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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Lyssa Boss (Ktisis Hyperboreia)

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Lyssa, the first boss in the Level 87 Dungeon, Ktisis Hyperboreia in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on all the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Lyssa is the first boss of Ktisis Hyperboreia.


Skull Dasher

This attack is your generic tank buster. If you’re the tank, make sure you have a defensive cooldown available for it. As a healer, make sure the tank has a healthy level of HP.

Skull Dasher is Lyssa's tank buster.

Frostbite and Seek

Lyssa will head to the center of the arena, shrouding itself in a snowstorm before disappearing. A short while later, it’ll emerge from one of six craters and cover over 3/4 of the arena with an AoE dealing major damage and a vulnerability debuff if you happen to get hit by it. To avoid this attack, look for the crater with no tracks leading away from it, and stand behind the boss when it emerges.


Three icicles will appear around the arena, dealing damage to anyone who happens to be in their AoE radius, which is underneath them. After a short while, the icicles will shoot out line AoEs to the edge of the arena, converging at the center.

Frigid Stomp

Frigid Stomp is a room-wide AoE attack. Healers may want to ready a party regen heal like Medica II in preparation for this.

(1 of 2) When Lyssa casts Frigid Stomp

When Lyssa casts Frigid Stomp (left), be prepared to heal a party-wide AoE. (right)

Heavy Smash

Lyssa will place a stack marker on a random player, requiring the party to stack up together to mitigate the damage. If this attack goes off during Icicall, wait for the move to finish before stacking up, as Heavy Smash won’t happen until it’s finished.

(1 of 2) When Lyssa casts Heavy Smash, a random party member will receive a stack marker

When Lyssa casts Heavy Smash, a random party member will receive a stack marker (left), so the whole party needs to stack on them to share the damage. (right)


The hardest mechanic that Lyssa has to offer is Frostbite and Seek. If you can manage that, the rest is a cakewalk. When Lyssa casts Frostbite and Seek, run around the arena until you find the small crater which doesn’t have its footprints leading away from it. This means that Lyssa will emerge from that crater, and when it does, stand behind it to avoid the almost room-wide AoE. If you get hit by this, you’ll take major damage, and a Vulnerability debuff.

One other attack that may trouble some is Icicall, which spawns three icicles around the arena. At first, they’ll deal damage if you happen to be underneath them, then after a short period of time, they’ll all shoot out line AoEs to the edge of the arena opposite them with the lines converging at the center. You can avoid getting hit by waiting for the lines to appear, and standing in the small gaps of the arena which isn’t being targetted by them.

Like most bosses, if not all of them, Lyssa has a tank buster, and this is called Skull Dasher. There isn’t anything special about it, just make sure you have a defensive cooldown available if you’re the tank, and that the tank has a good amount of health to take the hit if you’re a healer. Another attack which is more of an annoyance than a hindrance is Frigid Stomp, which is a room-wide AoE which just needs to be healed through. If you’re a healer, you may want to precast a Medica II or the other healers equivalent.

Finally, Lyssa has one more attack called, Heavy Smash. This is your typical stack marker mechanic. The whole party needs to run, and stay with the person who has the stack marker so you can share the damage. If Lyssa happens to cast this during it’s Icicall attack, you can wait until the field clears up before stacking.

This isn’t a particular tough boss once you get the Frostbite and Seek mechanic down, and when you do, you’ll breeze through it in future runs.

How to Tank

There are no real specific tasks for tanks (outside the general duty of tanking) in this Boss, all his mechanics revolve around the entire party. You’ll want to make sure you pay attention to where the’s icicles are around the arena, so you don’t get surprised later, and be ready to use a defensive cooldown when Lyssa does its tank buster Skull Dasher.

How to Heal

Lyssa is a relatively straightforward boss to heal once you have a good understanding on how the mechanics work. Keep up Regen on everyone throughout the fight and be ready to AoE heal for when he performs Heavy Smash, which places a stack marker on a single person that’ll require the whole party to soak up the damage.

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