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How To Earn Seafarer's Cowries

Shane Williams

Patch 6.2 saw the addition of the Island Sanctuary which is an island that player’s can use to craft, farm and escape from the busy Warrior of Light lifestyle. This page will provide you with the necessary steps to obtaining Seafarer’s Cowries which is one of the currencies used to purchase things on your Private Island.

Speak with the Horrendous Hoarder to purchase stuff with your Seafarers Cowries.

What Are Seafarer’s Cowries Used For?

In order to start earning Seafarer’s Cowries you’ll need to first gain access to the Island Sanctuary which can be done by following this page: How To Unlock Island Sanctuary. Once you’ve gained access to the island, speak with the Felicitous Furball and complete Coziest of Cabins vision. This quest will take you through the necessary steps to finding the resources and building your cute little cabin.

Once you’ve built your cabin, speak with the Horrendous Hoarder and choose the “Purchase items with Seafarer’s Cowries’’ option. Here you’ll be shown all the items that can be purchased with that specific currency.

How To Get Seafarer’s Cowries

Seafarer’s Cowries are awarded to players by completing tasks such as Visions like The Coziest of Cabins, so you’ll want to work through these quests as you’ll save up your currency and learn more about how the island sanctuary.

Seafarer’s Cowries Rewards


Icon Armour Seafarer’s Cowries
IsleExplorersHat.png Isle Explorer’s Hat 2,000
IsleExplorerShirt.png Isle Explorer’s Shirt 3,000
IsleExploreHalfgloves.png Isle Explorer’s Leather Halfgloves 2,000
IsleExplorerTrousers.png Isle Explorer’s Trousers 3,000
IsleExplorerCulottes.png Isle Explorer’s Culottes 3,000
IsleExplorerBoots.png Isle Explorer’s Boots 2,000


Icon Mount Seafarer’s Cowries
IslandMandragora.png Island Mandragora 12,000
IslandOnionPrince.png Island Onion Prince 12,000
IslandEggpantKnight.png Island Eggplant Knight 12,000


Icon Minion Seafarer’s Cowries
FelictiousFuzzball.png Felicitous Fuzzball 4,000


Icon Hairstyle Seafarer’s Cowries
ModernAesthetics.png Modern Aesthetics - Tall Tails 6,000
ModernAesthetics.png Modern Aesthetics - Practical Ponytails 6,000

Orchestrion Rolls

Icon Orchestrion Roll Seafarer’s Cowries
OchestrionRoll2.png A Quiet Moment Orchestrion Roll 4,000
OchestrionRoll2.png Island Paradise Orchestrion Roll 4,000


Icon Furnishing Seafarer’s Cowries
ChocoboStableEssenrtials.png Chocobo Stables Essentials 1,000
N/A Farmer’s Straw Bed 1,000
CoconutWater.png Coconut Water 1,000


Icon Minion Seafarer’s Cowries
Fieldcracker.png Fieldcracker 20
HiCordial.png Hi-Cordial 60


Icon Dye Seafarer’s Cowries
RubyRedDye.png Ruby Red Dye 500
CherryPinkDye.png Cherry Pink Dye 500
CanaryYellowDye.png Canary Yellow Dye 500
DragoonBlueDye.png Dragoon Blue Dye 500
TurquoiseBlueDye.png Turquoise Blue Dye 500
GunmetalBlackDye.png Gunmetal Black Dye 2,500
PearlWhiteDye.png Pearl White Dye 2,500
MetallicBrassDye.png Metallic Brass Dyee 2,500


Icon Barding Seafarer’s Cowries
N/A Isle Pioneer’s Barding 4,000


Icon Type Seafarer’s Cowries
GreenMateria.png Gatherer’s Guerdon Materia IX 750
GreenMateria2.png Gatherer’s Guerdon Materia X 1,500
GreenMateria.png Gatherer’s Guile Materia IX 750
GreenMateria2.png Gatherer’s Guile Materia X 1,500
GreenMateria.png Gatherer’s Grasp Materia IX 750
GreenMateria2.png Gatherer’s Grasp Materia X 1,500
BlueMateria.png Craftmans Competence Materia IX 750
BlueMateria2.png Craftmans Competence Materia X 1,500
BlueMateria.png Craftmans Cunning Materia IX 750
BlueMateria2.png Craftmans Cunning Materia X 1,500
BlueMateria.png Craftmans Command Materia IX 750
BlueMateria2.png Craftmans Command Materia X 1,500


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