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How to Beat Crucible Knight in Stormhill Evergaol

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to defeat Crucible Knight, a boss found in Stormhill Evergaol in Limgrave.

Runes Drops
3,200 Runes Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

Where to Find Crucible Knight in Limgrave

Crucible Knight is found in Stormhill Evergaol, which is marked on the map by a black circle. It’s up on a cliff to the east of Gatefront Site of Grace. To head into the Evergaol you’ll need to interact with the glowing runic circle at the center of the brick circle. You’ll then be transported to a relatively small area where you can fight the Crucible Knight.

Crucible Knight Attacks

The Crucible Knight fights like a standard knight - he has strong defensive mechanics with his big shield, and he uses his sword in a disciplined way. Below, you’ll find some information on some of his special attacks that he uses in addition to his sword attacks. He also has two phases, and during the second he has a fair few extra special moves to spice up the battle!

Shield Bash

Though Crucible Knight uses his shield defensively for the most part, he’ll also occasionally charge at you and use it to knock you over by slamming it forwards then upwards. It has a big spike on it so the move is pretty painful! The good thing about this move is that its one of the only times he can be caught off guard as he briefly recovers from the force of his attack. You’ll be able to get in one or two uncontested attacks!

Crucible Knight's shield bash is a powerful offensive move.

Ground Stomp

When Crucible Knight stomps on the ground he’ll send out a shockwave that causes rocks to fly up. If you get caught in it you’ll get knocked over so make sure to dodge out of the way. The range and width of it is pretty large.

Watch out for his ground stomp that'll incapacitate you if you're hit.

Flying Sword Dive

During second phase, which is triggered after damaging him to about 60%, Crucible Knight will conjure up some magical wings and fly upwards. He’ll then, almost immediately, swoop down and fly head on at you with his sword out in an attempt to stab at you. This attack can happen a fair few times during the second phase, but it’s easy to dodge as you’ll know it’s coming when he flies up into the air.

Flying sword dive.

Magical Tail Whip

The tail whip is a special attack move that comes out during the second phase. There’s two different versions of the tail whip too. The first magical tail is shorter and he’ll use it pretty frequently in addition to his sword attacks.

The second version of his tail whip is used a bit less, he conjures up a huge magical tail and whips it around repeatedly. It’s a pretty devastating attack so you’ll want to move far back to avoid it.

(1 of 2) Sometimes he'll hit you with a small tail

Sometimes he'll hit you with a small tail (left), and sometimes he'll conjure up a huge tail with massive range. (right)

Strategy to Beat Crucible Knight

Crucible Knight has two phases, and the second phase is triggered when you’ve damaged him to around 60% health. Below you’ll find some guidance on how to deal with both of his phases.

Crucible Knight First Phase

During the first phase, Crucible Knight acts like a pretty standard (still tough!) knight enemy. He has a large shield and a longsword, meaning he’ll use standard knight moves like forward lunging with his sword whilst he has his shield up. The best way to face this fight is to be patient and try to wait for an opening when the knight’s body is visible and he isn’t about to swipe at you with his sword. He isn’t a chaotic or messy fighter so you’ll need to follow his lead on this and also be calculated in your swings. The only place you might get in some free uncontested attacks is when he uses his shield bash.

Crucible Knight Second Phase

During the second phase, Crucible Knight conjures up some wings!

The second phase is where it gets a bit trickier! This phase begins when Crucible Knight conjures up some magical wings and flies up dramatically. During this phase, Crucible Knight will frequently use his wings to fly up and swoop down on you with his sword. He’ll also occasionally conjure up a dragon tail to smack you with.

The tail whips are incorporated into his standard knightly attack moves, so you’ll have to be ready to dodge them. The tail whips can have a pretty huge range sometimes so be sure to keep well back.

Once again, second phase needs to be met with calculated moves - you cant risk being knocked up by his stomps or his shield or hit by his tail. Slow and steady wins this battle, and you’ll only want to attack when you see an opening.

Crucible Knight

Upon defeating Crucible Knight, you’ll earn 2,100 Runes and unlock Aspects of the Crucible: Tail.

You'll earn Aspects of the Crucible: Tail.


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