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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Minduruva Boss (Tower of Zot)

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Minduruva, the first boss in the Level 81 Dungeon, The Tower of Zot in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Minduruva is the first boss in the Tower of Zot.


Manusya Bio

This is a tankbuster that deals high damage along with inflicting the Poison Debuff. The Tank should ensure he has control of Minduruva and use a defensive cooldown to soak up the damage. Healers should be ready to heal and use Esuna to remove Poison as quickly as possible.

Manusya Fire

This is a random attack on a single party member that is not a Tank and will inflict Light Damage. This is an instant spell and cannot be avoided so you must heal through it.

Manusya Blizzard III

You will see thin cone-shaped area of effect (aoe) markers from Minduruva’s position and will take moderate damage if you’re struck by it. The markers won’t appear on the ground until she’s halfway through her cast. Simply stand in between the markers to avoid the attack, this is often followed by Manusya Fire III.

Manusya Fire III

An arena-wide donut-shaped Fire attack that hits everything but for those close to her. There is plenty of time to get close to her to avoid this even as a caster, this is often followed by Manusya Thunder III.

Manusya Thunder III

Minduruva will cast small circular Thunder bolts in the four cardinal directions from her current position. These will then continue along a line to the edge of the arena. You can avoid this by standing in a diagonal position or by avoiding one and moving to the position that it went off, this is followed by Manusya Bio III.

Manusya Bio III

Minduruva will turn to a side and begin casting an attack that will affect the entire side of the arena that she is facing, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Vulnerability Up. Avoid this by sticking close to the boss and running behind her so ranged should attempt to be close to her after Manusya Thunder III to be better positioned to avoid it.


After her first wave of spells, she will begin casting Transmuted versions of them (Transmute Blizzard III for example). You’ll see a circular marker at the edge of the arena and an orb will begin to travel towards it, once it hits it, the spell will take effect there. For example, if she uses Transmute Fire III, you must be ready to stand on that circular marker by the time the orb reaches it. While these spells are firing off, you’ll have to be prepared to avoid Manusya Bio III.

Later in the battle, she can use up to two Transmute spells (with two different circular markers) at the same time while also using another regular spell. It’s important you remember which orb is which spell and move to avoid the impact of it, this is particularly nasty if she sends a Manusya Bio III to one of the markers.


Minduruva will target all party members except for the Tank and inflict a random elemental debuff on them such as Frostbite and Burns. If there are only three party members alive (including the Tank), this will hit the Tank. These cannot be removed so a Healer should prepare a group wide Regen or Shield to deal with it. This attack is usually used after each Transmute spell.


The key to defeating Minduruva is understanding how our spells work, once you nail that, you’ll have no problems with avoiding the more chaotic parts of the battle. Minduruva will always open the battle with Manusya Bio on the Tank, this should be mitigated with a defensive cooldown and followed up by the Healer with Esuna. She’ll then launch into a series of spells, starting with Manusya Blizzard III and followed by Manusya Blizzard III - Fire III - Thunder III and finally, Bio III. These are all cast in quick succession, one after the other so you need to be prepared for the next one right away.

Of all of these, Manusya Fire III and Manusya Bio III are the deadliest, you’ll need to be close to Minduruva to avoid both of these while her other spells are nothing to write home about. Once she’s been through each spell once, she’ll begin to Transmute them, making this battle a lot tougher. She’ll always begin with Transmute Blizzard III, and you’ll notice her fire a slow-moving Orb towards a circular marker on the outside of the arena. Once this hits that marker, it will then fire off that spell, so in the case of the first spell, a cone-shaped arena-wide AoE.

There is no indication on the Orbs themselves, so you’ll want to pay attention to when she begins casting the Orb in the first place. She’ll only begin with one Transmute spell, but soon she’ll cast two at the same time followed by a spell on herself making this increasingly deadly. Try to keep an eye out for Transmute Fire III and Transmute Bio III as you’ll need to head towards these Orbs to avoid the attack and if you’re to far away, you will get struck and suffer Vulnerability Up.

Aside from her Transmute spells, Minduruva will use Dhrupad to inflict an unremovable Debuff on three party members (but never the Tank unless there are only three members alive) so the Healer should be ready to support this with either a group wide Regen or Shield. Once you understand how to deal with each of Minduruva’s spells, you shouldn’t have too much hassle taking her down.

How to Tank

Minduruva requires a bit of attention from the Tank, especially for a first boss of the expansion. You’ll want to ensure you always have a defensive cooldown ready for Manusya Bio, her tankbuster, to mitigate how much it deals to you. Once you reach the Transmute phase, keep an eye out for Transmute Bio III and Fire III and begin running towards their respective marker in advance, this will drag the boss with you but also your party members and allow you to avoid the deadly attacks.

How to Heal

Minduruva is a relatively tough battle to heal for most classes, but especially if you’re using Sage as you’ll still be getting to grips with the class. Throughout this battle you’ll always want to perform a group Regen on all members of the party which will keep their HP topped up for the basic attacks, such as Manusya Fire. As for the Tank you’ll want to make sure you shield the tank to soak up the damage of her tank buster, Manusya Bio. If the Tank takes too much damage.

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