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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Ladon Lord Boss (Ktisis Hyperboreia)

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Ladon Lord, the second boss in the Level 87 Dungeon, Ktisis Hyperboreia in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on all the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Ladon Lord is the second boss of Ktisis Hyperboreia.



This attack is your generic tank buster. If you’re the tank, make sure you have a defensive cooldown available for it. As a healer, make sure the tank has a healthy level of HP.

Scratch is Ladon Lord's tank buster.

Pyric Blast

Ladon Lord will place a stack marker on a random player, requiring the party to stack up together to mitigate the damage. The fewer players stacking, the more damage the attack will do.

Pyric Blast will place a stack marker on a random party member.


Ladon will inhale the surrounding aether to make one or two of his heads enlarge. This is used before Pyric Breath.

(1 of 2) When the Ladon Lord uses Inhale

When the Ladon Lord uses Inhale (left), it'll inhale the aether which will make one of its head swell up. (right)

Pyric Breath

Ladon Lord will jump to the center of the arena, and begin casting. It’ll then turn a direction and release a 120° AoE covering a third of the entire room from its enlarged swollen heads, this can either be one or two heads. Its normal-sized heads will indicate the safe zone.

Pyric Spheres

Ladon Lord will spawn four orbs of fire around the arena, which fire off cross-line AoEs. The easiest way to avoid this mechanic is by looking at the orbs and visualizing a straight line coming from them to your location, and move accordingly.


Intimidation is a room-wide AoE attack. Healers may want to ready a party regen heal like Medica II in preparation for this.

(1 of 2) Intimidation is Ladon Lord's room-wide AoE

Intimidation is Ladon Lord's room-wide AoE (left), make sure the party has enough health to take the hit. (right)


The hardest mechanic that Ladon Lord has to offer is Pyric Breath. If you can manage that, the rest is a cakewalk. Ladon Lord will cast Pyric Breath after an Inhale, as it needs to absorb the aether to do it. When it does this, one or two of its three heads will enlarge, and become swollen.

The swollen heads will do a 120° AoE which coves the majority of the arena. If you get hit by this, you’ll take major damage, and a Vulnerability debuff. To avoid it, look at its heads, and stand in front of the normal head which doesn’t have any blue fire around its mouth.

One other attack that may cause some trouble is Pyric Spheres. This attack will spawn four Pyro orbs around the arena, unleashing a cross-line AoE emanating from them. Look at the orbs and visualize a straight line coming from the orbs, and use that to judge your position.

Like most bosses, if not all of them, Ladon Lord has a tank buster, and this is called Scratch. There isn’t anything special about it, just make sure you have a defensive cooldown available if you’re the tank, and that the tank has a good amount of health to take the hit if you’re a healer. Intimidation is the Ladon Lord’s room-wide AoE, make sure that the party is somewhat healthy to take the hit as there is no way to outright avoid it.

Finally, Ladon Lord has one more attack called, Pyric Blast. This is your typical stack marker mechanic. The whole party needs to run, and stay with the person who has the stack marker, so you can share the damage.

This isn’t a particular tough boss once you get the Pyric Breath mechanic down, and when you do, you’ll breeze through it in future runs.

How to Tank

There are no real specific tasks for tanks (outside the general duty of tanking) in this Boss, all its mechanics revolve around the entire party. Other than that, be ready to use a defensive cooldown when Ladon Lord does its tank buster Scratch.

How to Heal

Ladon Lord is a relatively straightforward boss to heal through once you have a good understanding on how the mechanics work. Keep up Regen on the tank, and be ready to AoE heal for when he performs Pyric Blast. This will place a stack marker on a single person that’ll require the whole party to soak up the damage, and Intimidation, which is a room-wide AoE. Depending on your party, you may have to be quick with the revives if the party doesn’t understand the Pyric Breath mechanic.

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