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All NPCs in Weeping Peninsula

Matt Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have Quests that span multiple locations. This page will show you all the NPCs and merchants in the Weeping Peninsula region.

All NPC Locations in the Weeping Peninsula of Elden Ring


You can find Irina just past the Bridge of Sacrifice site of grace. If you follow the path south, you’ll see her sitting on a rock on your left. She’ll ask you to deliver a letter to her father Edgar, who is at Castle Morne.

Irina is the daughter of Edgar.


Edgar can be found at Castle Morne which is situated at the southeastern edge of Weeping Peninsula. He is Irina’s father, but he won’t leave Castle Morne as he is the Commander. He’s part of the quest with Irina.

When looking at the map, Edgar can be found at the northeast corner on top of one of the towers. To get there, you’ll need to go over the bridge that goes over the courtyard then head immediately to the northeast, and go down the somewhat hidden ladder by some barrels, and crates. Follow that path northeast and head up the tower to see Edgar sitting on a bench.

Edgar will refuse to leave Castle Morne until the threat there has been taken care off.

Sorceress Sellen

Sorceress Sellen is the same NPC you see at Church of Elleh. She is being held captive in the Witchbane Ruins which is situated on the western part of the Weeping Peninsula. This is part of her ongoing quest line which can be found here.

You will need to do Sellen's quest line to help her out of this predicament.

Nomadic Merchant (Castle Morne Rampart)

There is a Nomadic Merchant sitting at a campfire by the Castle Morne Rampart site of grace.

This Nomadic Merchant can be found at the Castle Morne Rampart site of grace.

Nomadic Merchant (Castle Morne Rampart) Shop

Item Cost Qty Item Cost Qty
Kukri Runes1EldenRing.png60 Cracked Pot Runes1EldenRing.png600 1
Stonesword Key Runes1EldenRing.png2000 1 Bastard Sword Runes1EldenRing.png3000 1
Light Crossbow Runes1EldenRing.png1500 1 Arrow Runes1EldenRing.png20
Great Arrow Runes1EldenRing.png300 8 Bolt Runes1EldenRing.png40
Ballista Bolt Runes1EldenRing.png3000 8 Red Thorn Roundshield Runes1EldenRing.png600 1
Round Shield Runes1EldenRing.png1000 1 Iron Helmet Runes1EldenRing.png1500 1
Scale Armor Runes1EldenRing.png2400 1 Iron Gauntlets Runes1EldenRing.png1500 1
Leather Trousers Runes1EldenRing.png1500 1 Crimson Amber Medallion Runes1EldenRing.png1500 1
Note: Demi-human Mobs Runes1EldenRing.png500 1

Isolated Merchant

The Isolated Merchant can be found at the Isolated Merchant’s Shack which is situated at the southwestern edge of Weeping Peninsula.

The Isolated Merchant can be found at his shack at the southwest of Weeping Peninsula.

Isolated Merchant Shop

Item Cost Qty Item Cost Qty
Arrow Runes1EldenRing.png20 Zweihander Runes1EldenRing.png3500 1
Ballista Bolt Runes1EldenRing.png300 15 Lantern Runes1EldenRing.png1800 1
Bolt Runes1EldenRing.png40 Lost Ashes of War Runes1EldenRing.png3000 1
Great Arrow Runes1EldenRing.png300 15 Info: Walking Mausoleum Runes1EldenRing.png600 1
Sacrificial Twig Runes1EldenRing.png3000 3 Stonesword Key Runes1EldenRing.png2000 3
Arteria Leaf Runes1EldenRing.png1000 5


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