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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Where To Find Clams

Shane Williams

Patch 6.2 saw the addition of the Island Sanctuary which is an island that player’s can use to craft, farm and escape from the busy Warrior of Light lifestyle. This page will provide you with the necessary steps to finding Clams.

Head to the Pirate Bay and dive into the ocean to find Clams!

Craft a Islekeeps Stone Hatchet

Once you’ve gained access to your own private island you’ll need to craft an Islekeeps Stone Hatchet in order to be able to mine some of the basic material in The Wilds which include Clams. However, you’ll need to get your hands on 2 Island Branches, 2 Island Stones and 3 Island Palm Leaves. Below you’ll find the locations of these resources:

Where To Find Island Palm Leaves

In order to find Island Palm Leaves follow the path along until you reach The Wilds which is located at [X: 12.1, Y: 26.3]. You can gather Island Palm Leaves by interacting with Palm Trees which are scattered all around The Wilds.

Where To Find Island Stones

You can gather Island Stones by interacting with Smooth White Rocks which can be found near the Northward Stream which is located at [X: 18.4, Y: 23.0].

Where To Find Island Branches

You can gather Island Branches by interacting with Tualong Trees which can be found around the Eastward Stream which is located at [X: 20.9, Y: 26.8].

(1 of 2) Head to this location on the map

Head to this location on the map (left), and dive into the ocean and interact with Large Shells to obtain Clams . (right)

After you’ve gathered the required materials hover over the Islekeeps Index and select Sanctuary Crafting Option followed by Islekeeps Stone Hatchet under tools. With the Islekeeps Stone Hatchet in your possesion you’ll be able to mine the following materials: Pumpkin Seed, Cabbage Seed, Palm Leaf, Apple, Branch, Stone, Clam, Laver, Coral, Islewort, Sand, Log, Palm Log, Vine and Sap.

Island Clam Locations

After you’ve crafted Islekeeps Stone Hatchet you’ll finally be able to venture out in The Wilds and get your hands on some Clams. These can only be found in one location and thats deep in the ocean at Pirate Bay. You can find this location by heading to [X: 15.2, Y: 10.7].

Once you’ve arrived, swim out into the ocean and press DualShock4-ButtonCircle-Filled on Playstation or Ctrl + Space on a keyboard) on PC to dive down. Here you’ll find Large Shells scattered around on the floor near the Shipwreck, so intereact with these to obtain Island Clams. Island Clams are required to craft a Boiling Bathhouse.

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