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How to Beat Guardian Golem in Limgrave

Scott Peers

This page details where to find and how to defeat the Guardian Golem boss in Limgrave. Includes how to find the boss in Highroad Cave, an overview of attacks, and strategy to defeat the boss.

Runes Drops
RunesEldenRing.png1700 Blue Dancer Charm

Guardian Golem Location in Limgrave

You’ll find the Guardian Golem in the depths of the Highroad Cave, in northern Limgrave. To reach the boss room you’ll need to head down a number of passages where you’ll face wolves, bats, and octopus enemies. They shouldn’t pose too much of a threat, but you’ll need to be careful not to fall down some of the holes on the way down, and instead use the ledges to jump down gradually. A final piece of advice would be to ensure that you use a torch on your way down. You’ll be left in near total darkness otherwise.

The location of the Guardian Golem in Highroad Cave, north Limgrave.


The Guardian Golem has a number of melee attacks and one fire breathing attack. Most of these are fairly easy to avoid, but the slow motions of the animations may throw you off at times.

Rock Throw

This attack consists of the boss using its weapon to throw rocks at you from a distance. The best way to avoid this is by dodging just before the rocks are launched, rather than when the boss begins to carve the rocks out of the wall.

Overhead Slam

This attack consists of the boss raising its weapon above its head for a couple of seconds, before slamming it down into the ground. It has a long reach, so don’t underestimate this. If you can get to the other side of the room when the boss executes this attack, you’ll have the best chances of avoiding it.

Double Swipe & Fire Breath

The boss will swipe its weapon from right to left during this attack, before finishing with fire breath. It’s fairly easy to dodge roll through the initial attacks, but the fire breath can catch you off guard if you’re not careful. You can also stay at the sides of the room if you’re a magic user to avoid the melee swipes, but the fire breath has enough range to reach you there, so you’ll need to dodge to the side of it.


The boss is particularly weak to magic damage, so you’ll have an easier time if you have some spells at your disposal. In this scenario you can essentially stand at the edge of the boss room and cast spells from a distance. The only thing you need to worry about is the fire breath, as this will reach you wherever you’re positioned unless you dodge out of the way to either side of it. The rock throw can also hit you from a great distance, but this is easier to avoid since the animation building up to it is easier to see. The boss doesn’t have much health, so it shouldn’t take too many spells to bring him down.

As a melee user you can get close enough to the boss to consistently attack its legs without needing to back off too much. So long as you’re ready to dodge the main melee attacks and run from the fire breath, you can easily maintain hits. In this scenario you should focus on using heavy attacks rather than light attacks, since this will break the poise of the boss much quicker. Once you’ve staggered the boss, you can execute a critical hit to inflict massive damage.

(1 of 2) Once you've staggered the boss, hit this highlighted area to execute a critical hit.

Once you've staggered the boss, hit this highlighted area to execute a critical hit. (left), Look out for the flames on the Golem's head, indicating an incoming fire breath. (right)

The relatively simple and predictable mechanics of this fight make it one of the easiest in the game. There aren’t too many attacks to become familiar with, and even if you’re caught by the odd attack, the slow movements of the boss give you plenty of time to recover.


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