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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal (Level 80)

Sophia Hayes

This page will explain how to start and complete the quest Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal for Sage. This quest is a level 80 quest and can only be accepted once all the prerequisite steps have been completed.

Previous Quest Next Quest
Job Quest A Pledge of Hope (Level 78) Job Quest


Job QuestLife Ephermeral, Path Eternal

Speak with Lalah Jinjal at Rowena’s Center for Cultural Promotion (x:5.7, y:5.6).

Life Ephemeral Path Eternal Quest NPC

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with Lalah Jinahl at the Hundred Throes

Teleport to Tailfeather to continue the quest and travel to the quest marker at the Hundred Throes wher eyou will be met by Lalah Jinjahl and a duty instance awaits.

Duty Instance

Duty Instance

Level Item Level
80 525

Part 1: Subdue Ancel and Mahaud

A cutscene will play as you enter and you will have to Subdue Ancel and Mahaud. Lala and Loifa Brighteye will assist you in the battle.

(1 of 3) You will start the fight against Ancel


You will need to dodge the circular ground/earthquake attack by stepping forward as the circle/ground comes towards you. There will also be a full floor AoE where there will be only a few safe spots to stand. After taking enough punishment, Mahaid Flamehand will appear and castr Demi Fire. Shortly after this three pillars will appear from the ground. All three characters must stand on one circle each (leaving the NPCs to take the other two) otherwise you will fail the duty. There will be a stacking mechanic (to share damage) followed by an AoE around each player that you must all run away from each other to avoid.

(1 of 3) You will start the fight against Ancel

Part 2: Defeat the Guildivain of the Tainted Edge

The second part of the fight will begin after the cutscence. You must keep the other NPCs alieve in order not to fail the Duty.

(1 of 2) The Gildivain of the Tainted Edge

The Gildivain of the Tainted Edge (left), Stack on the marker (right)

After you have defeated the Guildivain of the Tainted Edge you will compelte the Duty.

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with Lalah Jinjal at the Hundred Throes.

Talk to Lalah Jinjal outside the entrance to the Duty and then teleport back to Idyllshire and speak to Lalah Jinjahl again to trigger a cutscene.

Completion Rewards

Expicon.png448800 GilIcon.png3031

Actions & Traits

Icon Action
Panhaima Panhaima

For completing the final Job quest you will get the achievement Sage, Heal Thyself.

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