the northwest corner of Liurna is Caria Manor. The Seed can be found in the outside area just after reaching the Mannor Upper Level Site of Grace.

The Ravine

Starting at The Ravine Site of Grace, follow the river northeast until you reach the clearing which has some houses as well as a golden minor Erdtree with a Golden Seed. The Ravine can be found west of the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Atlus Plateau Golden Seed Locations

Erdtree-Gazing Hill

This Seed can be found just to the left of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace.

Altus Highway Junction

This Seed can be found north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace.

Outer Wall Phantom Tree

Right next to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. This place has two Golden Seeds!

Northeast of Outer Wall Phantom Tree

Another two Golden Seeds can be found up the path northeast of the previous two.

Seethewater River

North of the Seethewater River Site of Grace although it is easier to get to from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace.

Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite

When you’re get to the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace, climb the ladder and defeat the boss to find the Golden Seed. To avoid fighting the boss, there is a gap that can be jumped to the right of the arena. Drop to another ledge and the Seed will be there.

Leyndell, Royal Capital Golden Seed Locations

West Capital Rampart

From the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace head south where you’ll see a group of enemies near a minor Erdtree. The seed will be under the tree.


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