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What is The Hunt

Matt Chard

The Hunt is an initiative established by the Eorzean Alliance, offering a bounty to adventurers who aid in quelling the threat posed by notably dangerous monsters that prowl the lands of Eorzea.

What are Hunts?

The Hunt was first introduced in patch 2.3. It allows players to accept Mark Bills which’ll give them a list of monsters to defeat for a reward. There are four types of identification for the Marks which are: SS, S, A, B ranks.

  • SS Rank - This Mark are extremely tough and require multiple parties to defeat. These are the hardest out of the Marks, offering the best rewards, and normally require very specific ways to spawn them.

  • S Rank - These are the second most difficult Mark. These will have a long respawn timer, and if the zone you’re in has one that is spawned, you’ll see the message “You sense the presence of a powerful mark…”.

  • A Rank - These are the Marks that you’ll regularly see Hunt Train shouts for, and will have a respawn of appoximately 4-6 hours. These can be killed in a full party.

  • B Rank - These are part of your weekly Elite Mark Bill.

How to Unlock The Hunt

There are four quests in total with the first being level 80. You can accept them in Old Sharlayan, in Scholar’s Harbor. Note, the quest “Elite and Dangerous” must be completed to accept them.

NPC Quest Location Level Reward
Diminutive Gleaner Job Quest The Hunt for Specimens Old Sharlayan, Scholar’s Harbor (X:11.2 Y:12.0) 80 Junior Guildship Mark Bills
Northora Job Quest That Specimen Came from the Moon Old Sharlayan, Scholar’s Harbor (X:11.7 Y:13.2) 83 Associate Guildship Mark Bills
Northora Job Quest A Hunt for the Ages Old Sharlayan, Scholar’s Harbor (X:11.7 Y:13.2) 89 Senior Guildship Mark Bills
Northora Job Quest Perfect Specimens Old Sharlayan, Scholar’s Harbor (X:11.7 Y:13.2) 90 Elite Guildship Mark Bill

Hunt Rewards

Defeating Hunts will reward you with experience, currency (Centurio Seal, Sack of Nuts, Tomestones), Cracked Dendrocluster/Cracked Anthocluster (IX/X Materia). By completing your Mark Bills, you’ll be rewarded with Sacks of Nuts which can be spent in the Guildship Hunt vendor who is behind the counter next to the hunt board.

Item Cost (Nuts) Item Cost (Nuts)
Diabolos Wings DiabolosWingsFashionAccesoryEndwalker.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png800 Nagxian Cat NagxianCatMinionEndwalker.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png800
Thavnarian Striking Dummy ThavnarianStrikingDummyEndwalker.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png300 Unbowed Orchestration Roll UnbowedOrchestrionRollEndwalkerFFXIV.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png300
Savage Aim Materia IX SavageMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Savage Aim Materia X SavageMateriaX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400
Savage Might Materia IX SavageMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Savage Might Materia X SavageMateriaX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400
Heavens’ Eye Materia IX SavageMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Heavens’ Eye Materia X SavageMateriaX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400
Quickarm Materia IX QuickarmMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Quickarm Materia X QuickarmX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400
Quicktongue Materia IX QuickarmMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Quicktongue Materia X QuickarmX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400
Battledance Materia IX BattledanceMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Battledance Materia X BattledanceX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400
Piety Materia IX BattledanceMateriaIX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png150 Piety Materia X BattledanceX.png SackofNutsEndwalkerFFXIV.png400


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