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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

All Aether Currents in Labyrinthos

Claire Farnworth

This page will show you where to find every Aether Current in the Labyrinthos area of the Endwalker expansion. In order to unlock flying in Labyrinthos, you will once again need to find all the Aether Currents in the area, some of which require you to complete certain quests in order to gain that Aether Current.

World Aether Currents (10)

These Aether Currents can be found on the overworld map in Labyrinthos.

1. Mistloom

As soon as you enter the main area of Labyrinthos from Old Sharlayan, you can find the first Aether Current just to the northeast, on a little cliff ledge overlooking the windmill at Mistloom (Labyrinthos X: 28.3, Y: 6.0, Z: 4.3).

This one overlooks the windmill at Mistloom

2. The Thirty-Third Facet

After you begin the Main Quest “The Medial Circuit”, the quest will take you inside the cave of the Thirty-Third Facet. The path will fork and if you head down the westernmost fork, you can find the Aether Current on a little ledge at Labyrinthos (X 36.4, Y 22.8, Z 3.3)

(1 of 2) Find the current down the west fork.

Find the current down the west fork. (left), It sits on a little ledge inside. (right)

3. The Medial Circuit Waterfall

This one looks like you can reach it from The Archeion however you can’t actually gain access to it until you’ve gone through the Thirty-third Facet and continued the quest “The Medial Circuit”. Head north east from the cave until you come to a waterfall with some Cryoconite enemies. At the base of the waterfall you will find the Aether Current at Labyrinthos (X: 31.4, Y: 16.1, Z: 2.9).

(1 of 2) Look directly below when you see the waterfall.

Look directly below when you see the waterfall. (left), At the bottom you will find the Aether Current. (right)

4. The Medial Circuit Pneuma

Head directly west from The Archeion aetheryte across a small bridge until you see a windmill on a cliff. The windmills in the area all have unique names and the one you need is called Pneuma behind which you can find the Aether Current (and a nice view) at Labyrinthos (X: 22.1, Y: 15.7, Z: 2.9).

(1 of 2) Look at the front of the windmill.

Look at the front of the windmill. (left), Collect the Aether current and admire the view. (right)

5. Mitato

Immediately after completing the Main Scenario Quest “The Full Report, Warts and All”, and right in the northwest corner of the map, above the pen with the buffalo at Mitato, you will discover another aether current on a small stone ledge (Labyrinthos X: 15.1, Y: 13.5, Z: 3.0).

(1 of 2) After completing The Full Report, Warts and All

After completing The Full Report, Warts and All (left), head southwest to find the last aether current in the first half of the map. (right)

Second Visit to Labyrinthos

6. X: 22.4, Y: 25.1

Head down the elevator for the first time then head northwest. The Aether Current is behind the tower.

7. X: 18, Y: 16.6

Found at the northern part of the ring, on top of a small hill.

8. X: 11.4, Y: 19.1

To the west of the previous Aether Current, hidden by some rocks.

9.X: 18.8, Y: 35

This Aether Current is in the south part of the ring, the largest section of this part of Labyrinthos. It can be found on a small cliff overlooking the center area.

10. Inbetyween Kokkol’s Forge and Logistikon Gamma

(X: 10.5 Y: 34.7)
Atop a small cliff, this time in the southwest section of the ring.

Labyrinthos Attunement Complete!

Quest Aether Currents

These Aether Currents can be obtained by completing particular quests found in the Labyrinthos region.

Quest Type Quest Name Prerequisites
40px_Featurequest1_Icon 1.pngSidequest Lost Little Troll (Level 80) main_quest_start.pngThe Full Report, Warts and All (Level 80)
40px_Featurequest1_Icon 1.pngSidequest Let The Good Times Troll (Level 80) main_quest_start.pngNo Job Too Small (Level 88)
40px_Featurequest1_Icon 1.pngSidequest The Lad in Labyrinthos (Level 80) main_quest_start.pngSage Council (Level 88)
40px_Featurequest1_Icon 1.pngSidequest Gleaner’s Wish (Level 80) main_quest_start.pngSage Council (Level 88)
main_quest_start.pngMain Scenario Quest Bonds of Adamant(ite) (Level 80) main_quest_start.pngOnce Forged (Level 88)
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