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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

(P4N) Hesperos - Asphodelos: Fourth Circle

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Hesperos, the fourth boss in the Pandaemonium Normal Raid in Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Hesperos is the fourth boss of the Pandaemonium Raid.


Elegant Evisceration

This is a Tankbuster that deals heavy damage only, Shield up and use defensive cooldowns to mitigate it.

Setting the Scene

This is the main mechanic of the battle and one you’ll see throughout. Hesperos will toss his cape to cover one quadrant of the arena before removing it to reveal an element. Avoid standing where you see the element, or you’ll suffer a debuff. After a short while, he will use Pinax which will activate the element. Later in the battle, he’ll throw his cape on multiple quadrants and eventually, the entire arena forcing you to deal with multiple elements.


Pay attention to when you see Pinax, this indicates that Hesperos is about to activate the chosen element, these will activate the mechanics below. When he uses Pinax when multiple elements are on the field, the element will erupt to indicate which one will be used first.

Levinstrike Mekhane

When Setting the Scene is the Thunder element, he’ll drop a radial marker in the center of the arena that you must run to the edges of the arena (but not into the spikes) to avoid taking major damage. You have a small amount of time once you see the animation in the center to reach the edges, but as soon as the radial marker appears, it’s already too late to get to the edge so move beforehand.

Well Mekhane

When Setting the Scene is the Water element, Hesperos will drop a knockback marker in the center of the arena. Ensure you are close to it so that you’re not pushed back into the spikes. Alternatively, use Arm’s Length or Surecast to null the knockback.

Acid Mekhane

When Setting the Scene has the Poison element, Hesperos will target all players with a circle AoE, split up to avoid stacking the damage. This will always appear with multiple elements, never alone and often during Hell Skewer.

Lava Mekhane

When Setting the Scene has the Fire element, Hesperos will target a random player with a stack marker. He will then prepare a Hell Skewer to hit just after the stack marker so all players should group to split the damage and then move out immediately.


This is a raid-wide attack that deals moderate damage to all party members. Simply heal up and use Shields to mitigate.

Hell Skewer

Hesperos will target a random party member with a line-AoE, simply move to the side to avoid this attack. This becomes more difficult to avoid once he uses it during Setting the Scene.


This is a raid-wide attack that deals moderate damage to all party members. Simply heal up and use Shields to mitigate. This is more of a setup for the following mechanic.

Belone Coils

Hesperos will create four Meteor circles in the center of the arena, all of which are marked with a role icon with a cross on it. Players must stand in the circles that are not their role (Tanks in a DPS circle, Healers in a Tank circle).

Belone Bursts

Hesperos won’t start adding this mechanic until after the first time you’ve seen Belone Coils. Every player will be tethered to an Orb that has a role icon on it. You must collide your Icon with someone who is not the same role to destroy both. Alternatively, you can run into another player’s Orb (usually only Tanks should do this if at all) but this will cause damage and a stack of Thrice-Come Ruin which will KO you if you accumulate too many.

Northerly/Easterly/Southernly/Westerly Shift

Pay attention to the which direction is being cast, and then be prepared to move to the location for the attack that goes off. If Hesperos throws his sword, he’ll dash over and turn around and cleave the rest of the arena, making the sides of the sword the only safe spots. If he throws his cape, he’ll dash over and use a Knockback so stand in front of the cape icon to be pushed back towards the center of the arena. Hesperos will use this attack 3-4 times during this phase.


As you may expect, Hesperos is by far the most difficult encounter of the first Raid tier, you’ll need to not only understand the mechanics, but deal with multiple different mechanics all at once. Hesperos will always begin the battle with Elegant Evisceration, a simple Tankbuster that you should mitigate with defensive cooldowns and Shields. You’ll then get your first taste of Setting the Scene following this, the main mechanic for this battle.

He will mark a quadrant with his cape and then reveal an element there, starting with the Thunder element. Look out for when he starts casting Pitax, this indicates he’s preparing to activate the element. He’ll use Levinstrike Mekhane for the first attack, this is a radial marker in the center of the arena so as soon as you see the effect, move out to a corner to limit the damage. He’ll follow this up with Decollation, his raid-wide AoE so Healers should be ready by preparing Shields and using a group Heal.

He’ll use Setting the Scene again after this, this time using the Water element. This time around, this will create a large knockback in the center of the arena so be sure to get close to the whirlpool in the center of the arena to avoid being pushed back into the spikes (which will KO you). Alternatively, this is a great time to use Arm’s Length or Surecast to null the mechanic. Hell Skewer will follow this attack, this is a simple line-AoE targeted at a random player, you have plenty of time to move out of this and avoid it.

The next time Hesperos uses Setting the Scene, he’ll mark three of the quadrants, these will be of the Water, Thunder, and Poison elements. These will go off in a random order, and he’ll use Hell Skewer during some of them so that you’ll need to be ready to move after the current elemental mechanic. The new element here, Poison, is a circle AoE on all party members, be sure to all spread out to avoid stacking the damage.

Hesperos will mark the next phase by using Bloodrake, this is a raid-wide AoE where he will absorb the aether of all players, what follows is Blone Coils. Four Meteor circles will appear in the center of the arena, each with a different role icon with a cross. Players will need to stand in these circles that are not the same role as they are, so Tanks in a Healer or DPS circle, Healers in a Tank or DPS circle and DPS in a Tank or Healer circle.

Once you take him below 60%, Hesperos will head to the center of the arena and use one of his Shift abilities. Pay attention to the direction, as he will toss either his sword or cape at that direction. It’s usually his sword first, so all players must rush to the sword’s location and stand to the side of it as Hesperos will dash to the sword and turn around and cleave the arena. If it’s a cape, head over to the cape’s icon and stand just in front of it as it will create a large knockback. Hesperos will often use up to three Shifts in this phase.

You’ll have to deal with Bloodrake following this phase, but this time, he’ll use Belone Bursts instead. Every player will be tethered to an Orb that is marked with the Role icon, quickly drag your Orb into a player with a different icon to destroy both, otherwise you’ll suffer a stack of Thrice-Come Ruin and gathering too many of them will KO you. A Tank can run into a different icon’s Orb if need be, but only gain one stack, anymore and you’re risking a KO.

Once you’re below 50% and have seen Belone Bursts, Setting the Scene will now effect the entire arena, meaning you’ll need to deal with all four elements, Fire making up the last one. This will be a stack marker that players must be prepared to move after as to avoid the Hell Skewer aimed at the group. The order that these elements activate is random and be ready for when he uses Belone Coils during this phase too, often during Acid Mekhane. The rest of the battle will play out between the Setting the Scene and Shifts phases, if you still have a Level 3 Limit Break available, now is the time to use it as the battle is at its most hectic here.

How to Tank

In terms of Tank specific mechanics in this battle, the only one is Elegant Evisceration which is a simple Tankbuster that you should deal with using your defensive cooldowns. There are no adds, but there’s lots of full raid mechanics so it’s important that you perform them correctly. Once Belone Coils and Bursts begin, ensure that you’re not standing in a Tank circle and collide your Tank Orb with a different role.

How to Heal

Hesperos is a fairly tricky battle Heal as you’re constantly on the move trying to avoid multiple attacks in quick succession. However, there is only one Tank Buster to be aware of which is Elegant Evisceration, so make sure the Tank is Shielded and fully healed before this takes place. As for the entire party you’ll want to keep an eye out for Decollation and Bloodrake, as these are raid wide attacks you’ll want to be ready to group heal for alongside Regen.


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