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How to Get All Legendary Talismans

Scott Peers

There are a total of eight legendary Talismans which count towards unlocking the Legendary Talismans achievement. This page details how and where to find each of them.

Where to Find All Legendary Talismans for the Achievement in Elden Ring

Radagon Icon

The Radagon Icon legendary talisman can be found on the second level of the Debate Parlor of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, in central Liurnia of the Lakes. Head outside north from the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, then turn right and jump down onto the roof ledge. Climb up the ladder here and jump onto the balcony inside the Debate Parlor through the broken window. Turn right and follow the path around until you see a chest, which contains the Radagon Icon.

Radagon’s Soreseal

You can find the Radagon’s Soreseal talisman in Fort Faroth, located in southeast Dragonbarrow, Caelid. After entering the fort up the steps from the northwest, take the ladder up the tower until you reach the top of the ramparts. Turn southwest from here beyond the hanged soldiers, then jump down the hole in the ground. You’ll need to avoid some large rats in this room as you locate another hole in the ground, then jump down it to find a corpse which contains the Radagon’s Soreseal talisman.

Godfrey Icon

The Godfrey Icon talisman is dropped by the Godefroy the Grafted boss, who can be found at the Golden Lineage Evergaol in southern Altus Plateau. You can approach the evergaol from the north to pass through a tunnel, before emerging on the other side with the evergaol in sight. You’ll need two Stonesword Keys to enter the evergaol. The fight with Godefroy is somewhat similar to that with Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle.

Moon of Nokstella

The Moon of Nokstella talisman is located in Nokstella, Eternal City, which you can access as part of the Age of the Stars ending. This is achieved as part of Ranni’s questline, so if you’re having trouble with that be sure to check our page on it. From the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace, head west up the stairs and turn north along the pathway lined with statues, at the end of which you’ll see a rolling ball similar to the one found at the Raya Lucaria Academy. Head up the stairs that the ball rolled down from and turn north inside a hall lined with chairs. Turn left (west) from this hall to another pathway lined with statues, and some stairs at the end leading up. At the top of these stairs you’ll find a church with some enemies inside, guarding the chest which contains the Moon of Nokstella talisman behind them.

Old Lord’s Talisman

The Old Lord’s Talisman can be found within Crumbling Farum Azula, near the Beside the Great Bridge Site of Grace. From the site, go up the stairs onto the bridge and head directly north until you reach a balcony with a ladder on its southern side. Take the ladder down and then turn east towards the room with an ornate chest in its centre. You’ll find the talisman within this chest.

Marika’s Soreseal

The Marika’s Soreseal talisman can be found in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, which is a secret area near the end of Miquella’s Haligtree. From the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace, head outside to the east and keep running towards the ladder to your right. At the bottom of the ladder head northeast and then follow the path southeast until you reach a room locked by an imp statue. Use two Stonesword Keys to access the room and find Marika’s Soreseal within.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

The Dragoncrest Shield Talisman can also be found in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. From the Drainage Channel Site of Grace, turn northeast and follow the branch path until you see a stone pillar that you can drop down to on your right. Follow this east until you reach the branch pointing north, then jump onto that. Run along this branch until you reach a second stone pillar to your left, and follow this up southwestwards, jumping on to the branch to your right at the top. Here you’ll reach a roof with a hole in it, which you can jump down to land on a wooden beam. Once you’re on the beam, turn west and jump down to the chest surrounded by enemies on the platform. You can kill the enemies from afar with ranged damage first if you want to open the chest in peace.

Erdtree’s Favor +2

The Erdtree’s Favor +2 talisman can be found in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, which can only be accessed after defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade. More specifically, the talisman can be found on a branch in the ash dunes where the Tree Spirit dwells. An easy way to reach this is by heading north from the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace, then taking the elevator up to Capital Outskirts. Head north along the bridge here until you reach the next elevator, then take this down to Leyndell, Ashen Capital. The tree spirit will erupt from the ash dunes when you step on them, but you can run by it to locate the talisman on the branch if you don’t want to fight it now.

Once you’ve acquired all eight of these legendary talismans, you’ll unlock the Legendary Talismans achievement.


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