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All Weapons in Stormveil Castle

Claire Farnworth

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of weapons that can either be found or received as a drop from a boss or enemy. This page will show you all the weapons in the Stormveil Castle region of Elden Ring.

All Weapons in Stormveil Castle, Elden Ring

Weapon Location
Brick Hammer 3rd floor of Castle.
Godslayer’s Seal Left chest behind the Imp Statue seal. Requires Stonesword Key to access.
Highland Axe On a corpse underneath a painting in the same room as the Grafted Scion.
Hookclaws On a corpse in the wine cellar of Rampart Tower.
Miséricorde In the armory beneath the castle. Requires a Stonesword Key to remove the fog barrier.
Omen Cleaver Sometimes dropped from the Omen Ogre.
Pike On one of the many corpses littering the main courtyard near Liftside Chamber Site of Grace.

Brick Hammer

On the third floor of the castle, near the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace, you will see a corpse dangling from a window. You cannot reach it from here however, and must access it from the fourth floor by going around the wooden platforms outside and into the tower from there.

Godslayer’s Seal

To access the room with the Godslayer’s Seal, you will need a Stonesword Key to use on the Imp Statue. From the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, go east and pull the lever to the lift. Get on and ride it to the bottom then move through the room with the Grafted Scion and take the doorway on the left. When you reach the flamethrower courtyard, turn round and go down the stairs to the south to reach a room full of rats and the Imp Statue. Remove the barrier and then enter the room - the chest on your left will contain the Godslayer’s Seal.

Highland Axe

The Highland Axe can be found in the room with the Grafted Scion miniboss, underneath a large painting at the far east end. Access can be made from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace.


From the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace, make your way to the Rampart Tower along the edge of the castle. Go inside to the barrel store and head west behind the stairs. A Knight will guard a corpse that contain the Hookclaws.


You will need yet another Stonesword Key to unblock a fog barrier that leads to the Miséricorde. The Imp Statue is found at the bottom of the castle from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Take the lift down, run into the room with the Grafted Scion and immediately turn left through a door and then left again to find the statue. Use the Stonesword Key and enter the armory but beware the large, axe-wielding guards here. The Miséricorde is found from the corpse in the north corner.

Omen Cleaver

The ogre Omen has a chance of dropping his mighty curved sword Omen Cleaver and he can be found in the heavily-fortified courtyard with the flamethrowers. He sits at the base of some steps towards the back and has a dog companion so be careful. It may take a while to get him to part ways with his weapon as it has a low drop rate so simply keep trying.


Another weapon found in the massive courtyard that contains the flamethrowers and Omen the ogre. The Pike is obtained from a corpse on the west side of the courtyard.


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