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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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How to Unlock Ktisis Hyperboreia

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to begin the Level 87 Dungeon, Ktisis Hyperboreia in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on what Quests unlock it.

Prerequisite Quest Quest Starting Location
40pxMainquest1Icon.png Caging the Messenger Hythlodaeus: Elpis - Misopses Euros (X:31.7 Y:15.4)

Ktisis Hyperboreia is the fourth dungeon (Level 87) in FFXIV Endwalker.

“The most extensive facility in Elpis, Ktisis Hyperboreia is a sprawling complex of magically simulated environs. Concepts awaiting evaluation are brought here for the last stages of observation, and, upon meeting the appropriate criteria, are finally released into the world at large. Determined not to surrender Meteion, it is within this facility that Hermes has taken refuge, and you and your companions must find and confront him if you are to shed light upon the truth of the Final Days.”

Level Average Item Level Region
87 515 The World Unsundered


(1 of 6) Ktisis Hyperboreia, Terrestrial Aerial Artifice.


Arrive at the Frozen Sphere: 0/1

At the start of this dungeon, head north, and take the western set of stairs down. At the bottom, you’ll encounter one pack of enemies. Grab them, and run to the left into the second pack. This can be a tough pull so healers keep an eye on your tank’s health, and tanks, use your defensive cooldowns.

With that group dealt with, continue north, down the ramp into the snowy area where you’ll find another pack. Grab them and take them west until you see two big AoE markers where another pack will join you. Take them out, and follow the snowy path to the north where you’ll meet the first boss.

Clear the Frozen Sphere 0/1

Defeat Lyssa here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive at Concept Review: 0/1

With Lyssa defeated, head into the next area by heading up the stairs into the Experimental Artifice. Head south, and grab the pack of Ophion’s, and go through the doorway into the next room, and go towards the large window where a pack of Daidalion’s will join you. Take them out, and head south into the next room, picking up the Treasure Coffer along the way.

In the next room, continue heading south whilst grabbing the pack of Hippographs and Gryps, and head into the corridor in the south part of the room. Go east until you reach the pack of Lailaps, and Ophiotauros, and burn them down. At the crossroad, take the northern path to reach the second boss.

Clear Concept Review: 0/1

Defeat Ladon Lord here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive at the Celestial Sphere: 0/1

With the second boss down, head north, up the stairs into the next area, which is the Lower Aerial Artifice. As soon as you enter the next room, three Stymphalide’s will swoop down to attack you. Take them out, and take the jump pad in the northern corner. This will take you to the next platform in the Central Aerial Artifice with another pack waiting for you, this time, five Alkyone’s.

Once they’re defeated, open up the Treasure Coffer on the eastern edge of the platform then take the northeastern jump pad to the Upper Aerial Artifice where, once again, another pack of enemies will be waiting. Defeat the pack of Erinys’, and a couple of Aello’s will swoop down on you. These birds hit quite hard, and have a fair bit of health, so you may want to use a defensive cooldown to mitigate their damage. With them defeated, collect the Treasure Coffer at the northeastern edge of the platform, then take the northern jump pad to the last boss.

Defeat Hermes: 0/1

You’ll have to defeat Hermes in the final boss battle here. The dungeon is complete following your victory, and you’ll receive another Treasure Coffer before the exit.

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