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How to Beat Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor

Nathan Garvin

Information for Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor, Liurnia, including details about how to find and defeat the boss.

Royal Knight Loretta lords over Caria Manor.

Where is Royal Knight Loretta in Liurnia of the Lakes, Elden Ring

Royal Knight Loretta can be found along the northern end of Caria Manor, but reaching this boss is no simple matter. You’ll have to work your way through the courtyard, which is infested with Spider Hands (both large and small) to reach the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, then cross the battlements guarded by Phantom Raya Lucaria soldiers, who will spawn from thin air, and aren’t above tossing glinstone spells at you. Get past them and ride up a lift to reach the Manor Upper Level Site of Grace, after which you’ll need to get past some Direwolves to reach a staircase guarded by Pages and a Troll Knight.

Once through the gateway atop these stairs you’ll spot a pool surrounded by chairs. Walk into this pool and the Royal Knight Loretta will spawn. If you die, you can respawn at a Stake of Marika atop the stairs, and you’ll have to pass through a mist barrier to face the boss again.


It should be little surprise that the guardian of Caria Manor can attack with a variety of sorceries, and is largely content to do so if you keep your distance. It also has a glaive to ward off closer combatants, and its horse can also contribute to combat via stomps.

Thrust Attack

Royal Knight Loretta will stab with her polearm, then retract the weapon, dealing damage with each action. Will often combo this with Overhead Slam and a non-leaping version of the slash performed during Leaping Slash.

Swipe Attack

Royal Knight Loretta will perform a broad sweeping attack with its glaive. It’s got good range and strikes a large area, but it only strikes one side of the knight and the iframes from dodging can allow you to dodge through it reliably. Whether this is advised or not is another matter, as Royal Knight Loretta will often follow up with a vertical slash.

Charging Swipe

Like the Swipe Attack attack above, save Royal Knight Loretta will perform it after charging. Affects a wide area to the front and side of the boss.

Overhead Slam

Royal Knight Loretta will raise her polearm and perform a powerful vertical swing. Often follows her Swipe Attack, where it can easily punish you if you managed to dodge the previous attack. Can also perform this during combos with Slash and Thrust Attack.

Slash / Leaping Slash

A diagonal slash, it’ll often be used after performing a leap. This attack often follows the Charging Swipe attack, but sometimes the Leaping Slash can be performed at the end of a charge. The non-leaping version is often performed during melee combos along with Thrust Attack and Overhead Slam.


Royal Knight Loretta will rear back on her horse and slam down with her mount’s front hooves. The charge up time makes it relatively easy to dodge.

Double Swing

Royal Knight Loretta will perform a leaving underhanded swing followed immediately by a reverse swing in the opposite direction. These attacks mostly strike forward and on her polearm-bearing side, but since her mount can redirect its trajectory mid-jump, this is of limited utility. Be wary when you see the tip of her glaive start to glow, as this attack will soon follow.

Glintblade Phalanx

One of this boss’s most common magic attacks, she’ll summon five (more when her health is below 50%) magical glintblades, which will shoot towards the player after a short delay. Easy to dodge by strafing and/or dodging to the side. They have minor tracking, so you’ll need to sprint to avoid them. Royal Knight Loretta can perform this as part of a leaping slash attack, and she isn’t obliged to wait before her Glintblades fire before launching another attack.

Glintstone Pebble

Shoots a magic missile form the end of Royal Knight Loretta’s glaive. Minorly tracking. Although this attack deals little damage, she can fire it quickly, and is capable of shooting multiple attacks in succession.

Loretta’s Greatbow

One of Royal Knight Loretta’s lengthier attacks, she’ll conjure a magical bow which, after charging up, will shoot an explosive arrow. Can be dodge, but you have to act when the arrow is launched - preemptive dodging will be punished. If she casts this immediately after Glintstone Phalanx, the numerous projectiles filling the sky can get quite tricky to dodge.


With both ranged attacks, good reach with her melee weapon, and a mount she can use to leap and charge, Royal Knight Loretta can be something of a pain. At least, on paper. Fortunately she doesn’t have a whole lot of health and her damage output is moderate, at best. She also gives plenty of opportunities for both ranged and melee characters to deal damage, especially if you use summons to draw aggro, which makes her much, much easier to put down.

Regardless of whether you’re using ranged attacks or melee, learning Royal Knight Loretta’s attacks, and counter attacking when she leaves herself vulnerable. This is usually after her Overhead Slam attack, during the charge up for the Stomp attack, or as she cast Glinstone Phalanx. Royal Knight Loretta’s penchant for standing back and casting spells gives opposing casters plenty of windows to attack, and it’s relatively easy to dodge under or away from her glaive attacks when she charges in.

All of her spells as well as her Double Swing, Stomp and Charging Swipe attacks have obvious tells, and she’s rarely relentless enough to prevent you from getting away and healing should something go awry. With caution, practice and a few summons, even relatively low level characters shouldn’t have much trouble defeating this boss. Just be wary when she enters the second phase of the fight (when she’s under 50% HP), as she’ll start chaining her attacks together, especially her sorceries.

Royal Knight Loretta is receptive to lightning damage, and only trivially resistant to physical damage (all forms). She’s highly resistant to fire and magic, however, something which is compensated for by the fact that it’s fairly easy to land ranged attacks on this boss.

When Royal Knight Loretta is defeated you’ll obtain the Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash and the Loretta’s Greatbow sorcery. More importantly, the Royal Moongazing Grounds Site of Grace will appear in the middle of the pool where you fought, and you’ll be able to pass through the gate to the north and access the Three Sisters region.


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