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How to Find Melina and Complete her Quest

Ben Chard
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on where to find Melina and how to complete her quest in Elden Ring.

First Meeting: How to Find Melina the Maiden in Limgrave

Melina will come to you when you rest at a Site of Grace for the third time. You can either find three separate Sites of Grace or rest at the same one three separate times to trigger the encounter with Melina. We rested at the following Sites of Grace: The First Step, the Church of Elleh and the site of Grace at Gatefront, which is a short ways north of the Church of Elleh.

You'll need to rest at a site of grace three times for Melina to approach you.

When you first speak to Melina she’ll ask to become your Maiden. You can decline her offer but having a maiden is important for several reasons. She’ll give you Torrent the mount and you’ll also need a Maiden to level up and progress through the main story. If you initially declined her request but have since decided you do want her to be your Maiden, you can talk to Melina and change your mind whenever you rest at a Site of Grace point.

Second Meeting: How to Gain Access to the Roundtable Hold

The next time that Melina greets you at a Site of Grace, she’ll transport you to the Roundtable Hold, which is the hub world only accessed via sites of Grace. There seems to be two different ways that you can gain access to Roundtable Hold. You can either defeat the first main story boss and then rest at the site of grace that spawns in the boss area, or you can do a bit of exploring and after discovering a few more Sites of Graces, she’ll pop up at any random site location.

(1 of 2) Melina will take you to Roundtable Hold

Melina will take you to Roundtable Hold (left), a safe overworld only accessible via the sites of grace. (right)

Third Meeting - Leyndell, Royal Capital

Once you gain access to Leyndell, Royal Capital for the first time and use the first Site of Grace, the East Capital Rampart, Melina will make another appearance. This time, she informs you that your pact is complete, and that she will take her leave, although she will still grant you the use of Torrent and allow you to convert Runes into power.

(1 of 4) Melina will leave when you use the East Rampart Gate Site of Grace

As you progress through the area, you’ll eventually reach the Queen’s Bedchamber and the boss of the area just beyond. Look closely however and you’ll spot a summon sign, allowing you to call for Melina’s aid in the battle to come. This is the only battle that you can summon her for in the game. Following your victory, use the Site of Grace here and Melina will appear again to make a new accord, handing over the Rold Medallion in the process.

Final Meeting - Forge of the Giants

Once you have completed Melina’s request and reached the Forge of the Giants, you’ll find a Site of Grace at the back, rest at it and Melina will appear for a final time. She will ask if you are ready to commit a cardinal sin, give her your blessing and will Melina will go about using herself to burn the Erdtree and send you off to Crumbling Farum Azula, setting in motion the final main area of the game.

Speak with Melina at the Forge of the Giants Grace to conclude her Questline.


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