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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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All Sage Traits to Level 90

Matt Chard

Traits in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker modify your spells and abilities by increasing their potency, reducing their cooldown, or upgrading the spell to it’s next tier. Sometimes it can completely change the way the Job is played. The Sage Job has 12 traits which starts at level 20 and ends at level 88. You can find what these do in the table below.

Sage gets their first trait at level 20.

Icon Action Level Effect
MaimandMend1SageEndwalker.png Maim and Mend 20 Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 10%. Also increases base damage and HP restoration of your pet by 10%.
MaimandMend2SageEndwalker.png Maim and Mend II 40 Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 30%. Also increases base damage and HP restoration of your pet by 30%.
AddersgallSageEndwalker.png Addersgall 45 Grants 1 stack of Addersgall automatically every twenty seconds. Maximum Stacks: 3 Can be charged outside of combat.
SomanouticOathSageEndwalker.png Somanoutic Oath 54 Increases the potency of Dosis to 250, Phlegma to 330, and Eukrasian Dosis to 35.
PhysisMasterySageEndwalker.png Physis Mastery 60 Upgrades Physis to Physis II.
SomanouticOath2SageEndwalker.png Somanoutic Oath II 64 Increases the potency of Dosis to 300, Phlegma to 400, and Eukrasian Dosis to 40.
AdderstingSageEndwalker.png Addersting 66 Grants 1 stack of Addersting when the barrier granted by Eukrasian Diagnosis is completely absorbed. Maximum Stacks: 3
Offensive MagicMasterySageEndwalker.png Offensive Magic Mastery 72 Upgrades Dosis to Dosis II, Phlegma to Phlegma II, and Eukrasian Dosis to Eukrasian Dosis II. Also increases the potency of Toxikon to 300.
EnhancedKeracholeSageEndwalker.png Enhanced Kerachole 78 Adds an additional effect to Kerachole that grants healing over time.
OffensiveMagicMastery2SageEndwalker.png Offensive Magic Mastery II 82 Upgrades Dosis II to Dosis III, Phlegma II to Phlegma III, and Eukrasian Dosis II to Eukrasian Dosis III. and Toxikon to Toxikon II.
EnhancedHealingMagicSageEndwalker.png Enhanced Healing Magic 85 Increases the healing potency of Diagnosis to 450 and Kardia to 170. Also increases the strength of barriers granted by Eukrasian Diagnosis to 180% the amount of HP restored, and Eukrasian Prognosis to 320% the amount of HP restored.
EnhancedZoeSageEndwalker.png Enhanced Zoe 88 Reduces Zoe recast time to 90 seconds.
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