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Elden Ring

All NPCs in Limgrave

Matt Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have Quests that span multiple locations. This page will show you all the NPCs and merchants in the Limgrave region.

All NPC Locations in Limgrave

NPC Location
White-Faced Varre The First Step
Merchant Kalé Church of Elleh
Witch Renna Church of Elleh (night)
Melina Three Sites of Grace unlocked (overworld)
Boc the Seamster Agheel Lake North
Sorceress Sellen Waypoint Ruins
Nomadic Merchant (North) Between East Limgrave and Stormhill
Nomadic Merchant (East) Between Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight
Nomadic Merchant (West) Southeast of Coastal Cave
Yura Seaside Ruins
Kenneth Haight Mistwood Outskirts
Alexander the Iron Fist Stormhill, west of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace
Palm Reader Bridge north of Stormhill
Roderika Stormhill Shack
D, Hunter of the Dead West of Summonwater Village
Patches the Untethered Inside Murkwater Cave that lies in the middle of the Murkwater River.
Knight Bernahl Warmaster’s Shack in Stormhill.

White-Faced Varre

You can find Varre just outside The First Step. He will offer you guidance for your quest ahead.

Varre can be found just outside the starting location.

Merchant Kalé

Kalé resides in the rundown ruins of Church of Elleh. He is a merchant who’ll sell you the important key item “Crafting Kit”. This allows you to craft items anywhere, providing you have the right recipes and materials.

Santa? No, it’s just the Merchant Kalé.

Witch Renna

Renna can also be found at the Church of Elleh. She only appears at nightfall after you’ve acquired the Spectral Steed.

Renna will appear at the Church of Elleh. She only appears at night, and when you have the Spectral Steed.


Melina is a maiden who is found after you access three different Sites of Grace on the overland map. The next time you rest, you’ll get a cutscene, and receive the Spectral Steed.

Melina is a maiden who lets you level up. She can be found by activating three Grace of Sites in the overworld map.

Boc The Seamaster

Boc can be found roaming the area near the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. When you get near his location, you’ll hear someone call out. There’ll be a group of trees nearby with a small yellow tree amongst them. Attack the yellow tree to dispel Boc’s illusion. You’ll get 10x mushrooms for talking to him twice.

Boc can be found cowering north of Murkwater Bridge.

Sorceress Sellen

Sellen will be inside the Waypoint Ruins, which can be found far to the east of The First Step (starting location). She is a merchant that sells Sorceries.

Sorceress Sellen

Nomadic Merchant Saintsbridge

In Elden Ring, you’ll come across various Nomadic Merchants. These will have a variety of goods to sell you from consumables, recipes, and notes that’ll direct you to acquire specific items. The North merchant can be found to the east of Saintsbridge that connects East Limgrave to Stormhill. He’ll be sitting at a campfire playing music.

Nomadic Merchant Saintsbridge

Nomadic Merchant (East)

In Elden Ring, you’ll come across various Nomadic Merchants. These will have a variety of goods to sell you from consumables, recipes, and notes that’ll direct you to acquire specific items. The East merchant can be found at the side of the road in Mistwood, between the Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight.

Nomadic Merchant (West)

In Elden Ring, you’ll come across various Nomadic Merchants. These will have a variety of goods to sell you from consumables, recipes, and notes that’ll direct you to acquire specific items. The West merchant can be found southeast of the Coastal Cave entrance.

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

You can find Yura under an overpass near the Seaside Ruins, which is situated in the southern part of Limgrave. She’ll warn you to avoid Agheel Lake. Once you’ve explored that area, you’ll be invaded when you get to the north-eastern ravine, and she’ll assist you in defeating the invader then move to this location.

Yura can be found close to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace.

Kenneth Haight

Kenneth claims to be the next ruler of Limgrave when you first meet him, just past the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace. He’ll ask for your assistance to retake Fort Haight. Once the Fort is retaken, he’ll reside there.

Kenneth Haight.

Iron Fist Alexander

Is it a Cauldron… Is it alive? Friend or Foe? Alexander is a strange NPC who looks like a broken Cauldron, but once you get near it, it seems friendly enough. It’ll tell you that it’s stuck, and ask you if you can help it out. Alexander can be found in the northern area of Stormhill, west of the Agheel Lake North site of grace.

Attack it on its back a few times, and although a look of anguish crosses its face, it’ll tell you to keep trying. Once freed, Alexander will reward you with the Triumphant Delight Gesture as well as some exalted flesh. Finally, he’ll hint at its next location, Redmane Castle.

Alexander aka The Iron Fist aka Cauldron man.

Palm Reader

Palm Readers can be found throughout the Lands Between and serve a similar function, guiding the Tarnished and offering hints about the world. One such Palm Reader can be found on the bridge to the north of Stormhill Shack.


Roderika is a Spirit-Tuner who you’ll find at Stormhill Shack when you’re heading towards Stormveil. She’ll let you “borrow” some items. If you progress her quest by talking to her several times until you receive the Sitting Sideways pose, and a Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, she’ll move to Roundtable Hold.

Roderika can be found at Stormhill Shack.

D Hunter of the Dead

D, is an undead hunter, who can be found west of Summonwater Village. He’ll warn you that the village resides with ghosts. Once you progress his quest, he’ll appear at Roundtable Hold and become a merchant that sells incantations.

Patches the Untethered

One of the staple NPCs from the Souls franchise, Patches returns again in Elden Ring. He is found in Murkwater Cave in the central part of Limgrave. He is the boss of that area and you will have the option to kill or spare him.

Patches is hiding out in Murkwater Cave.

Knight Bernahl

Found at the Warmaster’s Shack in Stormhill, Knight Bernahl is an Ashes of War merchant. Talk to him and tell him you “Still believe” to gain access to his wares.

Knight Bernahl

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