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Elden Ring

How to Find Brother Corhyn and Complete His Quest

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have Quests that span multiple locations. This page will detail where you can find Brother Corhyn and complete his Questline.

You will first meet Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold.

First Meeting - Roundtable Hold

Brother Corhyn will most likely be the first person you speak to when you set foot in the Roundtable Hold for the first time. He’ll tell you a little about himself and informs you that he wishes to serve a Tarnished that may one day become an Elden Lord. For now, however, he’ll sell you Incantations to aid you on your journey which will be useful for anyone with points invested in Faith.

Brother Corhyn’s Shop

Brother Corhyn has a wealth of useful Incantations that you should peruse if you’re of the Faith inkling, these are sure to help you in the early stages of the game.

Default Stock

Item Description Stock Runes
Urgent Heal Heals a small amount of HP 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png1000
Heal Heals HP for self and nearby allies 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500
Cure Poison Alleviates poison buildup and cures poison 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png1000
Magic Fortification Increases magic damage negation 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png3500
Flame Fortification Increases fire damage negation 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png3000
Rejection Produces a shockwave that pushes away foes 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500
Catch Flame Momentarily sparks flame from hand 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png600
Flame Sling Use to break one imp statue seal 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png800

Assassin’s Prayerbook

You can hand over the Assassin’s Prayerbook to Corhyn to unlock two additional Incantations, although he’ll brand them heretical in the process. You can find Prayerbook in the Hold by taking the stairs down near Smithing Master Hewg and using a total of three Stonesword Keys to reach it.

You can hand the Assassin’s Prayerbook found in the Hold to Corhyn for more Incantations.

Item Description Stock Runes
Darkness Creates area of darkness that conceals caster 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png3500
Assassin’s Approach Silences footsteps, reduces fall damage/sound 1 Runes_Elden_Ring.png2000

Second Meeting - Roundtable Hold

Brother Corhyn will inform you that he’s decided to leave on a journey to find Goldmask. This will usually happen after you have defeated Rennala at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Third Meeting - Altus Highway Junction

Once you reach Altus Plateau, Corhyn will leave the Roundtable Hold and move to this new location. Head to the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace and take the road north to find Corhyn standing near the obelisk (where a map piece awaits). He will mention that he’s heard word of Goldmask and will also update his stock of Incantations with these new additions:

Item Description Stock Runes
Great Heal Greatly Heals HP for self and nearby allies 1 rune_icon3.png9000
Lightning Fortification Increass lighting damage negation 1 rune_icon3.png7500

(1 of 2) You will find Corhyn north of this Site of Grace

You will find Corhyn north of this Site of Grace (left), Corhyn will mention that he is searching for Goldmask. (right)

Fourth Meeting - Above Road of Iniquity Side Path

Once you rest at a Site of Grace, you can go directly to your next encounter with Corhyn. Head to the far north of the Altus Plateau and you’ll find a large, broken bridge, Goldmask can be found at the end of this. The easiest way to reach it is by head north from the Minor Erdtree and at the first intersection, head west under the bridge. Not only will you find the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace, but to the south of it is a Spiritspring Jump you can use to reach the bridge above.

(1 of 2) You can find a Spiritspring Jump to the south of this Grace

You can find a Spiritspring Jump to the south of this Grace (left), this will take you to the bridge where Goldmask, and soon, Corhyn are. (right)

Once you reach him, speak with him (or at least attempt to) and then return to where you found Corhyn to inform him of Goldmask’s location. Return to the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace and take the Spiritspring Jump up to find Corhyn has reached Goldmask. Be sure to exhaust all of Corhyn’s dialogue options and if you check his stock, you’ll notice he’s added Discus of Light.

Fifth Meeting - Leyndell

You’ll need to ensure you have at least two Great Runes to be able to access Leyndell, Royal Capital, the legacy dungeon for the Altus Plateau located to the southeast. Once inside, progress until you reach the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace after defeating Godfrey, First Elden Lord. From here, head out the western door to reach the branches of the tree and head down and drop over to the west where a large building sits atop a winding path.

Make your way up there, and to the southeast you will locate Goldmask and Corhyn once more. This time, Corhyn remarks that Goldmask is contemplating a riddle, but he has no inkling as to how to solve it. There are several steps to solving this riddle, starting with acquiring a Prayerbook needed to learn a required Incantation. Return to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace and take the eastern exit to the balcony and climb the tree to reach the higher floor. Exit out of the only door here and turn around to leap down to the roof, following it to reach a broken window that will allow you to re-enter the building. You’ll find a large root going from one side of the room to the other, climb this and in the center, you’ll find a chair hanging from the ceiling containing the Golden Order Principia.

(1 of 2) When you first speak with Corhyn, he will be troubled by Goldmask

When you first speak with Corhyn, he will be troubled by Goldmask (left), once you’ve solved the riddle, return to Goldmask and inform him of your findings. (right)

Return this to Corhyn and you can then purchase the Law of Regression Incantation for him. Now comes the next challenge, unless you have already pumped in a lot of levels into Intelligence, you’re going to have a tough time being able to use the spell. The simple method requires using two Larval Tears with Rennala and respec (the second is needed to revert to your previous build). If you’ve been diligent at exploring the Lands Between however, you can get around this with equipment and the Flask of Wondrous Physick, below is a list of what you can use to reach that 37 INT requirement:

Source INT Increase Location
Twinsage Glintstone Crown (Helm) +6 Academy of Raya Lucaria
Marika’s Scarseal or Marika’s Soreseal (Talisman) +3-5 The base of the waterfall in Siofra River. Soreseal is located in the Haligtree area.
Stargazer Heirloom (Talisman) +5 Divine Tower of Liurnia
Godrick’s Great Rune (requires Rune Arc to activate) +5 [Defeat Godrick in Stormveil Castle](Godrick the Grafted “Defeat Godrick in Stormveil Castle”)
Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear (Flask of Wondrous Physick) +10 Head southeast from Road to the Manor Site of Grace in Liurnia then head north along the path to locate it.

Depending on your current stats, this should get you some way towards the requirement without having to Respec. Regardless of how you achieve the INT score, head west from the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of grace and take the lift down. Begin heading down the stairs and you’ll spot a message on the floor, stand on this, face the statue ahead and use the Law of Regression Incantation to change the appearance of the statue. Return to Goldmask and reveal the solution of the riddle to him. Speak with Corhyn after and exhaust his dialogue, you’ll also see that he has added the Immutable Shield Incantation to his list of wares.

Sixth Meeting - South of Stargazer Ruins

You’ll next come across the duo in the Mountaintops of the Giants region, specifically on the bridge south from Stargazer Ruins (you’ll need to use a Spiritspring Jump in the ravine to the north to reach this plateau). Once again, you’ll want to exhaust their dialogue and you’ll also get the option to give Corhyn the Tonic of Forgetfulness if you have it but he’ll refuse to take it.

Corhyn will begin to harbor doubts about Goldmask when you meet with him here.

Final Meeting - South of Stargazer Ruins

Once you have completed the events at Crumbling Farum Azula and reach Leyndell, Ashen Capital, you’ll come across Goldmask’s corpse at the bottom of the cliffs at the bottom of where he and Corhyn were before, allowing you to claim the Mending Rune of Perfect Order. With this in hand, return to where you found the pair of them south of the Stargazer Ruins and you’ll find Corhyn searching for his lost master. Exit the game and reload (in order to refresh the area) to find that Corhyn is now gone and in his place you’ll obtain Corhyn’s Bell Bearing, Corhyn’s Robe, and a Flail.

(1 of 3) Return to the bridge once you’ve gained access to Leyndell, Ashen capital

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