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Elden Ring

How To Reach The Godskin Apostle Boss In The Caelid Divine Tower

Matt Chard

The Godskin Apostle boss is an optional boss that resides at the bottom of the Divine Tower in Caelid. This page will guide you on how to reach the bottom.

How to get to the Bottom of the Caelid Divine Tower

First things first, to get to the Divine Tower, travel to the Dragonbarrow West site of grace and head northeast towards the tower in the distance. Whilst on your horse, jump on to the vertical branch (not the branch below) and from there, jump to where the ladder is with a guard standing next to it.

Climb the long ladder up, and follow the ledges to the left whilst jumping over any gaps on the ledges until you reach another long ladder. Once again, climb to the top and follow the narrow ledge on your left to the Divine Tower of Caelid: Center site of grace.

Head east through the archway and take the stairs down until you reach the lit hallway. There is two enemies here, one in front of you, and one to your right. Defeat them and drop off the ledge in the middle to the platform below. Hug the narrow ledge to the east and drop to another platform. As you land on it, it’ll crumble and get destroyed, dropping you on to another platform below.

Walk forward on the narrow concrete path to the west leading towards the large pillar in front, and drop to the left on the platform below. Do the same again and drop to the left, landing on the narrow platform by walking off heading towards the pillar. From there, drop off again to the ledge below whilst hugging the large pillar in front of you. And follow the ledge to where the shielded soldier sits.

Defeat the soldier and take the elevator up and climb the ladder to your east, this’ll lead to a door you can unlock, giving you a shortcut to the grace of site. Head back down the ladder and follow the dim hallway to the northeast and there’ll be an enemy around the corner, defeat it, and continue on until you reach a dead-end. Follow the narrow ledges around until you reach another platform below.

Drop to the platform and once again it’ll collapse dropping you to another platform below, take the elevator down, and you’ll find the Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement site of grace. The boss waits just past the enemy on the stairs. It’s worth noting that this enemy can be tough due to its high HP, and its hard hitting attacks so it may be worthwhile to roll past him into the boss room to save your flasks.

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