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How to Beat Tibia Mariner in Limgrave

Ben Chard

This page details where to find and how to defeat Tibia Mariner in Limgrave. Includes an overview of attacks and strategy to defeat the boss.

The Tibia Mariner in Limgrave.

Tibia Mariner Location in Limgrave

Tibia Mariner will actually show up in three different locations in the Lands Between, but this particular boss will appear when you enter Summonwater Village. You can find this death touched village in the northeast of Limgrave, you’ll find the aptly named Summonwater Village Site of Grace nearby. This is a battle that you should tackle while mounted on Torrent.

You'll find the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village.


Summon Skeletons

Throughout the battle, Tibia Mariner can summon a group of skeletons in his surrounding area. If you’re mounted, you can ignore these and just focus on Tibia Mariner as it will often take out his own Skeletons during the midst of its other attacks.

Boat Slam

Tibia Mariner will slowly raise the front of its boat before slamming it down into the water. You have more than enough time to dash out of the way of this and the impact only centers around the front of the boat.

Water Crash

Keep an eye for when the Tibia Mariner raises its left hand with a red glow. The boat will slowly be lifted into the air via the water before crashing down, causing a large area-of-effect dealing moderate damage. You have more than enough time to dash out of the way of this and, in the process, it will usually wipe out all of its Skeletons in the process.


If you stick around too close to the Tibia Mariner, it will swipe it’s oar to splash water at you, this has a wide arc so can be tough to avoid if you’re very close.


The Tibia Mariner can teleport at will, this will see him relocate to one of three locations within Summonwater Village. The first is at the back of the straight leading into the village from the west, the second is the entrance to the village itself (from the west), and the final location is where all the graves can be found around the north of the village.


The Tibia Mariner isn’t an overly difficult encounter, so you can take him out early on in your journey, but you can make life much easier for yourself by opting to fight the battle on Torrent, especially as the Tibia Mariner can teleport, allowing you to dash in and out at will.

Tibia Mariner will always open the fight by summoning skeletons to aid him, this actually gives you time to ride up to him and get some quick strikes on him. Keep alert however, if it raises the front of its boat, dash away from the front to avoid the impact. It’s safe to ignore the skeletons if you’re on Torrent, you’ll often find that many of Tibia Mariner’s attacks will take them out and it can always call more at will so it’s a exercise in fruition to focus on them.

(1 of 2) When the Tibia Mariner plays his pipe

When the Tibia Mariner plays his pipe (left), it will summon a group of Skeletons to its side. (right)

By far the deadliest attack the Tibia Mariner has up its sleeve is when its left hand begins to glow red and it slowly raises into the air. This will be followed by a large crash of water that deals moderate damage to everything in its immediate vicinity, often taking out all nearby skeletons in one fell swoop. Use this to your advantage, dash in and get some free hits on it before dashing back out. The only other attack you may need to beware of is when it swipes its oar towards you, this will cause a wide arc of water to splash towards you and deal minor damage.

This is a relatively simple battle on horseback for melee, and magic users have an even easier time of it as they can keep at medium range and pelt Tibia Mariner with spells with very little in the way of retaliation from it. Once you finally take down the Tibia Mariner, don’t forget to deliver the news to D, Hunter of the Dead who has now moved into the village.


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