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How to Find Sorcerer Thops and Complete His Quest

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have Quests that span multiple locations. This page will detail where you can find Sorcerer Thops and complete his Questline.

Thops can be found at the Church of Irith in Liurnia.

First Meeting - Church of Irith

You can meet with Thops as soon as you enter Liurnia for the first time. From the Lake-Facing Cliffs, head southwest to find the Church of Irith nearby where you’ll find a despondent Thops sitting on the bench. Agree to donate 10 Runes and then speak with him to learn he has ambitions of becoming a grand sorcerer and doubts his current abilities as he’s been cast out from Raya Lucaria Academy.

You can find Thops at the entrance of Liurnia, southwest at the Church of Irith.

For him to realize his dreams, you’ll need to fetch an Academy Glintstone Key to get inside. Until then, he’ll stay at this position and agree to teach you some Sorcery spells.

Thops’s Shop

Item Description Stock Runes
Glintstone Pebble Fires magic projectiles from glintstone 1 RunesEldenRing.png1000
Glintstone Arc Fires a horizontally-widening magic arc 1 RunesEldenRing.png1500
Starlight Creates star light to illuminate surroundings 1 RunesEldenRing.png2500

Locating the Academy Glintstone Key

(1 of 3) You can find the first key by heading north from this Site of Grace

For the next step of this Quest, you’ll need to gain access to the Raya Lucaria Academy to obtain an Academy Glintstone Key within. The catch is, you’ll need one yourself to get in the first place, and you can obtain that by heading northeast from the Temple Quarter Site of Grace in the north of the lake in Liurnia to locate an island with the sleeping Glintstone Dragon Smarag. If you’re not feeling strong enough for a battle, you can dash in on Torrent, loot the key and then ride away.

This first Key cannot be given to Thops, as it’s the only way you can access the Legacy Dungeon, Raya Lucaria Academy. Head to the dungeon and once you reach the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, head north and turn left, taking the outside stairway to up and to the left once more. From here, drop down to the west and climb more stairs, following them to the left where you can drop down to the rooftops below.

(1 of 3) Leap across the rooftops from the courtyard outside the Debate Parlor

Follow these rooftops to the south and you’ll reach a tower where you’ll find a ladder. Climb this to the top and head right at the end of the path to reach a ledge you can walk along and use to reach another rooftop. From the edge here, drop down twice then once more to your left. You’ll find yourself on a ledge here, walk along it and drop to another roof where you can access a broken window where you can walk along some beams and drop down onto the chandelier and claim the second Academy Glintstone Key.

Learning the Erudition Gesture

Return to Thops at Raya Lucaria Academy and you can now hand over the Key, prompting Thops to teach you the Erudition Gesture. This is an important Gesture, since it’s needed to access the Converted Tower in Liurnia. Thops will thank you once more and inform you that he’ll make his way to Raya Lucaria Academy to begin his quest for knowledge.

Giving the key to Thops will reward you with the useful Erudition Gesture and cause him to move to the Academy.

Final Meeting - Schoolhouse Academy

Travel to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace and leave the building and look to the side of it to locate the body of Thops. You can loot him to obtain Thops’s Bell Bearing, an Academy Glintstone Staff, and the Thops’s Barrier Sorcery. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this fate of Thops, but you will get some useful loot related to Sorceries in the process.

(1 of 3) Thops can be found just outside the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace

There is one final piece of business, return to where you met Thops at the Church of Irith and you’ll locate a Teardrop Scarab which, when killed, will relinquish Ash of War: Thops’s Barrier.


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