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All Talismans in Stormveil Castle

Scott Peers

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of Talismans (accessories) that can either be found in the field or received as a drop from a boss or enemy. This page will show you where to find all the Talismans in the Stormveil Castle region.

All Talisman Locations in Stormveil Castle

There are three Talismans to be found in Stormveil Castle: the Claw Talisman, Prince of Death’s Pustule, and Curved Sword Talisman. The Curved Sword is easily found near the start of the castle, but the other two require some exploration of relatively hidden areas, and in this case a bit of Assassin’s Creed style rooftop parkour!

Talisman Location
Claw Talisman On top of a tall golden tower on the castle rooftops near Rampart Tower
Prince of Death’s Pustule Obtained from a corpse in the Underground Crypt
Curved Sword Talisman In a chest located in a room on the third floor of the castle

Claw Talisman

The Claw Talisman is located on top of a golden tower which can be accessed from the rooftops of Stormveil Castle. The easiest way to reach it is from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Head southeast from the site and then west up the stairs. Follow these to the top of the circular halls until you reach the rooftops. From here, jump to the ledge to the southeast and then jump down to the rooftops. You’ll see a broken pillar to the northeast which you can climb up to reach another ledge, then follow this around to the northeast-north. Here you’ll find a ladder which leads to the top of the tower where the Claw Talisman is located.

Prince of Death’s Pustule

The easiest way to reach the Prince of Death’s Pustule is from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Head northeast and jump down to the rooftops below, then look to the southeast and walk onto the lone pillar beneath the roof. From this pillar you can sprint onto the nearby ledge, then take the ladder down to the Underground Crypt where the Root Monster dwells. If you haven’t defeated it yet it will attack you as soon as you hit the ground, but you should have enough time to snag the Talisman and head back up the ladder before it reaches you.

Curved Sword Talisman

The Curved Sword Talisman can be found from the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace. Head north into the main storage room here and then take the wooden stairs up to the third floor. When you reach this floor turn east into a room where you’ll find a chest which contains the Talisman. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the talisman during your first time in the castle, you’ll find it in the same room that you defeat the first knight in the dark room. This is likely to be one of the first items that you encounter in Stormveil Castle.


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