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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Ktisis Hyperboreia Rewards

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details about the rewards you can find in the Level 87 Dungeon, Ktisis Hyperboreia in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV).


Icon Name Type
Orchestrion_Roll_Tower_of_Zot_Dungeons_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Miracle Works Orchestrion Roll
Magus_Sisters_Card_Tower_of_Zot_Dungeons_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Hermes Card Triple Triad Card
Caduceus_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Caduceus Minion


Icon Weapon Job Item Level
Ktiseos_Sword_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Sword Paladin_Icon_3.png Paladin 542
Ktiseos_War_Axe_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos War Axe Warrior_Icon_3.png Warrior 542
Ktiseos_Greatsword_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Greatsword Dark_Knight_Icon_3.png Dark Knight 542
Ktiseos_Gunblade_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Gunblade Gunbreaker_Icon_3.png Gunbreaker 542
Ktiseos_Cane_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Cane White_Mage_Icon_3.png White Mage 542
Ktiseos_Codex_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Codex Scholar_Icon_3.png Scholar 542
Ktiseos_Planisphere_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Planisphere Astrologian_Icon_3.png Astrologian 542
Ktiseos_Wings_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Wings Sage_Icon_3.png Sage 542
Ktiseos_Knuckles_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Knuckles Monk_Icon_3.png Monk 542
Ktiseos_Spear_Rewards_Ktisis_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Ktiseos Spear Dragoon_Icon_3.png Dragoon 542
40px_Ktiseos_Main_Gauches_Icon.png Ktiseos Main Gauches Ninja_Icon_3.png Ninja 542
40px_Ktiseos_Blade_Icon.png Ktiseos Blade Samurai_Icon_3.png Samurai 542
40px_Ktiseos_Zaghnal_Icon.png Ktiseos Zaghnal Reaper_Icon_3.png Reaper 542
40px_Ktiseos_Compound_Bow_Icon.png Ktiseos Compound Bow Bard_Icon_3.png Bard 542
40px_Ktiseos_Revolver_Icon.png Ktiseos Revolver Machinist_Icon_3.png Machinist 542
40px_Ktiseos_Chakrams_Icon.png Ktiseos Chakrams Dancer_Icon_3.png Dancer 542
40px_Ktiseos_Rod_Icon.png Ktiseos Rod Black_Mage_Icon_3.png Black Mage 542
40px_Ktiseos_Index_Icon.png Ktiseos Index Summoner_Icon_3.png Summoner 542
40px_Ktiseos_Smallsword_Icon.png Ktiseos Smallsword Red_Mage_Icon_3.png Red Mage 542

Tank Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Mask_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Mask of Fending Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Coat_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Coat of Fending Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Vambraces_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Vambraces of Fending Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Skirt_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Skirt of Fending Legs 542
40px_Ktiseos_Greaves_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Greaves of Fending Feet 542

Tank Accessories

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Choker_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Choker of Fending Necklace 542
40px_Ktiseos_Earring_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Earring of Fending Earrings 542
40px_Ktiseos_Bracelet_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Bracelet of Fending Bracelet 542
40px_Ktiseos_Ring_of_Fending_Icon.png Ktiseos Ring of Fending Ring 542

Healer Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Petasos_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Petasos of Healing Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Robe_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Robe of Healing Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Gloves_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Gloves of Healing Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Bottoms_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Bottoms of Healing Legs 542
40px_Ktiseos_Boots_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Boots of Healing Feet 542

Healer Accessories

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Choker_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Choker of Healing Necklace 542
40px_Ktiseos_Earring_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos Earring of Healing Earrings 542
40px_Ktiseos_Bracelet_of_Healing_Icon.png Ktiseos_Bracelet of Healing Bracelet 542
40px_Ktiseos_Ring_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Ring of Healing Ring 542

Melee DPS Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Mask_of_Striking_Icon.png Ktiseos Mask of Striking Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Coat_of_Striking_Icon.png Ktiseos Coat of Striking Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Gloves_of_Striking_Icon.png Ktiseos Gloves of Striking Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Hose_of_Striking_Icon.png Ktiseos Hose of Striking Legs 5542
40px_Ktiseos_Sabatons_of_Striking_Icon.png Ktiseos Sabatons of Striking Feet 542
40px_Ktiseos_Mask_of_Maiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Mask of Maiming Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Coat_of_Maiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Coat of Maiming Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Vambraces_of_Maiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Vambraces of Maiming Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Trousers_of_Maiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Trousers of Maiming Legs 542
40px_Ktiseos_Greaves_of_Maiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Greaves of Maiming Feet 542
40px_Ktiseos_Mask_of_Scouting_Icon.png Ktiseos Mask of Scouting Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Coat_of_Scouting_Icon.png Ktiseos Coat of Scouting Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Gloves_of_Scouting_Icon.png Ktiseos Gloves of Scouting Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Hose_of_Scouting_Icon.png Ktiseos Hose of Scouting Legs 542
40px_Ktiseos_Sabatons_of_Scouting_Icon.png Ktiseos Sabatons of Scouting Feet 542

Melee DPS Accessories

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Choker_of_Slaying_Icon.png Ktiseos Choker of Slaying Necklace 520
40px_Ktiseos_Earring_of_Slaying_Icon.png Ktiseos Earring of Slaying Earrings 520
40px_Ktiseos_Bracelet_of_Slaying_Icon.png Ktiseos Bracelet of Slaying Bracelet 520
40px_Ktiseos_Ring_of_Slaying_Icon.png Ktiseos Ring of Slaying Ring 520

Ranged DPS Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Mask_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Mask of Aiming Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Coat_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Coat of Aiming Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Gloves_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Gloves of Aiming Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Hose_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Hose of Aiming Legs 542
40px_Ktiseos_Sabatons_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Sabaton of Aiming Feet 542

Ranged DPS Accessories

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Choker_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Choker of Aiming Necklace 542
40px_Ktiseos_Earring_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Earring of Aiming Earrings 542
40px_Ktiseos_Bracelet_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Bracelet of Aiming Bracelet 542
40px_Ktiseos_Ring_of_Aiming_Icon.png Ktiseos Ring of Aiming Ring 542

Caster DPS Armor

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Petasos_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Petasos of Casting Head 542
40px_Ktiseos_Robe_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Robe of Casting Body 542
40px_Ktiseos_Gloves_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Gloves of Casting Hands 542
40px_Ktiseos_Bottoms_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Bottoms of Casting Legs 542
40px_Ktiseos_Boots_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Boots of Casting Feet 542

Caster DPS Accessories

Icon Name Slot Item Level
40px_Ktiseos_Choker_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Choker of Casting Necklace 542
40px_Ktiseos_Earring_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Earring of Casting Earrings 542
40px_Ktiseos_Bracelet_of_Casting_Icon.png Ktiseos Bracelet of Casting Bracelet 542
40px_Ktiseos_Ring_of_Casting_Icon.png Manusya Ktiseos of Casting Ring 542
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