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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Setting Things Straight (Level 84)

Sophia Hayes

Setting Things Straight (Level 84) - How to start and complete this Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (FF: XIV) Main Scenario quest.

Previous Quest Next Quest
mainqueststart.pngBack to Old Tricks (Level 84) mainqueststart.pngHeart of the Matter (Level 84)

Starting NPC

mainqueststart.pngUrianger: Mare Lamentorum - The Cradle of Darkness (X:22.9 Y:21)
20pxMap33Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Bestways Burrow

Setting Things Straight Starting NPC is Urianger


Urianger is quite glad for your company.


60pxMainquest3Icon.png Speak with Urianger.

To speak with Urianger to continue the quest.

Speak with Urianger

60pxMainquest3Icon.png Stand watch at the designated location and defeat any enemies that appear. 0/4

Defeat the waves of enmies that will appear.

(1 of 3) Clcik the Destination.

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngStand watch at the designated location.

Click the Destination marker.

Destination marker

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with Urianger.

Then speak with Urianger trigger a cutscene.

Speak with Urianger.

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with Y’shtola.

After the scenes teleport back to Bestways Burrow and travel to the Greatest Endslave to speak with Y’shtola.

Speak with Y'shtola

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSearch for Runningway at the designated location.

Click the destination marker and then start the mini game. Runningway will appear from the right and you guessed it he will be running! Shoot him with the mouse ball to continue.

(1 of 2) Travel to the destination.

Travel to the destination. (left), A mini game where you must shoot Runningway with a mouse ball will begin. (right)

60pxMainquest4Icon.pngSpeak with Y’shtola.

Turn in the quest by speaking with Y’shtola to initiate another cutscene.

Speak with Y'shtola to complete the quest.

Completion Rewards

065001hr1.png 462,000 065002hr1.png 949

Unlocks Quests

Type Quest Name
mainqueststart.png Heart of the Matter (Level 84)
sidequest.png A Test of Mettle (Level 80)
sidequest.png Dangerous Work (Level 80)
sidequest.png For a Greater Garden (Level 80)
sidequest.png Lone Loporrit (Level 80)
sidequest.png Material Woes (Level 80)
sidequest.png Overexcited Admirer (Level 80)
sidequest.png Troubled Waters (Level 80)
sidequest.png Unfortunate Fortune-telling (Level 80)
40pxFeaturequest1Icon 1.png Alluring Allag (Level 80)
40pxFeaturequest1Icon 1.png Name That Way (Level 80)


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