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Elden Ring

Royal Revenant Boss Guide

Nathan Garvin

Liurnia of the Lakes is one of the larger regions you’ll come across in Elden Ring and as such, you can expect to find plenty of difficult encounter. The Royal Revenant is one such boss and this page will tell you where to find and defeat it.

Royal Revenant Location

The Royal Revenant can be found in a cellar obscured by an illusory floor. Head up the stairs along the southern end of the ruins and continue northeast along some arches until you can turn right (southeast). Continue southeast until you find a ghost (if you talk to him, he’ll just apologize to Iji), next to which is a hole in the wall. Go through it, continue southeast, jump over a short wall and land on a lower stone floor. If you strike the center of this floor (a jumping heavy attack should suffice, but may vary depending on your weapon) the ground will vanish, revealing a staircase.

Head downstairs and pass through a mist wall to encounter the boss.

Royal Revenant’s Attacks

While the Royal Revenant doesn’t have very many attacks, nor do any of them hit particularly hard, he makes up for it by being incredibly aggressive, spamming what few attacks he has and quickly chipping away at your HP by repeatedly striking whenever you slip up.


Swipes with one of its arms. Can perform a standing or leaping version of this attack. Sometimes follows up with an off-hand Swipe, Slam or Flurry attack. Can also perform a backhand spinning Swipe against targets behind it.


The Royal Revenant will rear back with two hands, then slam them down. Can perform this attack after a Swipe, and there’s a good chance the Royal Revenant will end a Flurry attack with a Slam attack. Despite the short charge-up before this attack lands, the Royal Revenant can immediately transition into other attacks - usually a Swipe of Flurry, making counter attacks very risky.


Often seen immediately after a Swipe (or more rarely, a Slam) attack, the Royal Revenant will rapidly attack with multiple arms while charging. If you fail to get out of the way you’ll likely take many hits. Individually these deal little damage, but the cumulative effect can be quite lethal. The Royal Revenant often ends a Flurry with a Slam.

Poison Spit

The Royal Revenant will rear back and spit a broad line of poison, inflicting moderate poison build up. Creates a lingering strip of poison on the ground that increases poison build up if you remain in the area. The Royal Revenant will almost always use its poison spit attack after burrowing/teleporting, but he can also use it as a stand alone attack.

Royal Revenant Strategy

Quick, nimble, and hyper-aggressive, this foe attacks often and fast, can cover a lot of ground with its attacks, and easily inflicts stagger. Worse, the Royal Revenant leaves only frustratingly brief openings between attacks, and even then, only with its Slam and Poison Spit attacks. The relatively confined room you’re forced to fight in doesn’t help, either. Melee is not going to be easy, especially if you refuse to summon. If you do use a summon, wait for it to draw aggro, then slink around to the side to score some relatively safe hits, then retreat and repeat.

Characters with magic or other ranged attacks have a much easier time, especially if they also use summons to draw aggro. While the Royal Revenant covers ground quickly, most of its attacks have little AoE, and you’re probably not going to get killed from one bad mistake. Wait for it to leave itself open (likely after a whiffed Slam attack) then counter attack. The Moonveil katana and any quick-casting sorcery should work wonders against this boss.

Curiously, the Heal spell will deal significant damage to this boss if cast in close proximity. Get close (ideally with the assistance of summons) and cast it if you wish to try it out.

The Royal Revenant is weak to all forms of damage (especially physical (slash)) save for holy, and is susceptible to most debilitations.

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