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Where are the Twin Maiden Husks and What Do They Sell?

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have Quests that span multiple locations. This page will detail where you can find the Twin Maiden Husks and what they will sell.

The Twin Maiden Husks will sell a wealth of items in Elden Ring.

How to Find the Twin Maiden Husks

You’ll be able to meet the Twin Maiden Husks when you set foot in the Roundtable Hold for the first time. Once you reach the Hold, head to the left path near Brother Corhyn and you’ll find a path leading beyond Ensha where the Twin Maiden Husks will sit, motionless. The purpose of the Twin Maiden Husks is to act like a general merchant, offering useful wares that will expand beyond the default once you bring them Bell Bearings that can be found across the Lands Between.

Twin Maiden Husks Shop

Default Stock

Item Description Stock Runes
Rune Arc Grants the blessing of an equipped Great Rune upon use 5 RunesEldenRing.png4000
White Cipher Ring When invaded, requests the aid of a hunter 1 RunesEldenRing.png1000
Blue Cipher Ring Answers requests for summoning from hunters 1 RunesEldenRing.png1000
Memory Stone Increases memory slots 1 RunesEldenRing.png3000
Stonesword Key Use to break one imp statue seal 3 RunesEldenRing.png4000
Dagger Weapon of the Dagger Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png400
Longsword Weapon of the Straight Sword Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png1000
Rapier Weapon of the Thrusting Sword Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png1000
Scimitar Weapon of the Curved Sword Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png600
Battle Axe Weapon of the Axe Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png800
Mace Weapon of the Hammer Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png800
Short Spear Weapon of the Spear Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png600
Longbow Weapon of the Bow Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png1200
Finger Seal Weapon of the Sacred Seal Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png800
Heater Shield Shield of the Medium Shield Type 1 RunesEldenRing.png1500
Knight Helm Armor 1 RunesEldenRing.png3000
Knight Armor Armor 1 RunesEldenRing.png4500
Knight Gauntlets Armor 1 RunesEldenRing.png3000
Knight Greaves Armor 1 RunesEldenRing.png3000
Furled Finger’s Trick-Mirror Take on appearance of a Host of Fingers 1 RunesEldenRing.png5000
Host’s Trick-Mirror Take on appearance of a cooperator 1 RunesEldenRing.png5000

Merchant Bell Bearings

(1 of 2) You can hand in the Bell Bearings from departed merchants

You can hand in the Bell Bearings from departed merchants (left), and gain access to their wares at the Twin Maiden Husk. (right)

Whenever you kill an NPC that has items for sale, or they pass away as a result of their Quest progress, you’ll obtain their Bell Bearing so you can hand it do the Twin Maiden Husks and unlock their inventories for purchase there:

NPC Bell Bearing
Patches’ Shop Patches’ Bell Bearing
D’s Shop D’s Bell Bearing
Bernahl’s Shop Bernahl’s Bell Bearing
Kalé’s Shop Kalé’s Bell Bearing
Gostoc’s Shop Gostoc’s Bell Bearing
Rogier’s Shop Rogier’s Bell Bearing
Perceptor Seluvis’s shop Seluvis’s Bell Bearing

Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing

The Bell Bearing Hunter in Limgrave will drop this Bell Bearing.

You can obtain the Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing by defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter at the Warmaster’s Shack at night, Limgrave. When given to the Twin Maiden Husks, it will unlock the following items:

Item Description Stock Runes
Thin Beast Bones Material used for crafting items Infinite RunesEldenRing.png150
Hefty Beast Bone Material used for crafting items Infinite RunesEldenRing.png250

Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearings

You’ll find four different Bell Bearings with this name, all of which add the respective Smithing Stone rank to the list of wares available at the Twin Maiden Husks. You can find these in the following locations:

There are many more Bell Bearings to seek out and this page will be updated with more information as we learn more.


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