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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Worthy of His Back (Level 87)

Sophia Hayes

Worthy of His Back (Level 87) - How to start and complete this Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (FF XIV) Main Scenario Quest.

Previous Quest Next Quest
mainqueststart.pngWitness to the Spectacle (Level 87) mainqueststart.pngA Flower upon Your Return (Level 87)

Starting NPC

mainqueststart.pngVenat: Elpis (X:8.1, Y:14.7)
20pxMap33Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Poieten Oikos

Worthy on His Back Starting NPC is Venat.


Venat has a new course of investigation in mind.


60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSurvey the area from the vantage point.

Survey the Vantage Point

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with Venat.

Speak with Venat to start a Duty.

(1 of 2) Speak with Venat

Speak with Venat (left), A Duty will Commence (right)

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with Venat.

This Duty will begin with Venat casting Circumzenithal Arc. A ground attack that will take up approximately 90% of the floor. Stand in the safe space  behind Venat to avoid this attack.

Next she will cast Mousa’s Mantle followed by Epea Pteroenta. Epea Pteeroenta will be three one thirds of a circle ground attack which will resolve once all three segments appear. Stand in the area the first one was to avoid.

(1 of 2) All three segments appear before resolving.

All three segments appear before resolving. (left), The Safe Zone is the first segment. (right)

Next she will cast Parhelion. Which is a spinning fan blade attack. Which will rotate counter clockwise. There will also be an expanding radius circle which you must dodge over while avoiding the rotating fan blades. You must move in time with the orange markers on the ground to avoid getting hit.

She will then cast Magos’s Mantle which is a buff. She will then start casting True Aero IV. This will do a lot of damage and will also spawn a number of green aether points in the arena which the player must avoid otherwise they will be hit when they explode.

(1 of 2) After Aero IV

After Aero IV (left), Aether Points Explode in a circular radius. (right)

She will then cast Afflatus Azem. This places a forward marker over the player. The path the player then runs to will be followed by ground AOEs.  Do not stand still otherwise they will stack on top of the player.

(1 of 2) The trail you leave behind will explode with three AoE explosions. One after another.

The trail you leave behind will explode with three AoE explosions. One after another. (left), Run away to avoid the AoE's spawning on top of the player character. (right)

Next she will cast True Holy. Which is a knockback - potentially into the circular AoEs from the Aether Currents.  Be sure to stand somewhere where you will be knocked back to a safe area or use Arms Length.

Position yourself ready for the knockback.

Next she will cast True Stone IV. This will be a large circular AoE in the centre of the arena followed by a number of smaller AoEs.  The large circle in the middle will explode first so run to the outside. After this explodes there will be a small gap in the middle which will be safe. The orange circles on the outside will resolve in the order they appeared in the ground in quick succession.

(1 of 2) The large inner circle will resolve/explode first so run to the outside edge.

The large inner circle will resolve/explode first so run to the outside edge. (left), The middle area will be safe after the large inner circle explodes. (right)

After taking her down to about 20% health the fight will enter a new phase. The goal of this phase is to nuke down as many of the Thelema bubbles that spawn and will slowly move towards her. If enough of these hit her it will fill her Aether which can be catastrophic.

(1 of 2) Thelema

Thelema (left), Themea Agape (right)

After killing the first wave of Thelma bubbles. She will start spawning Thelema Agapes which are red versions which move quicker.  Focus these down first.  After surviving a few rounds of these spawning while dodging her other mechanics you will be successful in completing the duty.

60pxMainquest4Icon.pngSpeak with Venat again.

Speak with Venat after the Duty to Complete the quest.

Speak with Venat

Completion Rewards

065001hr1.png 495,000 065002hr1.png 2,292

Unlocks Quests

Type Quest Name
mainqueststart.png A Flower upon Your Return (Level 87)
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