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Elden Ring

All Bosses and Elite Enemies in the Academy of Raya Lucaria

Seren Morgan-Roberts

In Elden Ring, you’ll find yourself up against many challenging Bosses, many of which are optional. This page will detail where you can find every Boss in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

List of All Bosses in Academy of Raya Lucaria

Name Location Drops
Moongrum Carian Knight Raya Lucaria Grand Library Entrance Carian Knight’s Shield
Red Wolf of Radagon Schoolhouse Classroom Memory Stone
Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Raya Lucaria Grand Library Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, Great Rune of the Unborn

Moongrum, Carian Knight - Raya Lucaria Grand Library Entrance

The guardian of Renalla, he is found guarding the elevator to the Grand Library. While not strictly a boss, he is a particularly powerful enemy who can instantly kill you with one parry. The easiest way to deal with him is by summoning the elevator nearby, quickly jumping off and then luring him into falling down the shaft. For a more “legimate” strategy, Bloody Slash works very well and he can be stunned, leaving him open to a stab attack. For defeating him, you will receive his Carian Knight’s Shield.

Moongrum, Carian Knight.

Red Wolf of Radagon - Schoolhouse Classroom Raya Lucaria Academy

The giant wolf Red Wolf of Radagon can be found near the Schoolhouse Classroom in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Somewhat of a throwback to Sif, it has the ability to conjure a flaming sword in its mouth that it uses to take swipes at you and it will leap in the air and slam to the ground. The Red Wolf can also cast numerous sorceries as it bounds around the room: a Glintblade, three-sword sorcery and a more powerful, singular beam. It is quite vulnerable to magic and its attacks can be blocked with a good shield. You will gain a Memory Stone for defeating it.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon - Grand Library, Academy of Raya Lucaria

The final boss of the Legacy Dungeon Academy of Raya Lucaria and one of the Elden Lords, Rennala is a two-phase encounter. For the first phase, find the scholar with the gold aura around it who happens to also be throwing books at you. Once the seal is broken, attack her at will and deplete her gauge. The cycle will keep repeating until her health drops. The “sweetings” on the floor will cast various spells, mostly fire attacks. During the second phase, Rennala will use a variety of extremely powerful sorceries. Watch out in particular when she summons a moon which will home in on you and explode while she casts spells. When below 50%, she will use a variety of Spirit Ash summons for you to deal with. Once you manage to kill her you will receive Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, and her Great Rune of the Unborn.


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