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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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The Killing Art (Level 80)

Sophia Hayes
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Featurequest1Icon.png Thicker than Blood (Level 78) Featurequest1Icon.png

This page will explain how to start and complete the level 80 Job quest for Reaper The Killing Art in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The Killing Art is the 6th and final Job Quest for Reaper.

Speak to Hermin to accept the Quest

Wait at the designated location near Banepool

Teleport to Falcon’s Nest and then fly north to the quest marker at Banepool (X: 20.6 Y: 7.7). Once you arrive you will see a Duty entrance at the Banepool.

Duty Level Item Level:
The Killing Art 80 525

Watch the cutscenes and prepare to complete a Duty instance.

Duty entrance at Banepool

Phase 1

You must now defeat Orcus in battle. Orcus will use a combination of ground attacks and directional attacks which you must dodge in order to stay alieve while doing damage. He will also summon minions in the form of Void Personas which you must also kill.

After dealing a percentage of his health the fight will enter a cut-scene.

(1 of 3) Commence the Duty

Phase 2

After the second cut-scene the battle will resume. You will need to dodge the ground attacks and weave in an out to continue damaging Orcus. We reccomend using Hells Ingress & Egress to deftly jump into battle and teleport out when ground attacks appear.

(1 of 3) Keep an eye on the safe spots during his Ground Attacks

After the fight you will be back at the Lemurs Headquarters. Talk to Drusillla to complete the quest. The next quest will be available at level 82.

(1 of 2) Talk to Drusilla to complete the quest

Talk to Drusilla to complete the quest (left), Manes Exite Paterni Achievement. (right)

For completing The Killing Art you will unlock the achievement Manes Exite Paterni.

Completion reward

For completing the quest you will recieve the following rewards:

Expicon.png448800 GilIcon.png3751

New Abilities & Traits Unlocked

Icon Ability/Trait Description
Enshroud Enshroud Offers your flesh as a vessel to your avatar, gaining maximum stacks of Lemure Shroud.
Shroud Gauge Shroud Gauge Allows for Shroud Gauge accumulation upon the landing of Gibbet, Gallows, or Guillotine.
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