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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Lost Little Troll (Level 80)

Sophia Hayes

How to start and complete the Aether Curret Side Quest Lost Little Troll in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.


Job Quest Disciples of War or Magic (Level 80)
Job Quest The Full Report, Warts and All (Level 80)

Starting NPC

  • Distracted Archivist: Labyrinthos - The Medial Circuit (Area) - Meryall Agronomics (x:30.4, y:19.4)
  • Closest Aetheryte: The Archeion

Lost Little Troll Quest NPC


N’welhi Tia ask for your help in reclaimning a certain specimen that has fled Archeion. You agree to search the thirty-third facet for any tiny trolls gone astray.


60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSearch for the specimen at the designated location

Head to the quest marker at (X: 35.2 Y: 23.8) then continue further inside the cave to (X: 37.6 Y: 18.4 Z: 3.7) to the next destination marker.

(1 of 4) Specimen Location.

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngRendezvous with N’welhi Tia.

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with N’welhi Tia

Head to N’welhi Tia at (X: 29.4 Y: 8.5 Z: 3.9) and speak with N’welhi Tia again.

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSearch for Shaggles and slay his attackers

Run to the quest marker at (X 27.3 Y: 6.8 Z: 4.1) and fight the Troll Ruffians to aid Shaggles.

(1 of 2) Prepare to fight the Troll Ruffians

Prepare to fight the Troll Ruffians (left), Defeat the Troll Ruffians to aid Shaggles. (right)

60pxFeaturequest4Icon.pngAid Shaggles

Speak to Shaggles to compelte the quest.

Completion Rewards

EXP Gil Other
065001hr1.png 170775 065002hr1.png 935 60pxAetherCurrentIcon.png Aether Current

Unlocks Quests

40pxSidequest1Icon.pngProblematic Pests (Level 80)

List of all Aether Current Quests in Labyrinthos

Quest Level Coordinates Additional Information Number
Bonds of Adamant(ite) 80 (X 21.6 Y: 33.8 Z: ) Quest is a Main Scenario Quest
Lost Little Troll 80 (X: 30.3 Y: 19.3 Z: 2.9) Unlocks after completing MSQ Sage Council
The Lad in Labyrinthos 80 (X: 20.8 Y: 21.0 Z: 1.9) Unlocks after completing MSQ Sage Council
Gleaner’s Wish 80 (X: 23.2 Y: 19.9 Z: 2.0) After fourth map, after Simple Pleasures
Let the Good Times Troll 80 (X: 21.0, Y: 21.5 Z: 1.9) After fourth map, after Simple Pleasures


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