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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Dark Knight Rotation (patch 6.05)

Matt Chard

This page will show you all the Openers, and Rotations for Dark Knight in patch 6.05 in Endwalker.

General Opener

Dark Knight General Opener.


  1. Cast Grit GritDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png if you’re pulling/main tank.
  2. Cast The Blackest Night TheBlackestKnightDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png 2 seconds before battle, but only if your shield has broken.
  3. Cast Blood Weapon BloodWeaponDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png 0.6 seconds (in-between the 1-0 count) before battle.
  4. After Pull, Cast Hard Slash HardSlashDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  5. Weave in both Edge of Shadow EdgeofShadowDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Delirium DeliriumDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  6. Cast Syphon Strike SyphonStrikeDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  7. Use a Tincture of Strength 0e330671ae2fa03d4fb117f2914773d1839735e7.png.
  8. Cast Souleater SouleaterDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  9. Weave in both Living Shadow LivingShadowDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Salted Earth SaltedEarthDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  10. Cast Hard Slash HardSlashDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  11. Weave in both Shadowbringer ShadowbringerDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Edge of Shadow EdgeofShadowDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  12. Cast Bloodspiller BloodspillerDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  13. Weave in both Carve and Spit CarveandSpitDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Plunge PlungeDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  14. Cast Bloodspiller BloodspillerDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  15. Weave in both Shadowbringer ShadowbringerDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Edge of Shadow EdgeofShadowDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  16. Cast Bloodspiller BloodspillerDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  17. Weave in both Salt and Darkness SaltandDarknessDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Edge of Shadow EdgeofShadowDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  18. Cast Syphon Strike SyphonStrikeDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  19. Finish with a double weave of Plunge PlungeDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Edge of Shadow EdgeofShadowDarkKnightEndwalkerFFXIV.png.

Dark Knight Level 90 Rotation

Coming Soon!

Dark Knight Level 90 AoE Rotation

Coming Soon!


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