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Elden Ring

How to Find Sorcerer Rogier and Complete His Quest

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have Quests that span multiple locations. This page will detail where you can find Sorcerer Rogier and complete his Questline.

Sorcerer Rogier is involved in a long Questline.

First Meeting - Stormveil Castle

You’ll come across Sorcerer Rogier during your time in Godrick’s Stormveil Castle. Once you reach the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, head along the path defeating the eagles and you’ll find some rooftops leading to your right. If you look carefully, you’ll spot the windows are open here so head along the rooftops and drop down to reach it, inside you’ll find Sorcerer Rogier who remarks that he is searching for someone. He’ll also offer to sell Sorcery based Ash of Wars for you while he is in the castle, once you defeat Godrick the Grafted, he’ll move to the Roundtable Hold.

Climb through the window near the Rampart Tower Site of Grace to meet with Rogier.

Item Description Stock Runes
Ash of War: Glintstone Pebble Grants affinities and skills to an armament 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500
Ash of War: Carian Greatsword Grants affinities and skills to an armament 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png2500
Ash of War: Spinning Weapon Grants affinities and skills to an armament 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png1000

Second Meeting - Roundtable Hold

Rogier will have moved to the Roundtable Hold, to the right of where you can find the balcony, but before you can advance his Quest, you’ll need to head back to Stormveil Castle and take out an optional Elite Enemy.

Head over to the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace and go through the small door to the west to reach some stairs leading down. Hop over the little rooftops, kill the bats that hang there and then jump down on to the overhangs below. When you reach the bottom, beware of the rats and Giant Rat there and work your way south and then east until you see a wide open chamber filled with tree branches and water at the bottom. This one functions much the same way as the other Ulcerated Tree Spirit found in Limgrave, a guide for which you can read here.

(1 of 2) Rogier will hand over a useful weapon in the Hold

Rogier will hand over a useful weapon in the Hold (left), speak with Fia after learning about him to obtain this clue. (right)

Once defeated, head to the back of the cavern and you’ll find the remains of a giant creature with a pool of blood just in front of it. Examine the pool of blood and then return to the Roundtable Hold to chat with Rogier once more and you’ll be able to ask him several questions, the most important pertaining to the remains of the creature you saw in Stormveil Castle. Make your way over to Fia and have her hold you to be able to speak of a secret. Fia will give you some crucial details regarding Rogier’s circumstances and hands over the Knifeprint Clue, hinting to a location relating to the matter.

Black Knife Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes

Your next task on this Questline is to make your way to the far northeast corner of Liurnia to reach the Black Knife Catacombs there. Once there, continue through until you reach the guillotine blades and ride the middle one up to the platform above. Dispatch the necromancer at the top and follow the path around to another necromancer.

(1 of 5) The note points to this dungeon to the far northeast of Liurna

From here, there are two more skeletons to put down and then head to the wall at the far end and slash it to reveal a hidden passage to a secret boss. Be sure to summon D if he’s available, you’ll need all the help you can muster against the challenging Black Knife Assassin found here. Upon your victory, you’ll obtain the Black Knifeprint that Rogier was seeking.

Third Meeting - Roundtable Hold

Return to the Roundtable Hold once more and speak with Rogier once again to hand over the Black Knifeprint. He’ll thank you and tell you a little more about the events surrounding it. Once he’s done speaking, leave and return to Roundtable Hold and speak with him once more, he’ll reveal the results of his investigation point towards a certain Ranni and after he’s done speaking, you can ask him on her whereabouts, the next step of his Questline. Before you leave the Roundtable Hold however, pay a visit to Fia and she’ll hand over a Sacrificial Twig as way of thanks for helping Rogier.

(1 of 3) Return to Roundtable Hold and hand over the Black Knifeprint

Speaking to Ranni at Caria Manor

You will find Caria Manor to the northwest of Liurnia and once you defeat the boss, Loretta, you’ll be able to leave via the northern gate to reach Three Sisters. Here, you will find Ranni’s Rise in the central tower where Ranni the Witch resides. Speak to her to ask her about the Cursemark and then return to Rogier at Roundtable Hold. He’ll ask you to go into Ranni’s service so you can poke around easier.

(1 of 5) You will find Ranni the Witch at Ranni’s Rise behind Caria Manor

Return to Ranni and this time you’ll be able to enter her service, her remarking that she sees through your ruse but is curious to see where it leads. Return to Rogier at Roundtable Hold and he’ll remark that he fears he will soon enter a long slumber. Refreshing Roundtable Hold, you’ll find Rogier asleep and soon after, he will succumb to his fate, passing away. You’ll find his Spellblade Set, Rogier’s Bell Bearingand Rogier’s Letter that points to the direction of D’s twin brother in Nokron, continuing that Questline.

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