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Elden Ring

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All Bosses and Elite Enemies in Stormveil Castle

Claire Farnworth

In Elden Ring, you’ll find yourself up against a lot of challenging Bosses and elite enemies, many of which are optional. This page will detail where you can find every Boss and elite enemy in Stormveil Castle.

All Boss Locations in Stormveil Castle, Elden Ring

Name Location Drops
Crucible Knight Bottom of Rampart Tower Aspects of the Crucible: Horns.
Grafted Scion (Stormveil Castle) Main Hall No special drops.
Godrick the Grafted Final Boss of Stormveil Castle Godrick’s Great Rune, Remembrance of the Grafted
Lion Guardian Bushes near eastern bridge entrance , 2x Old Fang, Beast Blood
Omen Courtyard near Liftside Chamber Omen Cleaver
Ulcerated Tree Spirit (Stormveil Castle) Underground Crypt Golden Seed

Crucible Knight

This version of Crucible Knight is found right at the bottom of the Rampart Tower. From the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, go outside and carefully look down to a ledge below. Keep steadily dropping down using the ledges and eventually you will crash through to the bottom of the cliffside with a Teardrop Scarab. Follow the path and you will see him patrolling. There is a lift shortcut available if you carefully sneak past him through the stone arch. He is just as difficult as the one in the Stormhill Evergaol so be careful. If you defeat him, he will drop the Aspects of the Crucible: Horns incantation.

Grafted Scion (Stormveil Castle)

Returning from the tutorial, this version is found in the Rampart Tower area of Stormveil Castle in what looks like a pantry. It a fairly large room with chickens (and arms!) hanging from the ceiling and the route there is filled with powerful knights and other strong enemies. You can approach the room from the place where the Stonedigger Troll is hung by jumping down and moving into the doorway. The Grafted Scion is fast, has long reach and can do several combo attacks so take care to time dodges well. It doesn’t drop anything unique but will reward you with a decent amount of Runes.

Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted.

The Lord of Stormveil Castle and the final boss of the Legacy Dungeon, Godrick can be found just past the Stonedigger Troll that guards the entrance to his room and the end of the Stormveil Castle dungeon. He is one of the Elden Lords and a mandatory story boss. For a detailed guide and strategy, please see our walkthrough here. You will receive your first Great Rune and a his Remembrance for defeating him.

Lion Guardian

The Lion Guardian attacks with ferocious speed.

The Lion Guardian is a mini boss within Stormveil Castle. It is found from the main entrance to the Castle, past the ballista, up the path and into the courtyard. He hides in a corner behind some trees and before a door that leads to a hall with knight statues on either side. You may wish to activate the Site of Grace beyond the hallway before taking on the Lion Guardian as it can’t follow you inside. It has very fast attacks and regularly uses combinations of swipes with his paws and stronger but slower attacks. He will also bound around the courtyard and is incredibly good at evading ranged attacks so realistically, your only option is to go toe-to-toe with it. It will drop a Somber Smithing Stone [1], 2x Old Fang and some Beast Blood.


This large ogre is found just past the flamethrower contingent in the main courtyard near the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace. It sits at the foot of the stairs and will stand up as soon as you approach. Wielding an enormous sword, Omen is not as slow as he looks and can actually swing his sword with surprising speed. He can be staggered with some smacks of your own heavy weapon however, and is vulnerable to magic. If you defeat him, he will sometimes drop the Omen Cleaver sword.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit

An Ulcerated Tree Spirit awaits at the bottom of the castle.

If you already faced the one in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, you’ll be displeased to learn that another exists in the depths of Stormveil Castle. Head over to the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace and go through the small door to the west to reach some stairs leading down. Hop over the little rooftops, kill the bats that hang there and then jump down on to the overhangs below. When you reach the bottom, beware of the rats and Giant Rat there and work your way south and then east until you see a wide open chamber filled with tree branches and water at the bottom. This one functions much the same way as the other Ulcerated Tree Spirit, a guide for which you can read here. You will receive a Golden Seed for killing it.

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