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Elden Ring

All Scarab Helmet Locations

Matt Chard

There are five Scarab helmets in Elden Ring, all of which come with a special effect. The helmets are Ash-of-War Scarab, Incantation Scarab, Crimson Tear Scarab, Cerulean Tear Scarab, and Glintstone Scarab. You can find them in the following locations:

  • Ash-of-War Scarab: On a broken section of the bridge behind the waygate on the Limgrave Tower Bridge where the golems are.
  • Incantation Scarab: Inspect the Homing Instinct Painting at the Artist’s Shack in Limgrave before interacting with a ghost at a gravestone southwest of Dragon-Burnt Ruins.
  • Crimson Tear Scarab: On a corpse near the Temple of Eiglay. You’ll need to jump through a window in the nearest tower to the temple.
  • Cerulean Tear Scarab: Found in the northeast section of Sella, Town of Sorcery. Jump across the rooftops to reach the area.
  • Glintstone Scarab: Atop the ladder reached by jumping over the balcony near the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Grace.

Although these helmets give you a special effect, they do come with a negative. For example, the Cerulean Tear Scarab will decrease the cost your incantations cost, but will increase the damage you take. Read on to find a full walkthrough for each helmet as well as what each helmet offers you.

Not only do the Scarab helmets have unique effects, they look awesome too!

Ash-of-War Scarab Location

Icon Name Stats
Ash_of_War_Scarab_Armor_Helmets_Elden_Ring.png Ash-of-War Scarab Reduces the FP cost of Weapon Skills by 15% but increases damage taken by 5%.

Teleport to the Limgrave Tower Bridge site of grace (Map Marker), which is slightly east of Stormveil Castle. Follow the bridge northeast, past the golems until you reach a waygate. Don’t go through the waygate, instead, go behind it to find a slope made out of rubble heading down. Here, you’ll find a corpse near the edge of the broken bridge, which contains the Ash-of-War Scarab helmet (Map Marker).

(1 of 3) Teleport to the Limgrave Tower Bridge grace, and run past the golems until you reach the waygate.

Incantation Scarab Location

Icon Name Stats
Incantation_Scarab_Armor_Helmets_Elden_Ring.png Incantation Scarab Reduces the FP cost of Incantations by 15% but increases damage taken by 5%.

To get the Incantation Scarab, you’ll need to do two things. The first is to visit the Artist’s Shack (Map Marker) in Limgrave, and the second is to visit a gravestone near Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Teleport to the Artist’s Shack grace if you have it. If not, teleport to the Murkwater Coast grace of site instead (Map Marker). Turn your camera northeast, and drop below while on your steed. Run over and jump on the updraft to reach the upper platform and then turn southeast to find the shack. Enter the shack and interact with the “Homing Instinct” painting. Now, teleport to the seaside ruins grace (Map Marker), and head northwest. You should see a gravestone at the back. Head toward it, and you’ll find the Incantation Scarab next to it (Map Marker).

(1 of 4) First, head to the Artist’s Shack in Limgrave.

Crimson Tear Scarab Location

Icon Name Stats
Crimson_Tear_Scarab_Armor_Helmets_Elden_Ring.png Crimson Tear Scarab Increases the healing efficacy of the Crimson Tear Flasks by 10% but decreases all resistances by a minor amount.

The most difficult Scarab to get is the Crimson Tear Scarab. You can find it near the Volcano Manor in Altus Plateau. Teleport to the Temple of Eiglay grace (Map Marker), and take the nearby stone platform up (may have to pull the lever next to it). Head out to the balcony, and jump over the railing to the east where you’ll land on a rocky path. Follow the path past the Burning Slugs to the top. Jump over the lava, and you’ll get a surprise visit from an Abductor Virgin enemy. Defeat or roll past it and enter the tower by jumping through the window. Inside the tower, head through the door to your right, and defeat the Fire Serpent enemy that will come toward you. Now, head back toward the door you just came through, and look over the railing to your south. You’ll see a corpse hanging off a rocky ledge. Jump over the banister and loot the corpse to find the Crimson Tear Scarab (Map Marker).

(1 of 7) Teleport to Temple of Eiglay and take the nearby stone elevator up.

Cerulean Tear Scarab Location

Icon Name Stats
Cerulean_Scarab_Armor_Helmets_Elden_Ring.png Cerulean Tear Scarab Increases the recovery efficacy of the Cerulean Tear Flasks by 10% but decreases all resistances by a minor amount.

The Cerulean Tear Scarab is on a corpse on the roof of the northeast house in Selia, Town of Sorcery. Teleport to the Selia Backstreets grace (Map Marker) and head into town via the entrance to the southeast. Head down the stairs to your left and jump on the branch leading to the nearby roof. From there, jump over to the roof to your southwest, and then onto the roof to the south. Jump up on the the higher roof to the south, and over to the roof to the northeast. Finally, jump over to the next roof to find the corpse containing the Cerulean Tear Scarab (Map Marker). Note, you’ll need to use your steed to make these jumps.

(1 of 5) Teleport to the Selia Backstreets grace and enter the town.

Glintstone Scarab Location

Icon Name Stats
Glintstone_Scarab_Armor_Helmets_Elden_Ring.png Glintstone Scarab Reduces the FP cost of Sorceries by 15% but increases damage taken by 5%.

The Glintstone Scarab can be found within a chest in an area near the Royal Lucaria Academy in Liurnia. Teleport to the Raya Lucaria grace (Map Marker) and exit the room via the southeast. Stand on the elevator to go down, and when you exit, you’ll be in a courtyard. In the courtyard, head through the southwestern gate, defeat the nearby enemy to your left, and jump over the small balcony to the east. Climb the ladder, defeat the enemies, and head to the northwestern corner where you’ll find a chest hidden behind a stack of books containing the Glintstone Scarab (Map Marker).

(1 of 4) Teleport to Raya Lucaria Grand Library, grace, and take the elevator down to the courtyard.

That’s it for all the Scarab helmets in Elden Ring. They all offer you something unique and can help you finalize your build at the cost of reduced resistances or increasing the damage taken. Both of these negative effects are minor though and that shouldn’t stop you from wearing them.

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