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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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The Magus Sisters Boss (Tower of Zot)

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat The Magus Sisters, the final boss in the Level 81 Dungeon, The Tower of Zot in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

The Magus Sisters are the final boss of the Tower of Zot.



This is a group-wide attack that will inflict light damage to all party members. Be sure to start the battle with Shields and Regens to mitigate this.

Delta Attack, Manusya Reflect, Manusya Faith

This is a bit misleading in terms of damage, as there is no attack damage that follows. Instead, this is more of a indication that the Magus Sisters are preparing a flurry of attacks shortly after, based on their callouts as follows.

Thunderous Tempest

The Sisters will call out Thunderous tempest, smite our foe! and then proceed to launch large line-AoEs and circular AoEs across the arena, with one of them being Minduruva’s Manusya Thunder III that will split off in the cardinal directions around her. This attack finishes with a stack marker on a random party member so it’s important you stick close together while dodging the other AoEs.

Solo Attacks

This will be followed up by the Sisters using their solo attacks, Minduruva will use Manusya Bio on the tank, which is a tankbuster. She will then use Dhrupad inflicting multiple unremovable debuffs on three party members. Sanduruva will use Prapti Siddhi, a targeted line-AoE on two party members (one after the other), and Cinduruva will use Samsara again. This will add up so the Healer should be ready with Shields and Regens to sustain HP through it all.

Glacial Ice

The Sisters will call out Glacial ice, entomb our foe! and then proceed to launch a flurry of attacks. A radial-AoE will be dropped in the center, so you’ll want to get out to the edges of the arena to take less damage. At the same time, you’ll have to deal with conal-AoEs from the other two Sisters across the arena and a regular Line-AoE. A second radial-AoE is dropped off at the end of this series of attacks, causing you to need to run away from it.

Insatiable Flame

The Sisters will call out Insatiable flame, consume our foe! and then proceed to launch a flurry of attacks. This will begin with a donut-AoE in the center of the arena, followed by a large line-AoE that cuts across where you were standing to avoid the donut-AoE. These will then continue to cut across the arena, going off one after the other before another donut-AoE appears on Minduruva. You’ll all have a targetable AoE on you, but you have time to stand in the donut-AoE before spreading out to avoid stacking damage.


This is a very chaotic final battle and there’s a lot going on, fortunately, if you’re good at dodging AoEs, you can get by without understanding the mechanics too much. As the name implies, you’ll be fighting all three of the Sisters at once, after an initial bout with Cinduruva where she’ll cast Samsara, a group-wide AoE on dealing light damage.

Shortly after this, she’ll call her sisters, Minduruva and Sanduruva to fight as they take up a triangle formation. Whenever you see Delta Attack, Manusya Reflect, Manusya Faith on them, keep an eye on the center of the screen to see what they call out, this determines what flurry of attacks you’re about to see. Out of the three variations you may face, Glacial Ice is the easiest to avoid as outside of making sure you’re away from the radial-AoE, the cone-AoEs are simple to avoid. Just before they begin casting these attacks (when you see the name called out), the Healer should prepare with a group-wide Shield or Regen.

After each use of these attacks, the sisters will begin to use their own attacks against you. Minduruva will use a tankbuster, Manusya Bio, along with Dhrupad which will place unremovable debuffs on three party members. Sanduruva will use Prapti Siddhi which is a simple AoE to avoid, and Cinduruva will use her Samsara again. They will then call out another attack before launching their next flurry so you won’t have much time to prepare.

Aside from avoiding the attacks, the most important piece of information is that you should focus target each one down, with Cinduruva being the necessity. She acts as the Healer of the group, and although she won’t recover their HP, she will revive any that you kill before her. Once she is defeated, the other two Sisters should go down much quicker, especially if you focus target the second and Limit Break the third.

How to Tank

Due to the number of attacks firing off in this battle, you’ll need to ensure that you always have a defensive cooldown ready for Manusya’s tankbuster and then ready at the start of each of their multi-attacks. Outside of this, keep focused on Cinduruva and finish her off before focusing on the other targets, this is a much more taxing battle for Healers than Tanks.

How to Heal

The Magus Sisters are all three bosses together in one room, so naturally it’s going to be toughest due to the amount of attacks you’ll be facing at once. Like always, you’ll want to shield up the tank when Minduruva performs the tankbuster, Manusya Bio, which occurs after a Delta Attack. Additionally, you’ll want to do a group Regen when you see the Magus Sisters are about to perform a Delta Attack.

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