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Elden Ring

All Locations in Weeping Peninsula

Claire Farnworth

This page contains everything you need to know about the locations in the Weeping Peninsula area of Elden Ring.

How Many Locations Are There in Weeping Peninsula?

Weeping Peninsula connects directly from Limgrave via the Bridge of Sacrifice and has 19 unique areas and many more Sites of Grace to discover. The majority of these areas contain a sub-boss at the end of the location or they are home to NPCs and merchants. You can find the full list below:

Location Description
Ailing Village An abandoned village just north of Callu Baptismal Church and east of the Minor Erdtree. Now only demi-humans remain. The Flame-Crest Wooden Shield can be found on a corpse inside a hut on the east side of the village.
Callu Baptismal Church A rat-infested church southeast of the Minor Erdtree, a Giant Rat now guards the ruins. You can find the Flame of Frenzy Incantation and Sacred Tear here.
Castle Morne A large castle found at the southern tip of Weeping Peninsula it has long fallen to ruin. Part of the NPC Irina’s questline. You can also find NPC Edgar here as well as the Leonine Misbegotten Greater Enemy boss.
Church of Pilgrimage Located in the far northwest of Weeping Peninsula, the ruins of this church sit high atop the cliffs. A Sacred Tear and a Gilded Iron Shield can be found here.
Demi-Human Forest Ruins Just northeast of the Minor Erdtree. Guarded by numerous Demi-Human enemies and a Demi-Human Queen. A Shield of the Guilty can be found in the cellar beneath the Ruins.
Earthbore Cave Found between the Forest Tower Lookout and Demi-Human Forest Ruins in the north of Weeping Peninsula. In the depths of the cave awaits the Runebear boss.
Forest Lookout Tower A tall tower that looks out over the Bridge of Sacrifice towards Limgrave. A Hand Ballista can be found in a chest at the top.
Fourth Church of Marika On a plateau at the west side of Weeping Peninsula. A Sacred Tear can be found by the statue.
Impaler’s Catacombs Found on the eastern cliffside of the far north of Weeping Peninsula. A small dungeon guarded by another Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss.
Isolated Merchant’s Shack A wooden hut with a merchant located in the southwest corner of Weeping Peninsula. The Isolated Merchant NPC is found here who sells a variety of useful items.
Minor Erdtree One of the sacred trees of the Lands Between, located right in the center of the Weeping Peninsula. The Erdtree Avatar boss protects the tree.
Morne Tunnel At the bottom of the canyon just east of the Minor Erdtree. A mine filled with a plentiful supply of upgrading and smithing materials. The Scaly Misbegotten is the final boss of the area.
Oridys’s Rise A lookout tower in the far east of Weeping Peninsula. Protected by a magic barrier, solve the puzzle to gain access. A Memory Stone can be found in a chest at the top.
Tombsward Catacombs North of the Minor Erdtree, the entrance is found beside a leaning stone pillar. Like other catacombs, it acts a mini-dungeon. Cemetery Shade boss is found at the end.
Tombsward Cave A small cave found southeast of the Fourth Church of Marika. A poison swamp and Miranda the Blighted Bloom boss await inside.
Weeping Evergaol Northeast of the Fourth Church of Marika in the west of Weeping Peninsula. Requires a Stonesword Key to open the Evergoal. Once open, you must confront the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss.
Witchbane Ruins Just south of the Fourth Church of Marika in the west of Weeping Peninsula. A prison for sorcerers and witches and fallen to ruin. The Ambush Shard sorcery and an alternative location for Sorceress Sellen are found here below.

Ailing Village

Once a thriving village, the Ailing Village has since been largely abandoned and is now overrun with hostile Demi-Humans. It can be found by heading due east from the Minor Erdtree and is mostly empty, save for a Flame-Crest Wooden Shield that can be obtained from a corpse inside a hut in the north of the village.

Callu Baptismal Church

Clearly the local church for the nearby village, the Callu Baptismal Church is now infested with rats. A Giant Rat now lives out its days inside, though a Sacred Tear can be found at the base of the statue in the Church. The Flame of Frenzy Incantation can also be taken from a corpse resting against a pillar nearby.

Castle Morne

On the southern tip of the Weeping Peninsula sits Castle Morne, a now burning and broken castle. Clearly under siege, it is a vast area that is entirely optional though filled with some excellent items. If you have met with the NPC Irina, you may have already been guided here but it is hard to miss. You can find the NPC Edgar at the top of the northeastern tower whom you should speak to as part of Irina’s quest as well. Finally, the Greater Enemy boss Leonine Misbegotten can be fought down at the beach behind the castle. Beware as he is a formidable foe so come prepared!

Church of Pilgrimage

Bathed in the splendor of the sacred Erdtree, the Church of Pilgrimage can be found high on the cliffs in the northwest of Weeping Peninsula. Like other churches, a Sacred Tear can be found at the base of the statue and the Gilded Iron Shield can be found on a corpse in the graveyard beside the Church.

