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How to the Defeat Elden Beast at the Elden Throne

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to defeat the Elden Beast, who is the final boss of Elden Ring and can be found at the Elden throne.

Runes Drops
500,000 Runes Elden Remembrance

How to Find the Elden Beast at the Elden Throne in Leyndell, Ashen Capital

The Elden Beast is found in an area named the Elden Throne, which is accessible from Godfrey, the First Elden Lord’s boss arena in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, once you’ve defeated him.

And you won’t actually be able to fight the Elden Beast until you have fought Radagon of the Golden Order, who is the first boss you’ll encounter in the Elden Throne area. Immediately after defeating him, you’ll be able to fight the Elden Beast. For more information on defeating Radagon, head over to our guide on how to beat Radagon of the Golden Order.

Elden Throne is reached via Godfrey's boss arena.

Elden Beast Attacks

In this section, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the Elden Beast’s attacks. The Elden Beast doesn’t have any set phases, and technically, Elden Beast is the second phase of the final fight, with Radagon being the first phase. If you die during the fight with Elden Beast, you’ll be required to fight Radagon again before being able to continue your battle with the Elden Beast.

The Elden Beast is a kind of dragon-like foe, but he also wields a pretty big sword and also performs some special magic attacks, as outlined below.

Sword Attack

Elden Beast wields a large sword, which he will use frequently to try to swipe at you, and because the sword is scaled to his size, it will be quite difficult to dodge at times. Sometimes, the best way to avoid it is to dodge inwards, getting closer to his body rather than trying to disengage and get far enough away from the blade.

Sword Stab into the Ground

During this attack, which he’ll use if you’re in close combat, the Elden Beast will plunge his sword into the ground in front of himself and for a couple of seconds it will begin to radiate and pulsate damaging energy. Then, after a few seconds, it will explode and if you’re caught in it, you’ll take a big amount of damage and get knocked back.

The sword will pulsate with energy and you'll be damaged if you're close by.

Fire Breath

This attack is pretty self-explanatory. The Elden Beast is a dragon-y creature and he’ll pretty regularly breathe a huge line of fire. Because of his long wormy neck he can move the line of fire pretty easily, making it trickier to avoid his fire attack than typical dragon enemies. The fire will also linger on the floor for a second or two so make sure you don’t dodge or roll into the fire on the ground.

Fire breath.

Giant Fire Pillar

This is a pretty devastating one-shottable attack, but luckily it’s easy to see coming. When he flies up higher than usual and begins to glow, he’ll conjure up a ring on the ground - usually on you (but can also happen on your summon). After a couple of seconds, the center of the ring will burst into a huge pillar of flames that will also spread out beyond the perimeter of the ring. If you’re caught in the pillar you might get one-shot (depending on your vitality) and the outer perimeter of the flames can also do huge amounts of damage.

Magical Orbs

Occasionally (though more commonly performed if you’re a ranged player), the Elden Beast will send out a sparkly ray which will then split off into little orbs that follow their target - you or your summon - for a prolonged amount of time. You should steer clear of these as if you’re hit by one you’ll likely be caught out by more of the little orbs, which can be pretty damaging.

The magical orbs will sometimes target your summon - yay!

Exploding Galaxy Fog

During this attack, Elden Beast will send out a super long range line of purple fog that looks like galaxies. It doesn’t hurt you initially, but after a couple of seconds the fog will burst into a bunch of mini explosions

Flying and Swimming

Elden Beast has a habit of swimming under the seemingly shallow water and also flying around to either get close to you or further away. The best way to make sure you aren’t caught out is to keep an eye on him as best as possible.

Strategy to Defeat Elden Beast

The Elden Beast has a lot of health, but if you’ve done even a little bit of exploration and levelling up in between doing the main storyline you should have some decent weapons, spells and other equipment to deal some good damage to him. For example, the spirit ashes, Mimic Tear and Black-Knife Tiche are available in the mid game and if you’ve fully upgraded them, they can be powerful (sometimes even overpowered) assets in the fight. Having a good summon is always recommended as not only can they assist in damaging the enemy, but they will also serve as a great distraction and target of a boss’ attacks. This is especially great in boss fights with big enemies like the Elden Beast who often have huge and difficult to avoid attacks.

The summon AI is pretty smart as well, so you don’t have to worry too much about your Mimic Tear or any other summon doing really stupid things – they aren’t perfect, of course, but they will heavy attack when they see an opportunity and use any ranged attacks (if they have them) when they’re further away from the boss.

Even though the Elden Beast doesn’t have a second phase, you’ll need to bear in mind that he is technically a second phase to Radagon and there’s no rest or site of grace between him and the Elden Beast. This means you won’t be able to replenish your flasks and so, if you’ve had a rough fight against Radagon, you may be at a disadvantage going into your fight with the Elden Beast. This also includes using the summoning bell! Since the Elden Beast is part 2 of the final boss fight, you will only get one summon for both Radagon and Elden Beast – if you have a super tanky Mimic Tear you might find it useful to summon it during the Radagon fight. If you’re finding Elden Beast’s targeted attacks too powerful, consider saving your spirit ash summon until you’ve defeated Radagon. Just remember that the summoning bell can take a couple of seconds to use and you might leave yourself vulnerable to being caught in a powerful attack if you don’t time it right.

Melee Strategy

Below, you’ll find some handy tips to bear in mind during this fight if you’re a melee player in particular. Of course, every melee build is different but there are some weapons that are stronger (and therefore, more popular) than others. One tip to consider before heading into the Deathtouched Catacombs final fight is to fully upgrade your weapon (+25). Heavier weapons are great for breaking poise and stunning but also for doing lots of damage.

Like with many of the larger bosses, you can find some respite from his more powerful attacks by occasionally hiding closer to his abdomen. If you’ve got a slower and heavier weapon, then you’ll also be able to get in some decent hits on his body. Just be sure to move around a lot to ensure you’re not caught out by hand grabs or sword swipes. And he might also perform the powerful sword plunge into the ground that’ll radiate energy and chunk you for a huge amount of damage! Read the Elden Beasts body language and don’t linger!

You could try to sneak in some powerful jumping attacks against the Elden Beast.

Unfortunately, you will find yourself victim to several ranged attacks regardless of if you’re a melee player or not on account of the Elden Beast being relatively mobile. He can swim and fly/dash through the air to either get away from you or get closer. He will often use his various modes of movement to disengage from the fight (especially in close combat) and will then use one of his powerful magical attacks. If he flies up, be prepared to run out of the circle he conjures on the ground as it’ll burst into a huge pillar of flames. If he sends out a big line of galaxy mist then try to get away from it as you’ll have a couple of seconds before a bunch of mini explosions occur within it – these explosions will knock you over.

Ranged Strategy

Coming soon!

Elden Beast Rewards

Once you’ve defeated this final opponent, you’ll earn 500,000 Runes and the Elden Remembrance. The Elden Remembrance can be exchanged for Marika’s Hammer or Sacred Relic Sword.


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