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How to Beat Regal Ancestor Spirit in Hallowhorn Grounds, Nokron

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat Regal Ancestor Spirit, who is found at Hallowhorn Grounds in Nokron, Eternal City.

Runes Drops
24,000 Runes Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor

How to Find the Regal Ancestor Spirit Location in Nokron

Regal Ancestor Spirit is found at Hallowhorn Grounds in Nokron, Eternal City. He is a stronger version of the Ancestor Spirit that you may have encountered in Siofra River.

The boss fight is locked behind a fog gate and to unlock the fight itself, you’ll first need to light all six obelisk-shaped altars dotted around the area.

How to Light all Six Obelisk Altars in Nokron, Eternal City

Below, you’ll find a map depicting all six altars’ location. If you’re looking for more information on what lies in store at each altar, head over to our guide on how to light all 6 obelisk altars in Nokron.

Locations of all 6 altars you'll need to light.

Once you’ve lit the altars, head to Hallowhorn Grounds and interact with the deer carcass. You’ll then be able to pass through the fog gate into the Regal Ancestor Spirit’s arena.

Regal Ancestor Attacks

The Regal Ancestor doesn’t wield a weapon (it is a stag afterall…though stranger things have happened in Elden Ring), but it does have some special magical moves and will also use its antlers to attack. He’s also a pretty huge stag so expect some trampling too! Below, you’ll find a breakdown of its special attacks so you can be better prepared for the fight! If you’ve fought Ancestor Spirit in Siofra River, you’ll have some knowledge on what to expect, but he is quite a bit stronger and has a few tricks up his sleeve too.

Antler Sweep

This will be his most common attack. He’ll sometimes drag his head sideways and try to hit you from the side, and at other times he’ll just try to bonk you with his antlers. Some of the attacks listed below also utilise his antlers as well. One of the harder attack combos to dodge is when he does multiple antler sweeps and headbutts in a quick succession - it can look quite frantic and be hard to dodge at times.

If his antlers are glowing, the antler attack will be more powerful so try to dodge these ones as best as you can!

(1 of 2) Sometimes he'll do regular antler swipes

Sometimes he'll do regular antler swipes (left), and other times he'll begin to glow and do extra damage. (right)

Hind Leg Kick

This is a pretty self-explanatory attack: if you spend too much time near his back legs, you’re gonna get kicked! The best way to avoid this attack is to not get too greedy with your hits if you find yourself behind him (and in melee range).


Regal Ancestor Spirit has a few different methods of either distancing himself or closing the gap between the two of you. Occasionally, it will outright disappear and reappear on the other side of the map. And other times, he’ll jump about in the air and land close by to you. The latter can sometimes result in a headbutt but not always.

Charged Headbutt

During this attack he’ll jump about in the air mystically and then pause for a second before slamming down into the ground in an attempt to smack you down. Any time he starts floating around be wary of this attack.

Hind Leg Hop

This is a pretty rare move, but occasionally he’ll go onto his hind legs and hop like a rabbit a number of times. If you’re near his hop landings you’ll take damage from the area of impact. If he ends a hop near you, he’ll also slam down his two front legs to try to knock you over. This attack will allow you to get in some free hits as he seems briefly exhausted by his own move.

He'll occasionally hop on his back legs and basically try to jump on you.

Half Health Heal Up

This special move seems to be unpreventable and inevitable. When he first hits half health, he’ll back off and heal himself up to around 95% health. You can’t stop it (believe us, we tried!), but you can make the most of it by charging up a powerful attack and landing it when he finishes the healing.

Magical Blue Flames

This move involves him spewing out magical blue fire out on the ground around him. Naturally, you’ll want to avoid the magical blue fire as it will damage you upon impact. It does go away after a couple of seconds so you’ll just want to hang back until it dissipates before heading back into melee range (if you’re a melee character, of course).

Strategy to Defeat Regal Ancestor Spirit

This fight is relatively straightforward, but it can take a bit longer than you’d expect because he has a few tricks up his sleeve that prolong the fight. For example, when he first reaches half health, he’ll regain 95% of his health - which is unpreventable unfortunately. He can also teleport away or jump up into the air, making it difficult for melee characters to damage him during this period.

Luckily, his attacks are pretty straightforward and quite slow, and you’ll be able to use this to your advantage to get in some powerful ash of war attacks or heavy attacks. In particular, when he does his big half health heal up, charge up a strong attack to hit him as he finishes the heal - your timing will have to be good! It goes without saying that you want to avoid his antler attacks regardless, but more specifically you’ll want to be extra cautious of his glowing antler attacks as they do extra damage.

The annoying part about this fight is that he can disengage pretty easily.

Other than the fact this fight might be slower than you’d like, the upside is that you’ll also be able to take your flasks pretty safely - just watch out for when he jumps up into the air as he might try to charge at you. Unfortunately, you can’t do this fight whilst mounted so you’ll have to rely on your own agility to dodge and roll when necessary!

Regal Ancestor Spirit Rewards

If you manage to defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit, you’ll earn 24,000 Runes and Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor, which can be used to either unlock the Winged Greathorn or Ancestral Spirit’s Horn.


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