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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Paladin Rotation (patch 6.05)

Matt Chard

This page will show you all the Openers, and Rotations for Paladin for patch 6.05 in Endwalker.

Standard Opener

Paladin Standard Opener.


  1. Precast Holy SpiritHolySpiritPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png 2 seconds before the fight .
  2. Cast Fast Blade FastBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  3. Weave in Fight or Flight FightorFlightPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  4. Cast Riot Blade RiotBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  5. Use a Tincture of Strength 0e330671ae2fa03d4fb117f2914773d1839735e7.png.
  6. Cast Goring Blade GoringBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  7. Weave in Circle of Scorn CircleofScornPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  8. Cast Fast Blade FastBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  9. Weave in Expiacion ExpiacionPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Intervene IntervenePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  10. Cast Riot Blade RiotBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  11. Weave in Requiescat RequiescatPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Intervene IntervenePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  12. Cast Royal Authority RoyalAuthorityPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  13. Cast Atonement AtonementPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png three times.
  14. Cast Fast Blade FastBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  15. Cast Riot Blade RiotBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  16. Cast Goring Blade GoringBladePaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png (Fight or Flight runs out here).
  17. Cast Holy Spirit HolySpiritPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png three times.
  18. Weave in Circle of Scorn CircleofScornPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png (Potion runs out here).
  19. Cast Holy Spirit HolySpiritPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png again.
  20. Weave in Expiacion ExpiacionPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  21. Cast Confetior ConfiteorPaladinEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  22. Cast Blade of Faith BladeofFaithPaladinEndwalker.png.
  23. Cast Blade of Truth BladeofTruthPaladinEndwalker.png.
  24. Finish with Blade of Valor BladeofValorPaladinEndwalker.png.

Paladin Level 90 Rotation

Paladin Single Rotation.

The Paladin rotation is a 25 global cooldown loop that starts with your Fast Blade combo and ends with your Valor combo. After you finish the Valor combo, you’ll start back at the beginning with the Fast Blade combo which completes the loop. Finally, you can use Circle of Scorn and Expiacion off cooldown providing they won’t mess up your Fight or Flight window.

Paladin Level 90 AoE Rotation


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