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How to Beat Fire Giant at the Mountaintops of the Giants

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat the Fire Giant, found at the Mountaintops of the Giants, in Elden Ring.

Runes Drops
180,000 Runes Remembrance of the Fire Giant

Location of the Fire Giant in Mountaintops of the Giant, Elden Ring

The Fire Giant is found at Flame Peak on the Mountaintops of the Giants. More specifically, he can be found just east of the Church of Ripose and nearby the

When you approach his area you might not actually be able to see him at first. He seems to be able to see you from miles away and the terrain is pretty rocks and there’s a few trees around. He’s not that hard to find since he is a huge giant but his health bar might pop up before you can see him.

Fire Giant Attacks

The Fire Giant has two definitive phases which are separated by a cut scene, however he also seems to have a mini phase in between the first and second phase. Below you’ll find a breakdown of special attacks done in the first and second phase.

In the first phase the Fire Giant has a huge shield-frisbee type weapon that he uses in a couple of different ways.

Shield Slam

The most common way that he’ll use his shield is by slamming it down onto the ground. This is a very damaging attack but it is reasonably easy to dodge because it’s pretty obvious when he swings the frisbee up that it’s going to come back down again. A good way to dodge is to roll inwards towards his legs, and then this way you’ll be able to get in some swipes at his feet before he recovers from the shield slam attack.

Sometimes he’ll jump before slamming his shield and this’ll be an even more painful attack!

The Fire Giant wields a huge shield-frisbee weapon.

Shield Scoop

This is another different way that he will wield his shield. Instead of slamming it, he will use it to try to scoop you and the earth around you up. This will make you fly back a little and knock you over.


If you spend a lot of time smacking his feet, the Fire Giant will retaliate by stomping on you. This is a pretty easy move to dodge because his feet are big and his stomp is quite slow. It will hurt a lot if you get caught though!

The Fire Giant will stomp on you if you get too close to his feet for prolonged periods of time.


The Fire Giant will perform a lot of rolls in the fight - and sometimes they look a bit goofy, especially when he rolls over the rocky terrain and boulders! He’ll use rolls to disengage or close the distance between you. It will also hurt if he rolls into or over you so watch out!

Fiery Belly Mouth

This move occurs right before you trigger second phase (which happens at half HP). So at around 60-65% health, the Fire Giant will disengage (probably by rolling) and stick his hand into his belly mouth. This will set his hand on fire and he can perform a couple of different things with his now ablaze hand.

Fire Blast

After sticking his hand in his belly mouth, he will be able to shoot out fire from his hand. In the second phase, he will be able to shoot out fire from both hands. This attack will do fire damage and will set you on fire causing damage over time. The best way to get out of the way of the fire blasts is to roll inwards towards him.

The Fire Giant can shoot fire from his hands.

Fire Orb

The Fire Giant will conjure up a fire orb that slowly moves towards you - it’s a homing fire orb so it’ll follow wherever you go not just move towards your initial location. It will last a fair bit but it’s also slow so you should be able to avoid it with ease. But if you don’t get out of the way it’ll explode and damage you for a fair bit!

Fire orb travelling towards you.

Fire Giant Second Phase Attacks

The second phase is defined by a cut scene. After it, the Giant will now fight on his knees, and no longer use his shield-frisbee weapon. He will also very regularly utilise the above mentioned fiery attacks (fire orb and fire blast) as well as some new fire attacks.

Fiery Hand Slam

During this attack, the Fire Giant will slam both of his hands into the ground to send out fiery pulses and waves out into the ground. During this move, his torso will also be pretty flesh with the ground, meaning you can try to get to his big torso eye. If you manage to smack him in the eye, you’ll get some big damage.

Fire Belly Meteor Explosion

This is a rarer attack and it entails the Fire Giant sending out fiery meteors from his stomach up into the air. There will be several meteors at once and you’ll need to dodge them.

Hand Pummel

Now that his hands are free and he’s no longer holding his shield-frisbee weapon, he’ll use his hands a lot more to punch down at you and pummel you into the ground. He’ll typically do this with non-fiery hands.

Strategy to Defeat Fire Giant

The Fire Giant is a two-phase boss that does physical strike damage and fire damage. It’ll be fairly obvious which of his attacks does fire damage as his hands will be ablaze. He is weaker to physical damage, magic damage and lightning damage. The fact that for most, the fight begins when he is still quite far away from you means you’ll have plenty of time to summon in any spirit ashes you may want to use.

For melee players, the first phase is relatively easy, as you’ll just want to smack his legs and avoid being stomped or rolled on. For ranged users you’ll just need to take care to be ready to roll away or dodge when he uses his massive shield to scoop you up or slam you in the ground.

The second phase, however, can become a lot more tricky for both ranged and melee players. On the upside, you’ll now have access to his weak spot - his eye - which can be great for doing extra damage. For melee players, you’ll need to wait until he’s lying on the ground before you can get to his eye, however.

If you’re finding his fire attacks difficult and too powerful, you could try equiping some fire resistances such as Fire Prelate Armor set or by consuming Fireproof Dried Liver.

Overall, though his attacks are powerful, they’re also pretty straighforward to spot coming. You don’t always have to disengage to get away from them either, sometimes you can dodge inwards to get some attacks on his body whilst he’s busy performing his fire attacks or shield attack.

Fire Giant Rewards

Upon defeating the Fire Giant, you’ll earn 180,000 Runes and Remembrance of the Fire Giant. The Remembrance of the Fire Giant can be exchanged at Round Table Hold for a whip made of the Fire Giant’s hair, named Giant’s Red Braid or for the incantation, Burn, O Flame!

What's cooler than using a Giant's Hair Braid as a whip?!


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