Demi-Human Forest Ruins

Deep in the depths of the forest north of the Minor Erdtree, lie the Demi-Human Forest Ruins. As its name suggests, it is a place filled with Demi-Humans and broken stone buildings. In the very center is a Demi-Human Queen mini-boss who casts the Crystal Burst sorcery. You can get the Demi-Human Queen Staff and the aforementioned sorcery from defeating her. The Shield of the Guilty can be found in the cellar beneath the ruins. The entrance is located on the east side.

Earthbore Cave

Sandwiched between the Forest Lookout Ruins and the Demi-Human Forest Ruins in the north of Weeping Peninsula, you can find the cave by examining the candelabra in the north that sits in front of a large stone pillar. A golden spirit apparition will appear and lead you to the cave. Follow its footsteps down the cliff and round the edges to find the entrance. In the very depths of the cave waits the Runebear boss who is not a trivial challenge at lower levels.

Forest Lookout Tower

After crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice you will see the Forest Lookout Tower high atop the cliffs looking back towards the Bridge. The Tower itself is not that large and is guarded by a few soldiers. After climbing a few ladders, you can find the Hand Ballista in a chest on the top battlements.

Fourth Church of Marika

In the far west of Weeping Peninsula, high on a plateua, the Fourth Church of Marika is found, surrounded by the Weeping Evergaol to the north and the Witchbane Ruins just to the south. Like other Churches in the Lands Between, a Sacred Tear can be found at the foot of the statue inside as well as a Site of Grace.

Impaler’s Catacombs

The entrance to Impaler’s Catacombs can be found by following the cliffs east after crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice. Like other catacombs, the entrance is marked by a set of doors. Inside the tomb you will find a familiar setting complete with the ever-frustrating goblin enemies who cling to walls and hide in dark places waiting for an ambush opportunity. Unlike Limgrave, this dungeon also has spike traps and zombie enemies. At the end of the dungeon, another Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss waits but it is slightly different from its Limgrave counterpart; it has two heads and little goblin friends.

Isolated Merchant’s Shack

As its name suggests, the Isolated Merchant’s Shack is located in the far southwest of Weeping Peninsula, in the middle of a large field. Inside the shack is the Isolated Merchant himself who sells a wide variety of useful items, most notable of which are cheap Stonesword Keys and the Zweihander colossal sword.

Minor Erdtree

Every region in the Lands Between has at least one Minor Erdtree, massive trees considered precious by the residents of the Lands Between. The one in Weeping Peninsula is found right in the center of the peninsula and is guarded by numerous strong enemies and a boss - the Erdtree Avatar. The Avatar sits right in front of the tree, between several Jars and some useful crafting materials.

Morne Tunnel

Similar to the Limgrave Tunnels, the Morne Tunnel is a mine filled with smithing stones and other upgrade items. Morne Tunnel is noticeably larger and more complex than the Limgrave Tunnels and the enemies here are quite a lot stronger. At the end of the Tunnel is the Scaly Misbegotten boss, an axe-wielding, larger version of its counterparts found in the Tunnel on the way to the boss room.

Oridys’s Rise

This ornate-looking Tower stands on the east side of Weeping Peninsula and the entrance is protected by a magic barrier. The barrier can be removed by solving a simple puzzle: find the three spectral turtles nearby. These ghostly turtles glow white and you must simply hit them to make it count towards the total found. Do note that one is invisible in the middle of the pond but the splashing pool will show you its location. For solving the puzzle, you can find a chest with a Memory Stone at the top of the tower inside a room.

Tombsward Catacombs

Just north of the Minor Erdtree in Weeping Peninsula is a massive stone arch and behind that is the entrance to Tombsward Catacombs. Skeletons litter the dungeon and a Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [9] can be found behind a fog barrier which needs a Stonesword Key to remove. There are also fire traps and skeletons that throw fire bombs at you so bring some fire protection. The boss for the Tombsward Catacombs is the Cemetery Shade.

Tombsward Cave

Southeast from the Fourth Church of Marika in Weeping Peninsula is the Tombsward Cave, another dark dungeon so bring a torch! The floor of the cave (and pretty much every enemy encounter) is covered or has poison-inducing effects so ideally bring something to cure poison or wear armor with good poison resistance as well. The Nomadic Warriors Cookbook [8] can be found inside on a corpse as well as the Miranda the Blighted Bloom boss in a tiny room at the end. Like most plants, she is incredibly weak to fire!

Weeping Evergaol

North of the Fourth Church of Marika, you will see a stone circle and an Imp Statue. Use a Stonesword Key here to open the way to the Weeping Evergaol and be prepared to face the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss immediately after approaching the purple light. He is an agile boss who uses a variety of frost attacks and has a moveset not too dissimilar to the Dancer in Dark Souls III.

Witchbane Ruins

South of the Fourth Church of Marika and just down the cliffs, are the Witchbane Ruins. Evidently a place formerly used to detain sorcerers and witches, the Ruins are now filled with skeletal enemies and other abominations. In the cellar beneath the ruins you will find a captured Sorceress Sellen chained against the wall and on a nearby corpse, the Ambush Shard sorcery.

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