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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

In from the Cold (Level 83)

Sophia Hayes

A walkthrough to complete the Main Story Quest and Duty In from the Cold (Level 83) in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Previous Quest Next Quest
main_quest_start.pngStrange Bedfellows (Level 83) main_quest_start.pngGateway of the Gods (Level 83)

Starting NPC

main_quest_start.png Lucia: Garlemald - The Eblan Rime - Camp Broken Glass (X:14.5 , Y:29.9)
20px_Map33_Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Camp Broken Glass

Starting NPC is Lucia


Lucia has further news for you.


60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Y’shtola.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Y’shtola.

Duty Guide

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngReach Camp Broken Glass within the time limit

The first objective is to fight the Tempered Imperial. After defeating him you can interact with them to receive a medical kit which you can use to heal yourself.

Defeat the Tempered Imperial

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngFind the Magitek Reaper’s identification key and fuel.

Your second objective is to run to the Immobilized Magitek Reaper. The Immobilized Magitek Reaper is located at X: 24.1 Y: 16.9.

Magitek Reaper Location

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngCarry the ceruleum tank to the immobilized magitek reaper and refuel it

You will need the Ceruleum Tank to operate it though.  The Ceruleum Tank is located at X: 27.3 Y: 13.5.

Ceruleum Tank Location

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSearch around the immobilized magitek reaper for the person calling to you

Walk into the building next to the immobilized magitek reaper and speak to the Wounded Imperial lying there at (X: 23.5 Y: 16.2).

Wounded Imperial Location

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngBoard the magitek reaper and clear a path

Use the various Magitek Reaper attacks to defeat the ways of Death Claws and other enemies.

Board the Magitek Reaper

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngProceed while avoiding tempered imperials

Now run to the green-blue area to the west.  Try to avoid the tempered imperials.

Don’t worry - it’s a short run to the next objective!

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngAssit the civilians in defeating the creatures

Help the civilians fight the various creatures that appear including Bombs and Bears.

Fight Morozko

Assist the civilians in defeating the transformed imperials

Now you will need to defeat various creatures with the Armed Imperial Citizens. Stand in the centre behind the magitek to survive the blast.  However the bomb blast at the end is unavoidable. A special scene will now play where you must perform a quick time event to stay conscious.

Fight in the arena

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngWith the last of your strength, crawl to Camp Broken Glass.

Not much to do here except crawl and crawl some more!

Crawl and keep crawling!

Eventually a cutscene will play.

Congratulations on completing the duty!

60px_Mainquest4_Icon.pngSpeak with Alisaie.

Talk to Alisaie to complete the quest.

Completion Rewards

065001_hr1.png 468,600 065002_hr1.png 2,000

Unlocks Quests

Type Quest Name
main_quest_start.png  Gateway of the Gods (Level 83)
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