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How to Beat the Bell Bearing Hunter in Limgrave

Ben Chard

This page details where to find and how to defeat Bell Bearing Hunter in Limgrave. Includes an overview of attacks and strategy to defeat the boss.

The Bell Bearing Hunter in Limgrave.

Bell Bearing Hunter Location in Limgrave

The Bell Bearing Hunter will actually show up in more than one location in the Lands Between, but this particular boss will appear at the Warmaster’s Shack at night. There’s more to this however, as if you just head to the Site of Grace and change it to night, you’ll notice that Knight Bernahl is still standing inside the shack. Sit back down at the Site of Grace again and get back up to notice that the knight is now missing, and in his place, the ominous Bell Bearing Hunter.


Shield Rush

The Bell Bearing Hunter braces his large shield and dashes towards you from great range, this will deal moderate damage should it strike you or heavy stamina damage if you guard. There’s a small wind-up to the attack, so after a few seconds, you can roll towards him so that the invulnerability frames (i-frames) will take you through the attack and leave you to get a free strike on him.

Shield Slam

The Bell Bearing Hunter will raise his shield and slam it into the ground, causing a small area-of-effect (aoe) around its impact. This is one of the easier attacks to punish him with since you can roll to the back of him just before the impact to get a free strike on him. Do beware however, that later in the battle, he will add an explosion to this attack.

Shield Slam Explosion

This attack starts out the same way as the regular Shield Slam, only he will keep the shield on the ground after and perform an explosion that damages the area around it. Once you’ve taken him to around 60% HP, always assume this attack and roll away from this attack.


The Bell Bearing Hunter’s hand will have a red glow on it as he walks towards you. He’ll then lunge forward and attempt to grab you, if he catches you, he will lift you up and deal major damage to you. To avoid this, keep backing up and then roll backwards as he goes for the grab, you can’t block this attack.

Three-hit Combo

This is a regular three-hit sword combo that the Bell Bearing Hunter will occasionally change the second hit from a swipe to a slam. You should learn the timing of this and dodge through the hits so that you find yourself next to him after the third strike, giving you an opening for a hit. Despite starting the animation the same way, the Bell Bearing Hunter can also do a two-hit version of this combo (always expect the three-hit combo).

Arcane Three-hit Combo

Similar to the above attack, only this time the third strike will be an Arcane strike, causing more damage than a regular sword strike. Once again, there is a two-hit version of this attack but always assume it will be the three-hit version.

Arcane Single Sword Toss

The Bell Bearing Hunter will toss his Arcane sword in a wide arc in front of him before bringing it back with a swipe. This is one of the easier attacks to avoid and you can roll towards him to get a free strike after the attack.

Arcane Sword Whirl

This attack will begin with a regular swipe before swinging the Arcane sword around him twice and slamming it down. You can either roll/back away (while guarding) to avoid the entire attack or, once you have the timing, roll through each attack to find yourself next to him and strike him after.

Arcane Sword Throw Combo

This is one of the deadlier attacks to deal with, and one he will resort to when you’re at medium ranger or more. Like the single sword toss, the Arcane sword will go out in an arc but at a larger range and he will throw it three-four times before the sword stops in mid-air and shoots back towards him. If you have enough stamina, you can guard through this sequence of attacks, otherwise you’ll have to learn the timing to roll through each one. Be careful of the sword returning to him after the combo as that can deal damage to you if you’re standing in front of it.


The Bell Bearing Hunter will begin charging his Arcane sword before shooting out a large corkscrew dealing continuous damage while you’re caught up in it. This has massive range so as soon as you see him charging this, dash backwards as far as possible or keep rolling.


To begin with, you should be aware with what you’re walking into, this is one of the toughest bosses in Limgrave and you’ll have to learn his attack patterns to stand a chance at beating him. There’s no shame in leaving him until you’ve taken the time to develop your Tarnished a little more. You may also want to consider mixing the HP restoration and Attack Up mixtures for your Flask of Wondrous Physick.

Now before you begin the battle, if you’re melee, consider going two-handed (for the extra damage) and as you walk into the shack to spawn the Bell Bearing Hunter, you can get around 6 strikes on him before you need to roll out of the shack. Be sure to switch back to one-handed at this point if you’re using a shield, you’ll want it handy. The name of the game against the Bell Bearing Hunter is patience, never get greedy and go for more than one attack, and only when there’s an opening as he can quickly overwhelm you.

You’ll also need to be careful of your surroundings, as there are plenty of trees that can get in your way and to the east and west you may attract the attention of spellcasters or a pack of wolves. Take the time to learn his attack patterns, the Three-hit Combo is the best time to get a strike on him once you learn how to roll through the attacks. Likewise, when he does his Shield Rush, once you know how the timing, you can roll at the last minute to land next to him and leave him wide-open.

(1 of 4) Take advantage of him spawning and get some free hits

Whenever you see him charging his Corkscrew, forgo everything else and dash backwards as fast as possible, if you think you’re too close to him as he’s winding up, resort to constant rolling to avoid the incoming blast. The other main attack to watch for is when he walks towards you with his hand glowing, he’ll soon lunge forward and attempt to grab you. This cannot be blocked and should he catch you, he’ll deal a massive amount of damage to you.

If you’re playing as a magic user, then the Bell Bearing Hunter becomes a lot easier to manage, you can keep yourself at range on horseback, taking care to avoid the Sword Throw Combo and Corkscrew attacks, and pelt him with magic, avoiding some of the deadlier attacks he will use against you.

The Bell Bearing Hunter is an incredibly tough boss, especially at this stage of the game but persevere and not only will you overcome it, but your own knowledge at how to dodge attacks will increase. As a reward, you’ll obtain the Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing which can be used at the Roundtable Hold to unlock more items for sale.


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