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Euphrosyne Rewards

Shane Williams

On this page you can find all the details about the rewards you can find in the patch 6.3 Level 90 Alliance Raid, Euphrosyne as part of the Myths of the Realm in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV).

Tank Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
HypostaticHairpinofFending.jpg Hypostatic Hairpin of Fending Head 620
HypostaticMailofFending.jpg Hypostatic Mail of Fending Body 620
HypostaticGauntletsofFending.jpg Hypostatic Gauntlets of Fending Arms 620
HypostaticBreechesofFending.jpg Hypostatic Breeches of Fending Legs 620
HypostaticSolleretsofFending.jpg Hypostatic Sollerets of Fending Feet 620

Healer Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
HypostaticVisorofHealing.jpg Hypostatic Visor of Healing Head 620
HypostaticCloakofHealing.jpg Hypostatic Cloak of Healing Body 620
HypostaticArmletsofHealing.jpg Hypostatic Armlets of Healing Hands 620
HypostaticBottomsofHealing.jpg Hypostatic Bottoms of Healing Legs 620
HypostaticShoes ofHealing.jpg Hypostatic Shoes of Healing Feet 620

Melee DPS Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
HypostaticHairpinofMaiming.jpg Hypostatic Hairpin of Maiming Head 620
HypostaticMailofMaiming.jpg Hypostatic Mail of Maiming Body 620
HypostaticGauntletsofMaiming.jpg Hypostatic Gauntlets of Maiming Arms 620
HypostaticBreechesofMaiming.jpg Hypostatic Breeches of Maiming Legs 620
HypostaticSolleretsofMaiming.jpg Hypostatic Sollerets of Maiming Feet 620
HypostaticHairpinofStriking.jpg Hypostatic Hairpin of Striking Head 620
HypostaticTunic of Striking.jpg Hypostatic Tunic of Striking Body 620
HypostaticGlovesofStriking.jpg Hypostatic Gloves of Striking Arms 620
HypostaticHoseofStriking.jpg Hypostatic Hose of Striking Legs 620
HypostaticSabatonsofStriking.jpg Hypostatic Sabatons of Striking Feet 620
HypostaticHairpinofScouting.jpg Hypostatic Hairpin of Scouting Head 620
HypostaticTunicofScouting.jpg Hypostatic Tunic of Scouting Body 620
HypostaticGlovesofScouting.jpg Hypostatic Gloves of Scouting Arms 620
HypostaticHoseofScouting.jpg Hypostatic Hose of Scouting Legs 620
HypostaticSabatonsofScouting.jpg Hypostatic Sabatons of Scouting Feet 620

Ranged DPS Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
HypostaticHairpinofAiming.jpg Hypostatic Hairpin of Aiming Head 620
HypostaticTunic ofAiming.jpg Hypostatic Tunic of Aiming Body 620
HypostaticGlovesofAiming.jpg Hypostatic Gloves of Aiming Arms 620
HypostaticHoseofAiming.jpg Hypostatic Hose of Aiming Legs 620
HypostaticSabatonsofAiming.jpg Hypostatic Sabatons of Aiming Feet 620

Caster DPS Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
HypostaticVisorofCasting.jpg Hypostatic Visor of Casting Head 620
HypostaticCloak ofCasting.jpg Hypostatic Cloak of Casting Body 620
HypostaticArmletsofCasting.jpg Hypostatic Armlets of Casting Arms 620
HypostaticBottomsofCasting.jpg Hypostatic Bottoms of Casting Legs 620
HypostaticShoesofCasting.jpg Hypostatic Shoes of Casting Feet 620


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